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Feliz cumpleaños Azucar!! aka Suga

안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my lovely BTS 아미 and soon to be BTS 아미.
Trying something different for his birthday and yeah...don't judge me too hard please.


슈가 POV:
At first I didn't understand how it came to be. How I slowly yet beautifully came to carve your image into my mind and heart as I fell in love with you. Your hands, so warm and delicate, set my body a blazed when you touched me. A brush from your fingertips was all that it took to leave goosebumps and a heated blush upon my face. Her eyes were my favourite part of her. I couldn't help but redden and blush when we locked gazes.
I mean, I wouldn't admit it but my heart ached for her. "Yoongi" She spoke as she lightly tapped my front shoulder. I took my earplugs out, the pure faint sound of her voice still heard through my blaring loud music. Gosh, she was just as precious still as in the last photo she sent, as the ache to hold her in my arms ran stronger than ever. "What are you doing here?" I asked hoping my nervousness didn't show through my voice.
"Namjoon kept making excuses for your complete disappearance from my life. I wasn't having it. I mean why would my best friend want to disappear like that!" Oh right, we were besties, a forever role in her life. "So, I thought he's probably in the studio and decided to demand you to take a break and have lunch with me." Exasperated, I asked, "Since when do you demand things from me." "Well," she said, "it's our relationship flow."
This was it, I took a deep breathe and said, "Can we change that?" "What's wrong with what we have now?" "It's not enough for me." She reached out and touched my arm, my mind went into hyperventilating mode and I froze. I froze and looked away with a blank expression, she's going to officially reject me now, I thought. "Yoongi look at me, I don't understand." And that's all it took for me to muster up the courage......

The End.

My hand held the back of her neck as I leaned forward to capture her lips. In that moment, everything went still as I focused on her lips. Capturing every inch of them with mine, making sure she understood the change that I wanted. I relished in her lips as I pulled her body closer but didn't want to abuse the shock and parted from her lips.
"I want to start over." "Over? How so?"
"I want the beginning of our story as your main protagonist. I want to be your love interest as you have always been mine." And with that I pulled her into me as she giggled and ran her fingers through my hair, nodding her confirmation.

Now, I finished.

Ugh...I hope you enjoyed my FIRST EVER POSTED one shot. I won't be doing more.

•See you lovely 아미 every Friday and special occasions ...omo.

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omo so cute! so so cute
😄😄😄😄 고마워!!!
uuuuugggghhh soooool 😐😐😐😐😐
was it okis? since no one commented lol I said damn fail 😣.
It was too good!!! Did it have to be my UB 😭😭😭😭😭
Well I wanted to do something different
😄😄 gracias!!! I was like mmm damn I'll give it a go
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