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Two sisters went for a funeral of their mother. It was a foggy weather. Suddenly one of the sisters spotted a distant figure that turned out to be a handsome stranger who also came for the funeral, and she immediately fell in love with him. Several days later, the other sister died under unknown circumstances. What happened? I think this one is much easier than the penguin riddle, so no yes/no questions...hehe (^_^)
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Lol I got that answer too :P
it would have made more sense to kill her father. seeing as the first sister didn't know the man the other sister wouldn't either. The stranger would have been a friend of the mother or father's. seeing as he had attended the mothers funeral.
the only thing that I can think of is that the sister and the man that she fell in love with killed the other sister for the inherence. @janekhon lol it doesn't mean that your a psycho, you think like a detective but if you thought to kill the other second sister and hook up with the handsome guy then you pass as a psycho.
the stranger is the murderre