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Thank you guys for reading this story! Thank you for showing interest in it. ^^
The first day went by with no issues. Lee repeated the same morning routine only this time Jin woke up earlier to make breakfast for them. Lee was starting to really enjoy their meal times together.
They got to the cafe early and Lee found a note at the front door addressed to her. She grabbed it and headed for the office, greeting all of her employees with a smile and wave.
Once in the office she began to feel better. Almost relaxed. Her assistant manager wouldn't come in until 3 so she could have some time off. So Lee was running the show solo for the day.
Once the registers were out and the doors opened Lee stayed behind the counter. Jin stayed in a corner reading a book and sipping some tea. After their mid morning rush, Lee braved the customers. She asked the usual "How is everything" and most were okay. Then she heard something that made her pause.
"Did you hear what happened to her? She was almost raped. Yeah then she didn't show up for like a week. But I think it was a scam. She went straight home after and now she looks fine." Lee glanced and saw a woman sitting with her friend. She came from clearly came from money. Her friend spoke. "If that happened to me I'd go home too. And you always put on a face when your parents yelled at you. You didn't want people to see the pain it caused. Right? She's doing the same. Don't judge." The friend sipped her drink.
"Well her business is booming from it. So it made me wonder."
Lee looked at the customer she was trying to help. She didn't realize she wasn't paying attention. "I'm so sorry. What did you say?" The customer looked at her in confusion. "I'm doing well. Are you though?" Lee smiled. "Yes sorry. Just got a little distracted. You enjoy."
Lee looked at the woman and saw she was staring. She quickly went to the kitchen and straight to her office. She shut the door and took a deep breath. "A scam? Yeah because I totally want to go through all of this pain and anxiety." She ran her fingers through her hair and tried to keep her cool.
After a few minutes she sat down and turned on her music. She looked at the numbers and noticed they did get busier after the incident. She stared at the keyboard and saw the letter from earlier. She opened it and began to read.
Lee's heart stopped and she froze. It was a letter from her attacker. He gave her his name and that he missed her. The letter went on to say other things that she tried to forget. She began to tremble and tears fell down her face.
Jin knocked on the door. "Lee? You okay?" He opened the door and saw her shaking and crying. He grabbed the paper and read. After a few seconds he called the police and asked them to send a detective to the store. Then he put his arms around Lee. She didn't move. She couldn't remember how. Her attacker, who's name was Henry, found a way to talk to her.
30 minutes went by and the detective walked through the door. Jin explained everything and asked to have Henry not to send letters to her or call her. The detective placed his hand on Lee shoulder to try and give her comfort but when he did she screamed and moved away. Jin grabbed her face and made her look in his eyes. "Its okay. Amy is coming in early and then we will go home. Okay?" Lee nodded then apologized to the man.
later that evening

Lee laid in her bed unable to fall asleep. She looked at her phone. 3am. It had been 6 hours since she went to her room. But every time she closed her eyes she saw Henry's face.
At 5 she got up and put on some running clothes. She knocked on Jin's door. After a minute of silence followed by a minute of shuffling around he opened the door. New pajama pants and still no shirt. His hair was everywhere and he squinted at her.
"Lets go running." Lee smiled.
Jin looked at his clock by his bed and groaned. "Its 5 in the morning. Who does this?"
"We do. Now lets go!" She handed him a glass of water and went to the kitchen. 15 minutes later they were going to the local park. They stretched and started jogging. One lap later they stretched again.
"So. Couldn't sleep?" Jin glanced at her.
"What makes you think that?"
They began walking back. "You suddenly wanted to go for a run? Dead give away."
"Oh. Yeah. I just needed to clear my head." He nodded and walked in silence.

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