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DAY -4 Whats your favorite Moments GOT7/ Bias.?
Well there are too many fav. and memorable moments with GOT7 and Bias both so
here..ok here are some of my favorite memorable moments of GOT7 as a whole
When they received the MaMa's Award..that was memorable to me..
As of for the rest you know me I am Markson Trash..So ..LOL!! So the following has become my most favorite moment of the Ultimate GOT7 couple..haha⤵
Then follow by....⤵
LMAO!! YEAH !! Even JB is done with them two..haha..
and continuing with..⤵
Of course they had to wear their couple's costumes..hehe.

And then, there are the rest of so many favorite Markson moments I have..⤵
Marks reaction when Jackson called him Markie-pooh with Aygeos LOL ⤵priceless..
space does not exist between them..⤵
I have JJP favorite moments but I focus in my Ultimate OTP.

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Omg! So many Markson moments! ❤
@MelissaGarza 😍😍