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In the end(,) Kanginnie's interview got cut because it couldn't go past instagram's 14 seconds limit.. (6 hours ago) This peooh are we doing here? Do you see that? [抓狂] [抓狂] (6 hours ago) Going to Ryeowook's 'Sukira'. There is an app these days for it. I searched 'Sukira' and the app showed with Ryeowook's face on it kkkkk the world really has gotten so good (to live in). Everyone, listen to 'Sukira' and write your thoughts about it. In vid: Heechul: Hello. This is Sukira's temporary DJ, Kim Heechul. The song playing right now is a lovely song for you all, who are watching me right now. M&D's What Are You Looking At (Close Ur Mouth) (7 hours ago)