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I'm crazy

So my 9 yr old wanted me to see Trolls...I'm not into trolls, even when I was a kid I never cared for them. But I watched the movie Trolls. And can I just say I enjoyed the movie. I was feeling depressed and it cheered me up.
When K-poppers unite no matter the fandom and just enjoy themselves with the music.
But as I was watching it, it reminded me of K-poppers. The Trolls are the K-poppers and the Bergens are like the non-koppers. I mean dancing, fun, happy K-poppers and then

People who judge or wonder why someone listens to K-pop....closed minded people mostly.

Trying to convince people K-pop is a good thing and not a bad thing and their getting annoyed because you wont shut up... The second pic reminds me of after you've talked about K-pop so much to someone and eventually they find themselves listening and liking it too and you're like "See told ya, you'd like it."

This is just what popped into my head while wathcing this movie. I mean my family thinks I'm crazy for loving K-pop so much, but then I found other people who share my passion for it so I feel like we are this big community of happy people who just feel good because of the music. And it opens up another world and we not only learn Korean but their customs and traditions and in my opinion that's one of the best ways to experiance another culture.

I hope I didn't dis anyone or make them feel uncomortable, it's just my thoughts.

Great way to make comparisons. 😊
I love how Kpop fans are just one big family. Like the other day I saw a girl leaving the gas station wearing a BTS t-shirt and V hoodie and it made my day. Take the happiness where you can I say ^^
Aw, I loved that movie too
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