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So.... someone showed me something that was disturbing and unbelievable. I didn't think it was unusual for a name change, even on weibo, it is a Chinese website and maybe he just wanted to use his real name.

Instagram, it used to be Lay and when I checked the comments, my heart started to break. I wasn't around when Kris, LuHan, and Tao left but I think I can feel what exo-l started to feel when they left. I want to cry...

And he's still following all the guys but that don't mean anything because he follows Luhan And Tao.

What's going to happen? Why is this happening? Is it because of the tension between China and South Korea, not to mention The U.S.? The harsh realities of the world are boiling over. It's already been confirmed he's not joining them for upcoming concerts in L.A. and Newark. Dream Entertainment stated because of upcoming projects.

If he does leave, as much as we all love him, we need to keep supporting him. He's leaving. It's his decision.

Lay said that he wouldn't leave EXO no matter what.
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@KaiLuhan4ever You never know with some people, but from what I've heard it's actually confirmed in S. Korea. They just hadn't made an announcement for the inter. fans yet 😣