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My bi-weekly bibimbap from NY Tofu house. Although I don't get the hot stone plate (since it is entirely too expensive), I love how hearty and wholesome this meal is. Plus, it lasts me quite a few days as the portion is huge! By far the best Korean restaurant around mid-town; thought perhaps I am not the best person to ask since I have yet to venture regularly into Ktown. Hopefully soon!
how could the hotestone plate be really expensive?
mmm~ I love bibibamp
@heisenberg That is a good question to which I don't know the answer :/ I suppose everyone likes to make a bit of extra cash.
@curtis korean food is really expensive in NY, dolsot bibimbap can be almost $16 some places!
BCD Tofu House(k-town Manhattan, NY) , which I frequently visit is $11.99 /lunch and $13.99/dinner. Pretty cheap for dinner.