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Its been a long time since I wrote anything with Got7, but with this idea these two totally came to mind, lol 3 sum! Yes. Mark and Jackson totally fit. I admit this is a bit out of my element so hope its not to sloppy, okay not bad lol.

I was surprised to see mark standing by my car when I got out of class. He looked good leaning against my car, his hands in his jean pockets staring at me with an intense look that made my stomach flip as I stopped in front of him.
"Hi" I smiled at him
"Hi honey" he said looking at me with a grin on his face.
"This is weird, you never pick me up at school" I said looking around hoping no one noticed who he was.
"Today is special" he shrugged.
"Really?" I questioned making him chuckle. He leaned in and whispered.
"Today is white day. I planned something special" his voice was so husky in my ear making me shiver.
"I completely forgot it was white day" I said when his words dawned on me. It drew a chuckle out of him.
"Did you really?" He questioned as he leaned away from me. I slapped him on the shoulder playfully.
"Yes, oh but I'm curious what you have planned for it now" I grinned.
"I have it set up at your apartment" he hinted

"Oo is it a big teddy bear?" I questioned.
"No, . . . well I guess it could pass as one" he said thinking about it. That had me curious.
"Come on, I'll even let you drive" he winked as I stepped back and he opened the door to my car for me. I laughed as I got in.
"I always drive when we're in my car Mark" I said as he shut the door.
He jogged around and got in the passenger's seat and I pulled out of my spot.

There was chit chat between us, intermingled with me guessing what he got me. My big guess was that he got me a puppy for some reason.
When we got to my apartment we walked up the stairs to the second floor and towards my door. Right outside my door Mark grabbed my keys after I unlocked my door.

"What are you doing?" I asked curiously looking at him sideways. There was a smirk on his face.
"It's a surprise, I'm going to cover your eyes" he said. I was shaking my head.
"You know I don't like that" I reminded him.
"Please? For me?" He pleaded. When I didn't say anything he spoke again "you trust me right? Nothing bad will happen" he informed me.  I did trust him, he wouldn't do anything bad, or anything that would hurt me. "Fine, I trust you" I gave in and a big smile crossed his face.
"Okay" he leaned in and pecked me on the lips quickly then pulled away. He stood behind me and covered up my eye. I couldn't see anything but I could hear him knock three times on the door, wait a moment then open the door.
"Go ahead and walk forward, the door is open" he whispered in my ear sending a shiver up my spine.

I took one step them another. I knew three steps into my apartment and I was right next to the kitchen, and four more I would be in my living room and the opening to the hallway to my bedroom and bathroom, the edge of the couch would be three more steps after that.  The amount of times I stumbled into that had me knowing very well how far it was from the door.
I didn't go past the kitchen.
"You ready?" Mark asked. I nodded my head and his hand fell away leaving me blinking open my eyes. My eyes widened at the sight in front of me.
"Whaaa?" I gasped staring.
"Happy white day!" Jackson grinned at me. He was in just a pair of boxers and a big white ribbon wrapped around himself in a bow.

I was so confused.

"Are you confessing to me?" I blinked and said the first thing to cross my mind. Jackson laughed at that.
"No honey, you're all mine" Mark said wrapping his arms around my shoulders from behind me. His head resting on my shoulder.
"Well everyday except today" he added.
"Then what is this about?" I was totally confused. Mark needed to spell out what was happening.
"I'm making one of your fantasies come true" Mark said.
"I'm game for it!" Jackson said enthusiastically.
"A threesome" Mark stated. "With Jackson and me" he added.
my nether regions twitched at the idea.
"Really?" I turned my head so I could look at Mark.
"What you don't want to?" Mark questioned.
"I want to!" Jackson announced.
Me and Mark looked over at him, Mark was Chuckling in my ear.
"I'm in" I chuckled.
"Good" Jackson nodded. "I've been behaving myself with Mark since he started dating you, now I have permission to touch him all I want" Jackson was rubbing his hands together like he was a eager little boy.
"I appreciate that" I nodded. "But do you know how hot it is to see you two touching each other" I told him.

Mark let go of me and walked around me to Jackson. He pulled the ribbon and it fell loose essentially unwrapping Jackson. Jackson wrapped his arm around Mark and pulled him flush against his body.
I waited patiently for one of them to make a move. Neither of them did and I really wanted to push their heads together and do it myself.

After my thought Mark was the one to lean in and press his lips to Jackson, it deepened fast and I watched as the two made out, Jackson's hands moved to grip Mark's ass and Mark wrapped his arms around Jackson's waist. I set my backpack on the floor where I stood and walked closer to them. I stood to the side of them watching, after a moment seeing they were consumed with each other I pulled my top off, leaving me in leggings and my bra. I shimmed out of my leggings and when I stood just in my matching navy blue set of bra and panties did they break apart and look at me.
"U/N" Mark sighed looking at me.
"So how we doing this?" I asked cocking an eyebrow. Jackson looked at me too, his eyes roamed over my body and back up landing on my chest.
"Nice tits" Jackson purred "loose the bra" his voice was husky.

They let go of each other as I unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor. Mark was the first one to touch me, pulling me against him as he licked his lips and leaned in and kissed me. Another pair of hands came from behind me as Jackson slid his hands against my hips and slid up to cup my breasts, his thumbs brushed against my nipples, a shock went through my body. I was sandwiched between the two of them, both their attention on me. Mark let go of me and stepped back, I leaned into Jackson, my arms going back to stretch my body. I could feel Jackson's bulge against my butt, he was rubbing it against me as he played with my tits. Mark was in front of us taking his shirt off and unbuckling his pants. When he stepped out of them I left Jackson's embrace and pushed Mark onto the couch behind him and got on my knees in front of him. He was looking down at me as he pulled his boxers down and his dick popped out. He stroked himself for a moment before I took over. I hadn't realized as I was sucking on him like a lollipop that Jackson had moved too and was sitting next to him, he was rubbing Mark's chest , tweaking at his nipples and nibbling on his neck. The scene made me hot and bothered. My hand went between my legs and I touched myself, massaging my clit as I watched the two of them and sucked on mark.
Mark moved his hand to Jackson's boxers and pulled him out, he stroked his dick as they made out.
I felt myself getting close to coming. My hand moved faster as I slipped a finger inside myself, my other hand stroked up Mark's thigh and up his chest, I wasn't sure which one all of a sudden held my hand as I let Mark's dick slip out of my mouth, I was breathing heavily on him as my body shattered and I came on my own.
When my eyes focused again I looked up at the two men who were now looking at me. I was holding Mark's hand which made me smile.
"I think she got turned on watching us" Jackson stated the obvious.
"You two are so freaking hot together." I sighed as I looked over to see that Mark still had his hand on Jackson's dick, his hand covered in cum. It looked like Mark was the only one who held out. "It was hot seeing you orgasm" Jackson commented.
I sat on my legs as I looked at the two.

I wanted to climb in Mark's lap and slip him inside of me.
I also wanted to see Mark bent over taking it from Jackson.
"What's that wicked look for?" Mark asked. "Hmm, I don't know if I should say" I said shyly.
"Spit it out" Jackson said.
"I'll do anything you say U/N" Mark said.

No U/N, be good I scolded myself I need to have him Inside of me, I chose my first thought. I shimmied out if my soaked panties leaving them on the floor and pulled his boxers all the way off.
"Do you want me or Jackson in you?" Mark asked startling me. I hadn't thought of that. I looked to Jackson and his dick sticking straight up again. I looked him up and down. I wanted to suck on him.
"I want you to fuck my mouth" I told him which put a smile on his face.
"that's hot, you getting fucked by both of us at the same time" Jackson pointed out.

We positioned yourself so that I was sittin on Mark, my back against his chest as Jackson stood in front of me, his dick in my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head as he held me in place. My tongue swirled against the underside of his dick which brought a groan out of Jackson. Mark slid into me a moment later making me moan, the vibration in my mouth had Jackson pushing my head further onto his dick and I moaned again as he started to move in and out between my lips. Mark was inside me and I was moving on him at the same pace.
Mark started to move himself faster, his hand pressed against my clit and all of a sudden I was a tangle of sensations. I lost it the moment I felt Jackson thicken in my mouth, he stopped moving and came. I came at that moment and Mark was close behind.
I leaned back against Mark, him still in me, Jackson went to his knees, he let his head rest on my chest as he caught his breath.

"That was freaking amazing" I sighed.
"Fucking hot" Jackson commented on a sigh.
"Was it how you thought it would be?" Mark asked close to my ear. I nodded my head.
"Yes" I sighed. "Thank you for this Jackson" I said looking down at him. I cupped his cheek which brought a smile to his face. He nodded against my chest.
"Any time you're up for this count me in" Jackson said making me laugh.
"We can experiment with other things" I added wickedly.
"I'm not having anything go in me" Mark pointed out.
"Awe, that was in my fantasy" I whined.
"You missed the chance" Mark chuckled. "Damn" I chuckled.
"Damn" Jackson repeated.

A little while later the three of us were dressed and sitting on the couch relaxing, watching a movie. It was like that hadn't really happened. But sitting between the two of them I was thrilled with today.

"You like your white day present honey?" Mark asked randomly making me laugh.
I looked at him and kissed his cheek.
"Marky, I love you! I hope you know how much I love you!" I told him

I hope you liked this one. definitely went out of my comfort zone with it lol.

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