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Who: Reader x Park Chanyeol
What: Romance/ College AU/ Fluffy

Story: The ever so sunshiny Park Chanyeol becomes infatuated with you after seeing your performance on the ice but your busy schedule has you always running out on him. This boy won't stop until he has your complete attention on him so he can confess...

Y/n's POV

"Chanyeol where are you taking me?" You asked curiously.

"The others are downstairs. Hey I'm really happy you came Kyungsoo didn't think you would." He said looking back to smile at you.

Chanyeol had a bit of a bright smile that gave you an odd feeling inside. It wasn't an unsettling feeling but you weren't sure what it was. You liked his smile though, he has a very beautiful smile but he also reminded you of a monkey because of his ears. He had energy like a monkey too but him and Baekhyun together were like puppies at play. Although Baekhyun seemed more like a playful kitten to you. Something about the shape of his mouth made him a cute kitty in your head. Kyungsoo had sent you to a place called Cupids court just to hang out with them. The deeper he walked you into the house and the farther you walked down the stairs the more you wondered if it was the right choice to show up. Honestly, it wasn't a bad choice though. Once Chanyeol had gotten you to the bottom of the stairs you saw Kyungsoo watching Jongdae and Baekhyun playing video games. Kyungsoo looked over to you surprised, his eyes even got bigger prompting you to laugh. Chanyeol was still holding your hand to lead you deeper into the room. He sat you on the couch next to Kyungsoo.

"You actually came." Kyungsoo said almost impressed.

"Don't tell Yixing I won't hear the end of it." You said with a small smile.

"Y/n-ah do you want to play?" Chanyeol asked.

"Um I don't know how." You said.

"Neither does he, he just presses buttons." Baekhyun said.

"What is this?" You said turning to Chanyeol.

"It's called Soul Caliber it's really fun but Baekhyunie is right I don't know how to play we can play against each other. They're about to finish our little tournament." Chanyeol said.

"Yeah and I'm. About. To. WIN!" Jongdae said.

Jongdae screamed the last word thinking he'd won the battle until Baekhyun made an unexpected turn around and had his character jump over Jongdae's just as he was going to attack. Jongdae's character fell off the edge and Baekhyun's character was declared the winner. You were interested in seeing how to play the game but at the same time you could hear your father in the back of your head telling you, you should be studying instead of playing games because games didn't pay the bills. That notion made you feel a bit sick but you were sure dealing with him was alot better than having your mother find out you were here. She would lose her mind, if you have time for games you have time to practice too.

"Man I can't believe I lost." Jongdae said shaking his head.

Baekhyun was kicking his legs happily with his hands in the air celebrating his victory.

"Y/n you should play." Kyungsoo encouraged.

Baekhyun stood up and came over to you and handed you the controller. You looked up at him confused and then looked down at the controller.

"It's simpler than it looks Y/n it's really just pressing buttons. You jump off ice and spin, surely that's tougher than playing a video game." Baekhyun smiled.

You chuckled,

"Yeah maybe."

"You have to sit in my seat up there okay." He said.

You nodded and stood up with the controller in your hand. Chanyeol took Jongdae's controller and came over to you. He showed you the a button on the controller and told you that was how you selected your character. He showed you how to change the outfit and how to deselect if you didn't want the character anymore. He went and sat in Jongdae's seat and you both chose your characters very quickly. He set the background on random and the game began. Kyungsoo and Baekhyun we're actively cheering you on. The sounds of buttons mashing were in your ears, far more prominent than the sounds of your characters grunts and powers. You found yourself laughing and smiling as you played. It was a much different feeling than before hand. Your character beat Chanyeol's allowing you the victory. You sat there shocked for a moment. Baekhyun, Kyungsoo and Jongdae were all congratulating you and then teasing Chanyeol for being beaten. You looked over to Chanyeol and he was smiling big and bright at you.

"Good game Y/n." He said cheerfully.

You giggled,

"Thanks." You said.

The atmosphere felt happy, happier than you were used to. It was odd for you to feel like this. You were interacting with a group of people and for the first time you felt comfortable and you felt like you were in the right place.

You went to give up the controller but Chanyeol told you to keep it, the winner kept the controller until they lost. Baekhyun had given his up because it was the end of the tournament. Kyungsoo said he wanted to go against you so he took the controller. Chanyeol sat on the ground next to you while you two went up against each other. Jongdae stood by Kyungsoo as his cheerleader. Chanyeol pointed to the screen yelling out commands to you, telling you where to go to avoid Kyungsoo and to hurry and strike. He would get excited anytime you came close to knocking off Kyungsoo's character and if you almost fell off by mistake he'd get really antsy, it was funny. You ended up beating Kyungsoo but not Jongdae when the time came, leaving him and Baekhyun at the finals again.

"Hey Y/n what's your degree for I don't see you on campus." Chanyeol asked while stacking some chips.

"I'm in the medical filed. I'm studying to be a doctor." You said.

"Wait really? So if I have like a heart attack or something you'll help me?" He said excited.

You chuckled,

"Well hopefully that doesn't happen but yeah I guess. Although, cardiology isn't really what I'm going in for."

"Why did you choose that anyway? You skate so well I thought you would've gone into dancing or something." He said.

You took in a breath. Kyungsoo looked at you and you looked down.

"Hey Chanyeol didn't you want to ask her something?" Kyungsoo said.

Chanyeol took in a big inhale and sat up startling you. You looked at him with wide eyes but he grinned happily which made you smile back,

"Would you teach me how to skate?" He asked.

"Oh, yeah sure if you want to get up at five in the morning with me." You only slightly joked.

"Okay." He said very matter of factly.

"What?" You said shocked.

"Yeah it'll be fun." He said.

You looked at Kyungsoo as if to ask if he was serious but Kyungsoo just shrugged; he didn't seem to know himself. He started passing out cards between the three of you. You spent the rest of the night with the boys playing games that you'd never heard of and some you had but never had the chance to play them. Chanyeol had you play beer pong with him. He stood behind you and helped you throw the balls. Anytime you had to drink though he took the drink for you since you had to drive home. It was part of the deal in order to get you to play.

You didn't get home until ten o'clock and you immediately fell asleep once you did. Yixing wasn't even in the house, making you think he went out to go find more inspiration. Your mother woke you the next morning, routine like clock work and you showed up on time to get warmed up. It was five thirty and you were on the ice gliding on one foot moving around effortlessly. You skated backwards and extended your leg behind you. You set up for a jump and landed a bit shaky. You pulled all nighters with studies but the first night you hang out with friends you can't concentrate.

A slow clap came from behind you, making you turn to see you arch nemesis, Yeonggyo. He was coming down from the stands and you rolled your eyes.

"Allow me to bow at the presence of a true champion. I heard you took home first place." He said.

"I won first place, yes. My mother took it home however." You replied.

"Aw don't speak ill of such a wonderful trainer, your mother knows how to whip a skater into shape." Yeonggyo said.

"Yeonggyo I've taken eleven years of ballet and jazz dancing as well as had three top professional skaters train me before my mother took over. She was not the only factor that made me a skater although I must say she was certainly a driving force." You retorted.

You turned to practice your forward stroking, spreading your arms wide and gracefully. Yeonggyo stepped onto the ice in his skates and caught up to you. Your mother must've been discussing things with his father. He skated beside you with a sort of smug look on his face but he found your rhythm quickly. This is why it was so hard to get rid of him. You and Yeonggyo on ice were the perfect pair so in sync with the others movements that even when you were annoyed with him you two could skate flawlessly. He was almost floating beside you until he turned backwards to skate in front of you. He spread his arms out and gave you a smart smile. You didn't let him break your focus though. You turned so you didn't have to face him and glide backwards. You both did backwards cross overs two times in a row then leaned forward with your back foot raised in the air you lowered your foot and glided back but he slowed himself to catch you in his arms.


He wrapped his hand around your waist and held onto your other outstretched one. Your hand rested on top of his and you two skated backwards together until you remembered the opening you had to switch. All these steps were from a previous performance you had done with him and with hours upon hours of practice it was no wonder you both could go back to the routine with no mistake.

You were now facing him with your mind on other things like the thesis statement you had written for your paper, it was due tomorrow and there was really no time to go back and re-write it but you wondered if you could've improved somewhere. You missed a stop because your mind drifted off and you tripped and fell on your knee.

"Damn it." You cussed to yourself.

"Y/n there's concentration involved in ice skating and you are not concentrating." He antagonized.

"I know." You said disappointed.

You stood up ignoring the hand he offered you and you skated away. You moved fast, setting up for a triple jump and landing on each one of them. You spun fast, lifting your leg and then lowering down only to come back up. You were moving quick trying to replace such an embarrassing action.

"Whoa!" You heard.

You turned to see Chanyeol in a gray hoodie and sweat pants standing at the door.

"Chanyeol!" You said surprised.

Once again you tripped and fell on your ass. You stood up and looked at him with wide eyes. He was chuckling a little but he smiled at you,

"Are you okay?" He asked.

You got up and skated over to him.

"What are you doing here?" You said.

"Oh sorry I came late but you said you'd teach me how to skate. If you can't now I understand but is it okay if I watch?"

"Chanyeol it's six in the morning. I can't believe you actually came here." You said baffled.

He smiled,

"I wanted to see you again."

You looked at him with wide eyes. You'd never heard anyone say that to you before. You chuckled, he was a strange guy.

"Chanyeol, who gets up at six in the morning just to skate?" You said.

He laughed,

"What do you mean you got up an hour earlier just to practice, how can you ask that question?"

You laughed,

"That's different. I'm-"

"Determined. I figured I'd have to be determined too if I wanted to learn. Other wise you might run off on me." He said.

You laughed,

"Okay look I have to finish practicing, my mother will be out soon and she'll get a bit rough so stay at the top and try not to make so much noise and she'll let you stay." You said.

He nodded and went back up the stands. You smiled, you were half joking when you told him yes but you didn't expect him to actually show up. What was up with him?
yay this is so sweet! I'm loving it so far! i think i know where we're going with this too 😏 someone else wants my attention as well.
I'd be glad to teach him to skate....