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I've been with BTS since they first debut. The reasons why I love them so much is because they all harmonize with each other and they get along like family. They always tell us to stay strong and to support them. I have cried so many times I can't even count. BTS has change my life for the better. I listen to them everyday when it gets bad or rough at home or at work and their songs pick me up and to remember to keep fighting like they do. They always tell us to support each other and they also show us that we can be friends with other kpop groups. Some may be nasty to us but we learn that we shouldn't play with fire and start war with other groups. They get along well with exo and that makes me happy that they show respect to the older group. I want to follow in their steps when it comes to other people in different kpop groups and show them respect even if they don't like me or who I listen to. I really want the album because it'll be my first album of BTS. I don't own not one of their albums because I was always didn't have the job or money to get them, but I would love to get this album so I can show that I support our boys to the fullest even when I can't get their albums from not having a job or not having money for it or if their albums just sold out. I would just like to have one from BTS. It would make my day and life so much better to just have one album.
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