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Hey guys It's Axos with another segment of Kpop compatibility. Like the last card I will be giving you some links to take a Mbti (Myers Briggs)test in case you haven't. Alrighty follow these three steps or skip if you know your type but either way have fun guys.Briggs also don't forget this is for fun. Meaning some very curious kpop lovers worked hard to classify all these stars. Their views may or may not be accurate so just have fun. Also not every band was done with snazy pictures for each band so enjoy my crappy screenshots and some of them have information on why the fan classified the members.
ALSO I DID NOT LEAVE OUT OUR FANBOYS. YOU MAY BE RARE BUT YOU NEED LOVE TOO. I HAVE SOME GIRL GROUPS SO ENJOY. Also here is the link to the last card in case you didn't get to see it. PART1 ----------- 1.) Think below will take you to a test. After the test read about your personality. I read all of mine. Also keep in mind that 4 letter cluster. That is your type that you will be needing to navigate through this card. TEST ----------- 2.) This link down below will take you to a site where you can click in the candy heart with your mbti on it and read up on your love life. This talks about how you are in relationships, your 2 best love matches and some things you and your partner need to keep in mind and hopefully use. This is really fun to read...if you don't read then skip this step. RELATIONSHIP -------------- 3.) Alrighty guys here is the snazy chart that shows how each personality works with the others romantically. Also I have some other pictures that are entertaining for the personality types.
------------- 4.) Alrighty guys now for the big reveal. Scroll down and see who works with your personality. Also please remember that these results for each star is not entirely accurate. They were made by some kpop lovers who are interested in the Mbti. Have fun guys. EXO
Alrighty I hope you guys enjoyed this card. Don't forget to comment now.
Where is the results for Beast and Super Junior? They are the only ones I would like to match my compatibility to. If it is possible, could I see what their personality types are? I would really enjoy knowing who would be my match. Thank you to the person(s) who work to put those results together for us to see ... your effort will be greatly anticipated and appreciated.
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Also Super Junior is on this card.
Kris 😂😂