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Hey Blinkies ^^ You guys liked the previous card I made for Boombayah inspired outfits, so I thought I'd make it once in awhile for the other mvs and outfits they've worn as well.
I hope you guys like this >
Lisa looks so pretty and cool~ 🔥 black skinny jeans 🔥 a collared blouse with print designs, flowered patterns or simple solid colors *tucked in* 🔥 a thin belt with a circle buckle 🔥 black combat boots or simple black boots
Rosé's outfit is so badass! 🔥 black leather skirt, or simple black skirt 🔥 black long sleeve blouse *tucked in* 🔥 red bomber jacket, with print of your choice 🔥 black thigh highs 🔥 black ankle boots
I LOVE Jennie's outfit she looks so cute~ 🔥 a floral or printed short dress, long/short sleeved and light colors, very flowy 🔥 thigh highs or can be paired with sheer tights 🔥 a snug belt around the waist 🔥 black ankle boots
Jisoo just slaying this outfit! 🔥 leather or plain black high waisted shorts 🔥 fancy black blouse, long sleeved *tucked in* 🔥 snug belt around the waist, color of choice 🔥 combat boots or simple black ankle boots
A few main points • circle buckles or accents are very popular in their stylistic choices • shirts are fancy, tucked in and flowy • dresses are flowy, very light and printed •accessories are simple but fancy, ex: hoop earrings
who ever is their stylist, does a wonderful job. ❤