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Hey everyone.. during latest episode of got7ing+ Jackson expressed himself thinking that he is not beautiful..and although he might be humble sometimes he might need us to let him know that he is please go to IG and Tweeter trend #YouAreJustRightJackson and also send him a messege I already did. Let's mak him feel better.. here what I said to him..

So I hope he gets to read it...

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I hope he is checking the GOT7+ V App as there are tons of well wishes for him on this as well as his health.
Your message is so nice, you pretty much just said everything I would want to say to him! But I am so terrible at expressing my thoughts in words haha! Jackson is so beautiful on the inside and outside ❤️❤️❤️
I watched that last night. And i was saddened by his words of himself. I said who cares if ur short. I been short for 20 years. And hes still 9 inches taller than be. He has a beautiful soul. He is handsome and means so much to me. 💚
@jacksonwang852g7 same for tweeter too. @TaraJenner
@luna1171 thanks. That's what I had, I just wanted to make sure.
@jademarie4567 thanks..still go to IG and send him a messege..he wants to hear it from us..😆🤗
I will! he deserves every bit of love ❤️
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