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This is Part 2 of Simon's birthday One Shot story. This is Part1 incase you missed it.

(Last Part of this one shit will be posted in few)


WARNING: SMUT AHEAD!! Dont get caught and enjoy! !!!

After lying on my bed, recovering, I felt wicked and twisted. Who does such a thing? How would I be able to look at Simon in the future without remembering where my hands had been when I’d thought of him pleasuring me? I shook my head, trying to scatter the vile thoughts. Once was enough; never again. My thighs were saturated and I needed to get clean and forget this ever happened. A hot long shower would do me the world of good. I stripped my dress off and unclasped my bra leaving them trailing behind me on my bedroom carpet and closed the door to the bathroom. I stepped into the huge glass walled shower ready to cleanse myself. I turned the chrome knob and waited for the hot water to pound upon my dirty body, but nothing happened. Except for a few inadequate drips of frozen water that emitted from the shower head there was nothing. Behind the tiled wall the pipes groaned and I was at a loss. I tried it again; no water leaked down. Desperate now, I got out and twisted the basin tap open but only air dripped from its spout. Shit. What was I going to do? I didn’t want to ask for help, especially not from Simon. I couldn’t trust myself around him, but I saw no other choice. I was no plumber but even if I had the slightest inclination of what was wrong I had no clue where any of the controls were in this new apartment.

I looked to the towel rail; it was empty. There was only a tiny hand–towel by the sink that would barely stretch to cover my bits. Naked, I walked back into my bedroom and immediately knew something was wrong. I stopped dead in my tracks trying to figure out what had changed. My head lifted upwards as I caught the remnants of a scent I couldn’t quite place. My eyes glided over the carpeted floor; bare and completely void of clothing. My dress was gone. I backed into the bathroom and grabbed the tiny towel, feeling the need to cover my vulnerable body before exploring the room further. I was being silly, I thought. I was probably just misremembering, I’d been drinking after all, the clothes were probably on my bed or down the side… but it was no use trying to convince myself. I could see the crumpled bedspread from where I stood and it was clear. I frowned. The bedside table too was empty; my phone was gone. A swirling ball of anxiety dropped into my stomach as my mind raced; clawing for any sort of answer.

It had to have been Simon, it was the only explanation. Was he trying to play mind–games with me? Was this what having a brother was like? Fine, I thought, I’ll just put on some clean clothes. I pulled open the wardrobe and swallowed an enraged scream as my eyes fell upon nothing but the bare bones of the closet. Leaving me no choice, I cautiously walked towards my door, opened it and stepped into the hallway. I waited for Simon to jump out at me but all I could hear were the sounds of a crackling fire echoing down the hallway. I wrapped the towel tighter across my body and hoped to hell that it covered my butt and crept towards the roaring sounds of the fire coming from the living room. Simon was in the same chair as before, musing over another drink in his hand. He looked as smouldering as ever, as the orange lights flickered over his dark face. “You seem a little under–dressed sis,” He remarked, his face completely still. “What have you done with my clothes?” I shouted at him. He seemed taken aback and raised his eyebrows. “What would I want with your clothes? If you haven’t noticed, I don’t wear dresses.” “I don’t know but they’re gone. And someone, you, took them…” The idea sounded preposterous as soon as the words escaped from my mouth. I should have checked everywhere before accusing him. “Well, little one, it’s just me and you in this house and I certainly didn’t take them.”
He gestured to the living room, spreading his arms wide. “Why, I’ve been sat right here, all this time.” He stood and advanced towards me, letting his eyes skim over every inch of my bare flesh. I held the towel tighter as he approached. My breasts struggled against the soft fibres as my breathing increased to a rapid pace. I stepped away. “That’s a nice perfume, Aimee. Au naturel?” he whispered. My eyes went wide. Oh god, I thought. The sweet smell drifted up from between my legs, mingled in the air and floated around our heads. His words were like an aphrodisiac to me and all I wanted him to do was straddle his face and overpower him with my scent. I swallowed a thick guilty glob of wickedness. I couldn’t think like this. I wouldn’t. I took a deep breath and attempted to control my voice. Stay on course, I thought.
“The water’s not running in my bedroom either. Do you know anything about it?” He raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. “No, I don’t. But, for you, I can check the controls. The system has been a little glitchy since it was installed. The question is: what do I get in return if I fix the problem?” “Er…” I stuttered. “That’s OK, Aimee. I’m sure I’ll think of something.” He wandered over to the far wall opposite the fire to an obscure and partially hidden electronics panel.
“I can control most anything from here,” he explained. The lights suddenly dimmed, leaving only the firelight as the sole illumination in the room. Shadows danced across his turned back as he continued to stand interacting with the panel. I watched the golden light play over his back and frowned as my eyes took in a small sliver of fabric wedged in his back pocket. I moved closer, and squinted my eyes to see better; I recognised the lacy material at once. My knickers! It had been him, as if there’d been any doubt in my mind! A loud series of clicks sounded all round the apartment; reverberating off every wall and echoing around my ears. The sound of locks slamming shut. “I can even seal us in. You know, in case the world outside goes mad.” He spun around, his fierce determined eyes fixed upon me. He reached out, missing me by a hair, just as I passed him, trying desperately to make it to my room. His eyes were wild, ready to devour me. I tried hard to suppress the hidden longing deep inside me as I reached my bedroom door. The knob turned but the door didn’t open. I looked over my shoulder; he wasn’t there. He hadn’t followed. “There’s nowhere to go, Aimee, I told you; it’s just you and me in here.” What could I do? He was right; I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The only choice I had was to stand up to him; to face him. I stood tall and walked back into the open living room. He stood leaning against the mantelpiece above the fire. “Decided to join me?” He turned to watch me. I took hold of the edges of towel and whisked them away from my body and flashed him, letting him get a good look. “Is this what you want?” I yelled. Two can play this game. He paused, his glass halfway to his mouth and peered at me with those stony eyes. A formidable bulge appeared at his groin. His cock struggling beneath the material of his suit pants. Before he could answer, I closed the curtains on his view and said, “Well, you’ll never get it!” Simon’s mouth twitched and the sides of his jaw clenched and unclenched as he looked at me in silence. He didn’t need to tell me I was wrong; he was amused by my defiance. He reached an arm behind his back and pulled on the material in his pocket and brought my panties, bunched up in his hand, to his face. My pupils dilated as his nose buried deep amongst the moist fabric.
He breathed a huge audible sniff. The deep walls between my legs contracted sending a wave of pleasurable pulsations flowing into my every cell. Why did that have to turn me on so much? I knew right then my fate was sealed. I wanted him to have me. Right here on the rug. But I couldn’t give in; I was too stubborn. I raised my chin at him, trying my best to look bored. “Suck it up, Simon. Keep my knickers as a souvenir. Oh and by the way, I also know you took my phone.” “You won’t need your phone,” He replied, as if the fact he stole it from me, went into my private room, meant nothing. We stood a healthy distance apart but I could feel the pull towards him, as if he were like a fisherman slowly reeling me in. We were at a stalemate; at least I thought we were. He flung his crystal tumbler into the crackling fire; shards of glass shattered against the back bricked–wall and the air sizzled with the evaporating peaty liquid. He was done being nice… if Simon could ever be considered nice. This was a mistake, I thought, and backed away from him; playtime was over.
My shoulders and bum crashed against a wall as he towered over me. Inches from my face. My fingers flattened on the painted plastered, feeling every imperfection of the seemingly smooth surface. Blood pounded in my ears; I felt like I’d gone deaf as he reached for my wrist again, claiming it for his own. He took the other one as his eyes watched me struggle. I tried to resist but it was hopeless; he was too strong and deep inside I knew this was what I wanted. Simon parted my arms wide open, relinquishing any grasp my arms had on the tiny towel wrapped around my body. It dropped and pooled around my ankles. “You were wrong little one. The moment you walked through the door, you were mine. This,” His eyes travelled the length of my naked young body, “has always, and will always, be mine.” I melted at his words and waited for the moment he would touch me. I watched his hands eagerly, studying there every movement. Without warning, he brought my wrists together in front of my body, looped and wrapped my lacy knickers around them; binding me, then grabbed them with one large hand and brought them up in a triangle above my head. He pinned my arms against the cold wall. I was utterly at his mercy and shuddered as his free hand moved closer. It landed gently upon my cheek and traced a line of fiery pleasure down my neck and towards my heaving breasts. Simon paused and his touch lingered just above the first swell of my breast. “Don’t stop,” I breathed. I bit my tongue not believing the words coming from my mouth. He took his hand away and pushed the soft threads of his suit up against me, making me feel every inch of his excited manhood rub against my thigh. “That’s not for you to decide.” He grinned for the first time, baring his teeth. “Tell me I was right, tell me you are mine,” Simon said. I didn’t want to admit to him that I wanted him; I just couldn’t. Saying those words out–loud would destroy me; destroy any hope I’d have at a normal life. “I can’t,” I whispered and my head titled to look at him; pleading, but his eyes were no longer sparkling with desire. He let my bound hands drop; gravity pulled on their weight. “Then we’re done.”
I stood shivering. Adrenaline rippled over every nerve ending, as he walked back to the throne of his chair. Simon sat and crossed his legs, while his eyes dared me to submit. I glared right back and clenched my teeth, barring the words from escape. I wouldn’t give in. How could I want him, my step–brother, so badly? I pushed the guilty thoughts away; my insides were screaming to run, to slink away and hide far away from his penetrating eyes, but my body stayed and decided upon another course of action. My hands were still bound, my knickers wrapped around my slim wrists. The material wasn’t tight, I could have freed myself, but I choose to keep the restriction as I moved my fingers over my stomach, skimming my supple skin down towards the narrow strip of short hair. His eye twitched and my fingers touched the path of hair. Simon’s eyes darted about; I was getting to him. I concealed a smile as my fingers probed deeper, parting my thick swollen lips to reveal a delicate and pulsating nub. “What are you doing?” He asked, his voice an octave higher; no longer under control. “What I want.” “Stop,” “Make me.” My finger pressed hard against the twitching bead and I moaned defiantly. My eyes drifted from his face to his writhing crotch and his mouth parted to allow a sliver of his pink tongue to dart out. He tried to cover his growing cock with his hands, but as he shifted in the seat I could see it poke against the material, desperate to get out. He uncrossed his legs and smoothed the palms of his hands against his trouser legs.
Simon got to his feet and he followed his cock; pointing the way towards me. Keeping my hands and fingers fixed upon my sweltering flesh, I raised my head to look at up him and was dwarfed by his height. “I didn’t give you permission to do that,” he growled. Suddenly my arm was wrenched away and his hand clamped down upon my elbow. He dragged me away from the fire, pausing only for a second to collect a length of plastic, which looked like a small TV remote, from a side table. He pushed me, never letting his grip loosen on my now surely bruised arm, and steered me down the hallway. I thought he was taking me to my room, but we quickly skirted past the door. With a simple press of a button on the remote he held in his hand, a click sounded, and a door unlocked providing entrance to a room I’d never seen before. Simon pulled me close and dipped his head, his lips almost brushing my ear. “This summer you will learn to do what I tell you. You will beg me to fuck you.” Those were his final words as he pushed me through the open door into a dark recess of a room; closing the door behind me. The lock clicked shut as I banged my feeble fists against the wood panelling. “Simon! Let me out,” I yelled. It was no use; the sounds of his footsteps receded into the distance. I waved a hand in front of my face but could barely see it; the room was pitch black and I couldn’t find a light–switch. I hugged myself; the cold was creeping in, and regretted pushing him so far. Who the fuck did he think he was putting me in a time–out like I was a naughty child? My eyes blazed; he’d regret this, I thought. There was no trace of tears in my eyes. My stubbornness waged war on Simon and I decided I wouldn’t let him get to me; he wanted something from me and the only way he’d be able to get was if he came back and let me out. After what seemed like hours, the minutes ticking away slowly in my head, I sat trembling on a suitcase I’d found and kept a lid pressed firmly upon the building impatience that bubbled inside me, waiting for him to return. I had determined, by running my hands carefully over the stacked objects, that my temporary prison was some sort of luggage room. I pulled one of the suitcases out so I didn’t have to sit on the cold tiled floor, but had to be careful so the whole lot of them wouldn’t tumble and fall on my head. My tummy grumbled. It’d been hours since I last ate. Lunch with Michael and my mom was hours ago and I’d only nibbled at the Caesar salad I’d ordered. I didn’t think he’d be cruel enough to let me starve in here, but then again I’d only just met him and only knew of his tabloid persona; flashing cash and allowing half naked girls to parade around him, like leashed puppies, yapping to his every command.
Finally a light flickered on in the hallway; the glow seeped under the base of the door and around the frame. I stood, pressed my ear to the barrier between us and controlled my breathing, waiting for him to make his next move. Two shadowed shapes cut into the light at the bottom of the door. He was standing right outside. What was he doing? Was he waiting for me to cry out? Well, he’d wait a bloody long time, I thought. “Aimee?” he called. A whisper through the door. It was as if he was cooing to a sleeping child, testing the waters to see if I was awake. I clamped hard on my tongue; I wouldn’t answer him. “Aimee, are you awake? Do you want to come out?” He was testing me, I was sure of it. No matter how much I wanted him to touch me, to feel him inside me I would not give in. Not yet, at least. The mechanism inside the door clicked; metal against metal as the lock slid open. I took a step back away from the door and crouched behind one of the large suitcases, making sure I’d be in the shadows if he decided to take a peek inside. A crack of light cut through the blackness, a lengthy strip landing upon the items inside the room.

I peered around the corner of the suitcase watching a sliver of Simon’s body at the doorway. I smiled, he couldn’t see me. He pushed the door open a fraction more. “Are you sure you don’t want to come out?” He looked about the room, a frown appearing on his worried forehead. His eyes darted left and right, like searchlights trying to find its prey. He took a cautious step inside, bracing himself, I thought, for a suitcase to come flying out of the darkness and into his head. But the moment passed and his head was still intact. “Where are you? You can’t hide from me.” Another step was all I needed I would be able to launch myself behind him and out of confinement. “Aimee, this isn’t funny…” He looked desperate now. Good, I thought. I wanted him to squirm. Make him think something terrible had happened to me. My moment arrived, the door was three–quarters of the way open and he stepped fully inside and started to grab at the suitcases pilled high.

I shot out from behind my cover; my bare feet gripped the dry tiles below and ran for the hallway. I imagined myself as a blur speeding passed him, but I wasn’t that quick. Simon spun around, ready for me. His manicured fingernails clawed at my skin; scratching raw red lines down my arm, but he couldn’t get a good grip. I ran for it, not knowing where exactly to go. The security control panel would have been my first thought, yet I knew I wouldn’t have any time to figure out how the contraption worked, let alone turn off the locking system. I passed through the living room, tempted by the heat emanating from the fire but continued on. I needed something solid between us. “All you’re doing is causing me to work up an appetite,” Simon was pissed I wasn’t bowing to his every desire. Maybe this game of cat and mouse could last a little longer; but who was the hunter and who was the prey? Down another corridor off from the lounge I made my way into the dimmed kitchen.

Only fluorescent blue lights from small appliances illuminated the room. There was a granite–topped island in the middle of the kitted out room and I placed myself behind it, and faced the doorway, waiting for him to arrive. He wouldn’t trap me again. “I heard you before. Touching yourself. Don’t lie; you were thinking of me weren’t you?” He breached the entrance of the kitchen, smiling like the cat that’d just gorged on a saucer of cream. I don’t think he was expecting a reply; he merely enjoyed the sound of his own voice… he enjoyed toying with me. “Yes,” I admitted, and stood tall. My boobs on full view. “I imagined spreading my dripping wet lips wide and riding your face.” His eyebrows shot up. “Nice visual. You certainly don’t act like other women.” Did he really expect me to have a conversation with him after he locked me up? “You mean the bimbos you hang out with? I’m not surprised; I’ve actually got brains.” “In that case, you should have already figured out that the only way out of this is to get on your knees and beg me to fuck you.” “I disagree,”

I said as I took a step around the island towards him. I titled my head at him as he followed my movements, keeping an equal distance between us. I took another step and the same thing happened again and we circled around the island. He moved away from me… why was he afraid of me getting close to him? Was it because he was losing control, his power slipping from him as I gathered it up and used it back against him.
“What’s wrong Simon? Don’t you like being pursued? And here I thought you wanted me to get close.”

I grinned at him. He halted, suddenly realising what was happening. I was at the kitchen doorway on the opposite end of where we started. My skin was on fire; surging with power, I held all the cards and knew how to play them. I’d never felt this good naked before and it was all because of Simon.

I had to have him but knew there was no way he would relinquish his control to me. I would have to choose between pride and desire. Oh, but the ache between my legs cried out to be touched. I tried to silence the constant pull towards him; I needed to walk away and yet my legs were heavy as if they’d been stuck in a bucket of cement.
The silence was thick in the air, coating us like heavy snowfall in winter. Yet it was the height of summer and his eyes burned; he was conflicted too, battling his inner demons deciding whether or not he could give in to me. If only we could meet each half–way, I thought.

Suddenly the theme tune "Won and Only" interrupted our standoff. The noise came from Simon’s side of the Kitchen… it was the ringtone I’d programmed into my phone to let me know my mom was calling; I  am a die–hard AOMG fan and couldn’t get enough of thier songs.

Simon flashed his pearly whites at me, dug deep into his breast pocket and revealed my vibrating phone. To my utter astonishment, with a quick glance at the screen and a slide of his thumb he answered the call.
It would be that ringtone lol