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I always wanted Juvia to be a water dragon slayer and she didn't even know or she forgot. She was an orphan and we don't really know about any sort of family she has so it was set up perfectly.
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that's true I think it would be awesome 馃槃
9 months ago
well atleast he still becomes some kinda of slayer~tryin not to spoil anything~
9 months agoReply
i guess but he ended up being a demon slayer
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Technically Silver passed on his Devil Slayer magic, to Gray. Devil Slayer. Not Demon Slayer... though it may as well be, since it was hella effective against Mard Geer.
8 months ago
That would would have been awesome they should have made him and ice dragon slayer same with Juvia I agree with you guys water dragon slayer that would have been really cool
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I did actually and honestly, I'm glad he wasn't made into a Dragon Slayer. It just wouldn't fit his character.
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