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Organization XIII

The powerful Organization XIII members. Xion the 14th member was added even though she doesn't have a throne or a title in the Organization.
I. Xemnas - The Superior of the In-Between
II. Xigbar - The Freeshooter
III. Xaldin - The Whirlwind Lancer
IV. Vexen - The Chilly Academic
V. Lexaeus - The Taciturn Stalwart
VI. Zexion - The Cloaked Schemer
VII. Saïx - The Luna Diviner
VIII. Axel - The Flurry of Dancing Flames
IX. Demyx - The Melodious Nocturne
X. Luxord - The Gambler of Fate
XI. Marluxia - Graceful Assassin
XII. Larxene - The Savage Nymph
XIII. Roxas - The Key of Destiny
XIV. Xion
Axel is my favorite character. My favorite fight is either Saix because I like taking his claymores, or the Marluxia fights because of the scythe and he used 666 sleight and it was death magic. My least favorite fights were Vexon on the gameboy CoM or Larxene on 2final mix cuz shes so fast
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