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I really can't apologize enough. I forgot two weeks of these and I really am truly sorry. My life has been very, very hectic lately. I've been testing, getting ready for a major concert band event, and I've been sick. My days have all blended together and I don't even know what day it is half the time. I will like to tell you if I update a card for the next two weeks at weird times, fret not, I'm not trying to sneak it in on Friday instead. I'm going to be going on a small school approved trip to Europe with some other students and my parents. I may post pictures of the trip but only if you'd like to see them~! Anyways, today's quotes are from another great series I've read! They're from "The Selection" series and it's all an amazing series, I recommend it if you want to watch two bumbling people try to find love with 34 other people in the mix. Like the Bachelor but better. Way better.

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good luck in getting in and yes I would love to see your trip photos