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Yes you all read that right. I'm doing a giveaway for your chance to win a Bts "YNWA" album. click the link so you can see what the albums look like. I will be ordering 2 more albums to givaway to whoever the winner is. Only 2 poeple can win
You have to live in the U.S in order to enter the giveaway
All you have to do is make a card or comment on this card on why you love BTS and why you want to win the album. And make sure you tag me in the card. If you decide to make a card title it "Bts YNWA Giveaway entry". Make sure in the card you put why you love BTS and why you want to win the album. I know I said this already but you have to live in the U.S to enter the giveaway. The entries for the giveaway will end on March 15th.Β  I'll be contacting the winner through here and we will go from there.
Follow my Giveaway collection. I will post a card on the 15th to let you all know that the giveaway is over. On March 17th (which is the day of my birthday) I'll make a card and announce who the winners are.
Good luck to everyone who is entering the giveaway!!
*i have an app and i put everyone's names that entered the giveaway in the app and the app picks someone at random*
K-Monsta Squad:

Tag List:
Thought you lovelies might be interested β™‘ Official Army Taglist: @merryjayne13 @StephanieDuong @VKookie47 @KarenGuerra93 @HopeYoongi @Choijiah @AaliyahNewbell @KenyaMendoza @StefaniTre @sarahdarwish @kristendmh @QueenPandaBunny @JaxomB @SweetDuella @ESwee @tinytreeleaf @tayamay1232 @maddsanzen @JohnEvans @Badtz @resavalencia @ImHayley @IrishCabacungan @AgentLeo @karinamiranda81 @luna1171 @ShailaZaman @imiebegay14 @AlenaSegura @Josyy7 @AshleiRyals @Tamaki1618 @selfishmachines @StephaniePoore @kimnam94 @SugaKookieV @VickyLe @KokoroNoTakara @shellyfuentes70 @jademarie4567 @sweetnothing34 @Pickles440 @Swhitta @inuyashagal @XxGummybear92xX @Baekyeol27 @170cme @luvella18 @bangtanella @Eli20 @StephaniePoore @parktaemi @jennissa711@jiminakpop @thatphamily @hayoungforever @destiny1419 @Kyokeo @MelissaGarza @Vay754 @2ilVer @TerraToyaSi @cathysanchez157 @Kpoplover2016 @LinnyOk @adritae @pharmgirlerin @hskswife @YiselRamos @iraVVIP @shisuschrist @ThanaPlague @kee1999kee @Viresse @JasminMartinez @hopesforsuga711 @TracyLynnn @EvodiaEbraheem @Jaerinn @ShannonSaysHey @JasminMartinez @AlenaSegura @MayraCastro @ashrose33 @BreHolmes @AliceTetsuya @RKA916 @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @YessicaCardenas @strawberrylover @cherriblossom17 @TheRealAgustD @AhensaAdel @RKA916 @warning @aliendestina @cns1391 @loverofkpop @TashiannaBostia @MistressSiren @BeKikunstman @glorias463 @LynetteXuan @SarahMoniva @MsLoyalHeart @EvilGenius @strawberrymintl @AraceliJimenez @lopleaf19 @cns1391 @LacyTanner @jennissa711 @amooon13eg
thank you for tagging more people
BTS is my favorite group because they all have great talent and personalities. They aren't my first group, but they are the first I have followed since their debut and I have grown to love them all equally without having one bias. I'm proud to call myself an ARMY because when they get hate, all armies like me support them and cheer them up. BTS are all very hardworking and give much dedication towards their music. They give all they have so we can enjoy their music. BTS are all great and should be loved.
BTS is the first group I started to get into and I automatically got sucked in. Their lyrics have so much meaning compared to some other groups. You can feel the emotion in their songs. They are more than just a group based on looks, they have amazing talent and the relationship they have with each other is amazing, they have so much respect for one another, they're one big family. I love how they actually try to communicate with us ARMY. Even though they get hate ARMY is always there to help them and boost their confidence and show them love. This group has brought so many people together and it truly amazes me. They work so hard and it all pays off with all the awards they win. They are an inspiration to me. If I'm ever in a bad mood or am having a hard time all I have to do is listen to their music and I instantly start to feel better. They have a had such a huge positive impact on me and I am so grateful for them. My main reason for my happiness is BTS they make me smile and laugh as I'm sure they do for every other fan. They are hands down, with out a doubt, my all time favorite group cause of how much hard work and dedication they put towards their music.
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Thank you 😊
BTS has only recently been a group that I listen to on a regular basis. Before I used to listen to a couple of their songs in my workout playlist, and the. When WINGS came out, I got overwhelmed by the number of posts and ideas there were about it, so I avoided it entirely. I didn't even listen to the album. My friend finally convinced me to listen to the whole YNWA album, and so I did, I listened to the entire thing one evening, earbuds in on the quiet darkness of my living room. It was almost like a religious experience. Now I can't get enough of it, and I absolutely can't wait to see what BTS prepares next!
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Thank you :)
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