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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: Angst, Smut Mini Series Story: You and Ju Kyung hit your biggest road block in your six year marriage. In order to save it you make a deal with Ju Kyung to bring his heart back to you. For the sake of your marriage and your twins, it needs to work... She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart. While I'm drinking Jack alone my local bar. And we don't know how, how we got into this bad situation, Only doing things out of frustration tryna make it work but man these times are hard. Y/n's POV Two promotions, There was no time. There were your jobs, the twins and a lot of late nights spent at the office. At least for him. You told yourself that if you could finish all your work as fast as you could then you could make more time for your family. Mina and Yeongna, your five year old twins, you sent to Ju Kyung's mother's house for the night. You, on the other hand, had packed a bag to stay at a hotel for the night. You didn't need your kids seeing you cry and you weren't sure how much longer you could hold it in. The recurring image of him and her in his office, he was in his chair and she was on his lap. Tears swelled up at the brim of your eyes and then just spilled over. You broke down. How could this happen? Two promotions at the same time. There was no time for each other. Only your jobs and the twins. You looked at the picture of you two on your wedding day sitting on your dresser. You two were happy, that's what you believed. Just because you both were busy didn't give him the right to go and cheat. Was there no sanctity in your marriage? Was nothing sacred? You wanted to throw the picture to the ground but instead your anger was triumphed by your sadness when you recalled her bare back exposed, her moans against him and his own against hers. The movements she made on top of his lap and the fact that neither one of them knew you were there....Watching. You ran out of his office crying, Co-workers of his tried to ask if you were okay but you were crying so hard you couldn't even speak anymore. What were you supposed to do? "Mina! Yeongna!" You heard Ju Kyung's voice come from downstairs. "Mina? Yeongna?" He called again. He normally greeted the twins once he walked through the door. They would run into his arms and hug him happily. Your precious kids. He cried when he held Mina the day they were born. He was protective of her, he was a little stricter with Yeongna. Since he was the boy, he encouraged him to take care of Mina. You treated Yeongna like a prince and Mina was your princess. His footsteps came up the stairs and you wiped your eyes. You looked in the mirror and saw your eyes were red and puffy. "Where are the kids?" He said as he walked in. "Is that how you greet your wife?" "Hi honey I'm home. Is that what you were expecting?" He said sarcastically. You scoffed, "You're an ass." you said low. "Hey, what's the matter with you Y/n? Where are the kids?" "At your mother's." You said short. You saw him shake his head in the mirror and then turn to walk to the bathroom. He turned his head to see your suit case standing up on your side of the bed. "Are you going somewhere?" He asked. "Yes." You said. "Where?" "Far enough away from you." You said angry now. You turned around and headed to grab your suit case. "What?" He said. "You're cheating on me with your secretary that's what." You said. "That's ridiculous." "Oh don't you dare do that to me Ju Kyung I watched you and her fucking in your office today. Look, I really don't have the energy or even the mental sanity to get in a fight with you right now. I just needed you to know that I know that you're cheating on me with that whore." You snapped. Your voice fluctuated from calm to loud. Your emotions were heart break and anger. You never believed Ju Kyung would do this to you. You grabbed your suit case and he grabbed your arm. "Let go." you warned. "Are you leaving me?" He asked. "Ju Kyung let go." "Are you leaving me Y/n?" "I said let go!" You screamed furious. Ju Kyung released your hand in surprise and you hurried out of the house and into your car. You drove off to the hotel room you reserved. Ju Kyung spent hours calling your phone. You instead called his hyung Seonghwa. He met you at the hotel and sat down with you. He knew about him cheating after you told him what you saw. You were crying so hard that you had no idea what to do and you were freaking out. Your heart hurt so much you felt you were going to drop dead. You were talking to him earlier that day about trying to rekindle the romance between you and Ju Kyung and Seonghwa had suggested you do something spontaneous like visit him at work and get a little steamy. You were ready to give him something to look forward to until you saw Ju Kyung with her. "Y/n I'm so sorry." Seonghwa said. "I just wish I knew what I did to make him cheat." "Y/n he made the decision to do that you didn't make him do anything. With two kids and a loving wife I would think he'd be happy. Maybe there's something he's not telling you." You scoffed, "There's a lot he's not telling me." You sighed and shook your head. "Have you told him yet?" He asked you. There was a secret of your own that you were trying to keep. You were looking for the right moment to tell him but you two had been so distant lately you were hesitant on saying anything. You shook your head. "No and I can't do it now he'll just think it's a plot to keep him." You said. "Well he's going to find out anyway you might as well say something." "We've stopped saying I love you to each other. We've stopped talking to each other. Our relationship has been dying for a while and neither one of us noticed because of our jobs and the kids. We've lost us somewhere along the way." You said. "Just because it's lost doesn't mean it can't be found. Something's are worth holding onto. Your engagement ring is a Ruby for a reason right? His version of the red string of fate, you two are soul mates fated to be together." "I wonder if that's still true." "It is. If you didn't still love him you would've left him but right now even I can see the wheels turning in your head and the question burning in your eyes, how can you save this? Not just for your kids but for you two. You guys deserve each other no one has loved greater than yourselves. You owe it to yourselves to find the path back to love. Don't give up." Seonghwa said. You sighed and laid back on the bed. "I'm not... it just-sucks." "Look I need to go but get some rest okay, I'll talk to you in the morning okay. Go back home don't shelter yourself here. It's better if you two stay around each other, the more you're separated the easier it is to let go." Seonghwa stood up and walked out the door shortly after that. You picked up your phone and texted Ju Kyung. You: I love you. Goodnight. There was no reply. You fell asleep but your mind ran through a scenario, a possibility you could save everything. It was a last hoorah but you had to try it for the sake of your marriage and your family. You woke up the next day seeing there was still no return message from him. He couldn't even text back a simple I love you. You wondered if he went and saw her last night. You pushed the thought away, that was pure torture to think about. You went to his office around lunch time, you walked in with a hard strut and a determined face. For once, you presented yourself like a Queen and a boss in his office. You wanted him to understand the seriousness of what you were about to offer. You wanted him to understand the seriousness of what you two were about to lose. You walked right into his office seeing him looking down at papers and her draped over his shoulder. She stood up quickly and retracted her hands from him as if she was trying to make it look like she hadn't done anything bad knowing full well you caught her. It was something your children did when they were bad. You gave her a straight face but your voice was serious and demanding. "Get out." You said. Ju Kyung looked at you then up at her and then back at you. The way you spoke was much different than he'd ever heard you speak before. She quickly hurried out but there was no guilt on her face. She knew that you knew and she was happy you did. You closed and locked the door behind her, you dropped his blinds in front of his door and window and walked up to his desk. "Y/n I know we have to talk about this but not right now I have a meeting coming-" "Do you think I really give a shit about your meeting Ju Kyung?" You interrupted annoyed. You were not going to just be blown off like this. "I'm sorry." He said softly. You shook your head, "I honestly don't think you are because if you were she wouldn't be in this office today. You would've fired her ass and not risk further fucking over our marriage. I'll look past that because honestly I don't give a shit anymore." You said. His eyes darted up at you. "What do you mean by that?" He asked. You went into your bag and pulled out divorce papers and set it on his desk. He seemed to take in a shaky breath. That was actually a satisfying reaction for you. He cared enough that this actually affected him. "Y/n." "Do you still love me?" You said. He looked at you. "You don't want this." He said. "Do you still love me?" You repeated. "Y/n." "Answer the damn question Ju Kyung! Do you still love me?" You said angry. "You know I do." "Say it. Because I really don't, I need to hear you say it." You said. "I love you." He said. It hurt to hear it. That's not how it used to feel. That's not how he used to say it. There used to be this spark when he spoke those three simple words. There used to be magic in them. Now the words fell flat onto open deaf ears. You didn't fight it though, he said it. You just had to rebuild it so that he meant it again. "Sixty days. You have to give me sixty days Ju Kyung and at the end of it, if nothing has changed, if you still act like this towards me, this ignoring my questions, trying to turn blame onto me, this complete lack of respect- then I will sign those papers and I will free you from this. You'll keep your money, hell you can have the house but the kids will be coming with me because honestly I don't see you paying enough attention to them to feed them in the morning and get them to school on time. I don't see her doing that either." "Y/n." "Shut up because I'm not done. We both contributed to this mess of a marriage. We said for better or for worse well here we are at the worse part again and I need to know if you were serious about staying with me even through this. Sixty days Ju Kyung. You have to kiss me at least once a day and you have to tell me you love me. During our lunch break, you have to have lunch with me either in this office or outside. That is all I'm requiring of you for sixty days. It's simple. If you can't commit to that for sixty days then sign the damn papers now." You said. Your voice was getting shaky and you felt tears welling up. You held your ground though and didn't let them fall. He looked at the papers and then looked at you. He handed you the papers back. "I'm not signing them." He said. "Then you agree." You said. "Yes." He nodded. He didn't sound determined. You didn't know how to gauge his reaction. He just kind of fell flat in his voice. For sixty days he had to do this, a kiss, lunch and say he loved you and you would do the same and if his 'I love you' was still flat, if there was no change, if there was no hint of wanting to fix this or get closer than you would have you answer. That this wasn't meant to be. The idea of six years spent together thrown down the drain was sickening to the stomach but honestly this was all you had left. This was the only thing you could think of to save everything...
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Craig! why you doing this to us!? this was good!!!
lol thank you
I Wasn't planning on reading it but once I started I couldn't stop reading ❀
lol yes!
first you give me a heart warming storie that melts my heart with him and now you give me i just wanted to cry when i finished reading it πŸ˜–πŸ’”πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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@JessicaEvaristo you are kind of right
if it was me I would have left that snake alone too because at the end of the day if he was going to be loyal and faithful he would have gotten rid of her himself. EXAM TIME!!!! lmao
omg another one O.O I'm not ready
lol it's a mini series not as long as his other. I'm coming after Jay next
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