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Chapter 12

"What!?" Jackson exclaimed. He couldn't believe what his uncle was saying. "I'm sorry. We didn't know if we should tell you. We didn't want you to worry." Jackson's dad said trying to make him sit back down. "Someone stole my blood samples and you didn't think I needed to know?" Jackson said holding in his anger. "How did it happen!?" He asked looking at his uncle. "Weren't they supposed to be extra secured?" "Please lower your voice your mother doesn't know about this?" His father begged. Jackson took a deep breath and asked softly, "how long ago?" His father and Mr. Lu looked at each other neither wanting to break the silence. "Six months," Jackson's father finally said. "Six months!?" Jackson exclaimed running his hand through his hair exasperated. "I'm sorry." Mr Lu apologized. "I'm the only one to blame. I was supposed to take care of them and I failed." "Have you found anything as to who the culprit may have been?" Jackson asked Mr. Lu. "We don't know. I didn't even know they were missing until I did my usual weekly check up." "We don't know who could've done it and it's not like we can go around asking questions." Jackson's father said. "Could it be?" Jackson said realizing something making his father and uncle wonder. "What? Do you know anything?" His father asked. "I don't but I know someone who might." "What do you mean?" Mr Lu asked. "There's something I need to tell you."
Ding. The underground elevator door opened. Nara slowly got off with Yoon Hyun trailing behind her. "This place hasn't changed." "You know how the old men think if it isn't broken why fix it." Yoo Hyun said walking ahead of her. Nara took a deep breath and reminisced about the past. She chuckled when she realized that she had actually missed this place. She followed Yoo Hyun down the long white corridor. This place was the underground base for the society she belonged to. All research, monitoring, and training was done in this place. She was going to meet with the council of elders later today but she had wanted to stop by first as a visit. Yoo Hyun opened the door to one of the training rooms they often used to practice in the past. "Do you wanna give it a go?" Yoo Hyun asked, "It's been a while since we trained together." "If you're worried if I'm getting rusty, don't." Nara said, "I have kept up with my training and I can still probably kick your ass." Yoo Hyun chuckled putting up his hands in defeat. Nara looked at the place surrounded by training equipment. Her mind was reminiscing about the many hours spent in this place when she got interrupted by the ring tone of her phone. Nara looked at the screen with the music of "Just Right" playing loudly. Jackson? The last person she thought would be calling right now. "Everything okay?" Yoo Hyun asked making her lift her head. "Yeah, I'm just gonna have to take this. Sorry." She said walking out of the room. She calmed her nerves and took a deep breath and finally answered the phone, "Hello?" "We need to talk." Jackson answered at the other end of the line. "Is something wrong?" Nara asked worried. "I can't tell you over the phone. I need you to meet me. I'll text you the address." Jackson said hanging the phone suddenly. Nara wondered what could've happened. Jackson didn't sound happy at all. She looked at the hour on her phone screen and realized that she still had time to go meet Jackson and come back in time for the meeting. "Everything okay?" Yoo Hyun asked startling her. "Yes. It's just" Nara said trying to find an excuse. "I have to go somewhere." "Right now?" "Yes. Don't worry I'll make it back in time for the meeting." Nara said leaving Yoo Hyun behind. "Where are you going?" Nara got into the elevator closing the doors on Yoo Hyun who had run to catch up.
"Hello?" Nara called in walking into the empty gymnasium. "Over here!" Jackson said standing up from the benches behind her. Nara walked slowly towards him dreading the confrontation that was about to happen. She could see by his demeanor that he was pissed. What could have made him even more angry that he already was. Jackson met Nara halfway, "follow me" he said walking towards the exit. She followed him without saying a word into the alley behind the gym. The small street was desolated. The sun had started to go down and you could see the first signs of the night kissing the sky. "Did you take it?" Jackson asked turning around suddenly. "Take what?" Nara asked confused. "Don't play innocent with me!" Jackson said getting close to Nara. "There's no one else that could've done it!" "Jackson, I honestly don't know what you're talking about." Nara said facing Jackson. Jackson took a step back and sighed incredulous. He looked at Nara and could see she was telling the truth. She didn't know what he was talking about. "My blood," he finally said. "My blood samples are missing." "What?" "Someone stole my blood samples six months ago. I figured it may have been one of your friends." "Your blood?" Nara asked still confused. "No. I can assure you it wasn't us. They would've told me." "Then who?" Jackson asked, "As far as I know you're the only ones who know about me, apart from my family." "Jackson, I promise you I know nothing about this." "Well, then who could've..." Jackson said reaching with his arm towards his back, "whaaa..." He said slurring his words, he tried to focus and keep his balance but ultimately fell forward over Nara's shoulder. "Jackson?" Nara exclaimed trying to holdJackson's body up. She looked at his back and finally saw the darts that had been shot at him. "What is this?" Jackson's body fell to the ground his consciousness slowly fading. He could hear fighting noises in the background followed by Nara screaming enraged at someone, "don't you touch him, you bastard!" He looked up to find Yoo Hyun standing above him. "Bag him!" Was the last thing he heard before completely losing consciousness.