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Vingle Had a Bit of a Hiccup!

Hello Vinglers,

Thank you for your messages and reports about issues with your app or desktop. We've uncovered a problem that our team worked tirelessly to fix (seriosuly, they stayed awake until 6am, how awesome are they?)

The problem is fixed thanks to them, but you may still experience issues with Vingle for the next 24 hours.

We truly apologise for this and will work harder to make sure that issues like this will not happen again. We know a lot of you are counting on us, and we are truly upset that this occured.

Thank you for your patience, Vinglers and have a great weekend!

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Nice work!
6 months ago·Reply
You guys work so much, thank you for working so hard. Hope you all get some rest soon :)
6 months ago·Reply
This whole time I thought it was my phone acting up 😂 get some sleep guys and thanks for the update!
6 months ago·Reply
All of your hard work is truly appreciated. The Vingle team is awesome! Thank you for taking care of us. Please get some rest.
6 months ago·Reply
i JUST NOTICED that most of the profile account are kpop ... WOOOOHOO
6 months ago·Reply