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MONSTERS: FROM RAE TO MJ Yea right. You tell yourself while still looking and caressing the beautiful creature laying next to you. How can someone so beautiful be so cruel but yet so loving. It's like that saying 'The most beautiful things in this world are the most dangerous'. Unfortunately no matter how much I want to deny it and say it's not true, but it is. Watching him sleep he looked so peaceful. He looked like the man I fell in love with all those years ago before that day that changed everything. Its funny, how we met. It's not like I was watching for him. Back then I was, before I met him I was so much more innocent and young. How much I have changed. A lot of it because of this man right here. With tears forming in my eyes I slowly move from the bed to not wake him. As I reached the edge, he moved just a bit but only to reposition himself. I climbed out of bed and grabbed my silk robe hanging on the back of the door. Slipping it on, I walk out the bedroom door closing it silently and walked to the kitchen to make some tea. Reminiscing. I hated it but I loved it. 13 Years Ago..... BOOM! BOOM! The DJ was lit tonight, playing every song that I loved. Swaying my body with the rest of the crowd, allowing it to carry me to a whole other level. The sweat dripping off me and glistening on my stomach in the black crop top that I happened to be wearing. I have never felt so free until tonight. I didn't have many friends, so I would always come here by myself or with my homegirl. But not tonight. Tonight, I just wanted it to be me and the music. No one telling me what to do, no one telling me when to leave. Lucky for me, I made friends with the bartender named Moon and a couple of the bodyguards, who actually turned out to be twins named Jun and Jin. Tonight was no different. I had a few guys come up to me and tried to force me to dance and eventually leave with them but Jin and Jun wouldn't let that happen. "Thanks guys. I owe you one." "Naw Rae. You're like a sister to us, we can't let no punks mess with you. What we look like?" said Jun as he and his brother semi struck a pose in the middle of the dance floor. They always knew how to make me laugh. "Alright, alright but one day. One day we're going out for dinner. My treat and we're bringing Moon along too." "Alright then Rae you can count us in." said Jin. After watching them take off back to the front entrance, I made my way back towards the bar. Flowing with the crowd trying to get to the bar, I accidentally bumped into a man that I had only seen there a handful of times. He turned to look at me and nodded his apologies as he made his way to VIP with his bodyguards. Stumbling up to the bar as if I had no breath I asked Moon who that striking man was that I bumped into. "Aww him... Rae don't think about it. You're too good for him. And you have a good thing going for you." "Moon he can't be that bad. I just asked who he was. It's not like I'm going to get involved with him." "His name is Mr. Dominic. He's into some bad shit. Not to mention that he's known as the biggest player around here. Whether its doing business or fucking around with girls." "Geeze, I didn't need a lecture. Forget that I asked." But of course, how could I forget him. He was mysterious and I loved that about him. It made me appeal to him more. The way his muscular body fitted that grayish metallic black suit that he was wearing, to the professional look on his face. Even without a smile he ignited a spark in me that I had never felt before. I wanted him. I wanted to have him. I want him to be mine. More than anything I wanted to taste him even in that moment. All it took was the nod and the look of discernment and I was hypnotized, not fully aware of the true beast he hid inside. I could see Moon looking at me out of the corner of my eye. He already knew that I was intrigued and that there was no way I would back off. He will be mine. I don't know how and I don't know when I just know he will be. I'm patient. It's been months since that night and I haven't had any luck at all. Although, there were times when it seemed as though he were watching me. As it turns out, he was. It happened when I least expected it too. I was having a fucked up day and wanted a way to forget it. Nothing seemed to have gone right that day. "Hey Rae" said Jun. "Hey" I said all depressed. "Woah.. Woah.. Woah what's going on? I have never seen you like this." said Jin. "Yea well today just hasn't been my fucking day... I got bitched at by my professor, bitched at by my boss and then bitched at by my mom. And it seems to just keep getting worse." "Shit... You know what go inside and see Moon. First three rounds on us aight Rae. Cheer up." "Thanks guys." Seeing Moon and the twins made my night feel a little bit better. But not much. "You look like you could use a couple of shots huh?" "Yea I could. Btw the twins told me to tell you that they got the first three rounds." "Damn.. They don't ever do that. The good stuff?" he said with a wink. "Haha hell yea!" After three shots I had a nice little buzz going and decided to head to the dance floor. It was my savior in times like these, when I just needed it let loose and allow the music to control my spirit, my soul and my movements. I had only been dancing to a few songs when I feel these hands snake around my waist. Turning around I see it's the same asshole from a couple months back. I thought he learned his lesson. "Let's dance baby." "Fuck no.. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. And I'm not your baby!" "I said let's dance." He grabbed me and pulled me closer. I tried to get him off of me but was stronger than the last time I remember it maybe it's just the alcohol. I was looking for the twins but tonight was more packed than usual which means they would be at the front door most of the night. Fuck this asshole. I turned my to get ready to head butt him but in my surprise I see two guys walk up to him and tell him that he needs to leave. Like a dumbass he got in their face and before I knew it he was being drug out of the club with a black eye and broken nose. "Miss are you okay?" "Yea, I am. Thanks. But who are you?" "Our Boss sent us over to help you." "Your Boss?" I said questionably. "Yea he is over there in the VIP section." Moving my eyes towards the VIP section, I can see a very handsome man dressed in all black. Our eyes met and he lifted his drink to me and with slight nod like the last time as if acknowledging me. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was none other than Mr. Dominic. He took a sip of his drink and then stood up and proceeded to leave his area. Within a matter of seconds I was within his vicinity. I don't even know when I began to move or how we met half away. "Did you take care of that asshole?" "Yes Boss." "Good. Now make sure that bastard doesn't show his face around here again. Let it be known, that if he does he will fucking regret it. Got it?" "Got it Boss. We'll get it take on care of." Boss. They sound like we're in some mobster movie. He must be real important to be able to do something like that. Snap! Snap! Jumping out of my trance I see his fingers snapping front of my face and those deep brown eyes of his pouring into mine. "Hey there.. Were you listening to a thing I said?" "I'm sorry.. I just got lost in my thoughts." "I see... My men are taking care of that asshole to make sure he never bothers to show his face here again." "Oh.. Umm. Thank you. I..." "No need to thank me. That fucking bastard owes me some money and thinks it's okay to show up to my establishment and harass my customers." "Awww.. I see.. Umm well I don't want to keep you. Thank you for helping me tonight." I nod my head and force my feet to walk only to feel an atm pull me back. "Are you saying that you won't accompany me tonight?" I tried to hard to not allow that voice to enter into my head. It was so deep and husky. More than anything it sent electricity through my body. "Mr. Dominic.. Look I appreciate everything you have done, but today has probably been one of the most fucked up days I have ever had. Not to mention, I don't just go home with anyone. No matter how good looking they are." "Aww soo you think I'm good looking? Is that why for the past few months I have began to notice you noticing me?" "I..I.." Shit. Shit. Shit.. What am I supposed to say. "So what if I have... Is that a crime?" He gave me smirk which eventually turned into this devilish smile. "You have some nerve talking the way you talking. You must not know my reputation." "You're right I don't, and at this very moment I don't care to know much more either." "Interesting... Very interesting.. Well then ummm" "Rae. My name is Rae." "Ahh Rae... Well you enjoy the rest of your night. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around." Casually he turned around and walked out the door with his men leading the way. My heart was beating so fast that I almost fainted to the floor. It was a close one. I couldn't let him think I was easy. But little did I know, was that that night changed everything. Over the next couple of months, when I ever went to the club for some much needed relaxation I would notice that he paid closer attention to me. Not only that but it seemed as though he had his guards protect me as well in case anything were to go down. The twins weren't so happy about it since they knew of his reputation. Neither was Moon. In my defense I haven't done anything wrong for them to not trust me. "It's not that we don't trust you, we don't trust him Rae." Moon said one night. "The things he does everyone knows about it. You're just getting a glimpse of him." said Jin. "Not to mention that he always keeps a woman around him, so what makes you think that you would be the only one. Or that you can change him?" Jun said. "You guys look, I haven't done anything. Why are you being such fucking assholes about it. I get it. You're trying to protect me but you can't protect me for forever and I'm a grown ass woman." "Well fuck you too then Rae. We're just looking out for you." "You guys I didn't mean it...." "Naw Rae, you meant it exactly how you said it. So for now don't worry about it. We won't interfere." "But when shit hits the fan, don't fucking come looking for us... Well it will probably more likely that you won't be able to since you'll be dead." With that the guys just went back to work and I stayed at the bar for a minute. I couldn't believe what the fuck just happened. Well you know what fuck them. I don't need them anyways. I finished my shot and began to walk away when I felt hands as soft and smooth as silk touch my arm. I slowly turned my head. "Look asshole. I'm not in the fucking mood to deal with your bull.." before I could finish my sentence I looked into the deepest set of brown eyes and realized that it was Mr. Dominic. Ahh shit. He had this smirk on his face with a gleam of desire in eyes. "Would you like to finish that sentence?" "Umm.. No.. I'm sorry. It's been a night and I thought you were some random asshole." I said with my head down. Taking his finger and putting it beneath my chin he lifted my head up and looked into my eyes. "How about we get out of here?" "Huh?!" "Yea let's go. You don't look like you wanna be here and I'm fucking tired of dealing with bullshit tonight. Let's go." Without about her word from me, he grabbed my hand and escorted me out to his car. I didn't know where we were going but I'm pretty sure that more than likely we were going back to his place. He was a man of few words, but his presence was magnetic. I can see why so many are drawn to him. He doesn't need to speak to show how powerful he can be. It only makes me even more hot. Wanting to just let him set my body on fire. "I hope you don't mind... But we're going back to my place." "Alright but just so you know, I'm not that kind of girl." "I know. You are quite unique. Most girls just throw themselves at me, so I let them. It's the reason they never last long. But you... You were completely different and had me intrigued from the beginning. Never and I mean never have I ever had anyone talk to me the way you did that first night." Listening to every word he said my eyes were transfixed on his eyes and sexy lips that he couldn't seem to stop licking. All the while holding my gaze he took his finger and caressed my leg up to my thigh pulling me from his lips and eyes. Slapping his hand away "Sir. I'm not that kind of girl. If you're gonna be like this you can just drop me off here and I'll find my own way home." "Mmmm yes... Intriguing you are... I know you want me but in patient. I'm sure by the end of tonight you'll be right where I want you to be and where you want to be as well." With a smug look on his face we sat in silence the rest of the car ride to his place. We arrived and his place was huge. Walking inside peering at marble statues and beautiful sculptures. Some of the most amazing artwork I have ever seen. The staircase was one of those grand staircases you only see in movies but his were black marble slated staircases. "Amazing isn't it?" he said coming up behind me. "Yea it is.. But this isn't something I would have expected from someone like you." "Someone like me?" he said curiously while pouring us both drinks. "Yea.. Mysterious but yet seemingly dangerous asshole with a sweet charm." "Well when you put it like that..." "Sorry.. But it's just now no perceive you. Not dangerous but dangerous." "No need for apologies. I prefer the candidness. It's quite refreshing actually." "Suit yourself. My mouth has no filter." He laughed and I could feel chills creeping up my spine. But not the kind that sensed when you were in danger. The kind that left you wanting more of them. Walking towards the crackling of the fireplace he comes up behind me and hands me another glass whilst taking the other one. I could feel his breath on my neck and it was making me hot. I could feel the heat in my stomach. Wanting more of him. Setting the glass down on the table, he puts his hands on my arms and runs them down. I lean my head back enjoying feeling those silk hands run down my arms. But snap back to reality. "Thanks for the drinks. But I already told you I'm not that kind of girl." I said. Before I could move he spins me around and says "I know you did. But I'm pretty sure I also said that I was going to get you where you wanted to be and where I wanted to be. I always keep my word." With that he painted his lips on mine and pushed my back against the cool stone of the fireplace wall. He took my hands and placed them above my head as he continued kissing me with those soft silky lips of his. God, why is everything about him so smooth and soft. Its driving me crazy and dragging me in. Slowly, he moves from my lips to my neck. I forgot I was in a dress tonight which meant easier access for him. The ghost trail of kisses he left along my neck had me begging for more from him. I could feel myself starting to get wet. My folds contracting with every touch of his. He took one hand and unzipped the back part of my dress and peeled it off slowly exposing my black lace underwear. "Hmm well for someone who says they aren't 'that kind of girl' you sure do have on some sexy lingerie" he said with a smug face. "Just because I wear sexy lingerie doesn't mean anything. I don't do it for anyone in particular except for myself." "If you say so.... It just makes me want to fuck you harder." The lust hidden in his eyes. I have never seen so much hidden desire before in someone's eyes. He kisses me harder and his hands travel up my body stopping at my bra. He pulls it down exposing my already hard nipple. I could feel him smirking as if to say he is very satisfied with himself for getting me to this point. Wrapping his mouth around my nipple I let a moan escape from my lips. Fuck it felt so good. The way his tongue circled around my nipple and played with it. He was such a fucking tease. I hated it but loved it all at the same time. He reaches behind and unhooks my bra in one swoop leaving both breast exposed now. Bringing his other hand down he massaged the other breast and pinched and pulled at my other other nipple forcing me to moan even more as I pushed my body into his begging for more. Picking me up by my was he moves me to the couch and lays me down softly and then he begins to take off his suit jacket and unbutton his shirt exposing his chiseled abdomen. God this man. He is beautifully sculpted. I could see every curve and dip outlined by an an. The muscular definition. "Like what you see?" "Mmmm very much." I said licking my lips. Pulling my shoes off as he kissed up my legs, he was making me feel so warm inside. Going from one leg to the other he planted sweet warm kisses mixed with small bites here and there. He kissed in between my thighs close enough to the entrance of my pussy. With his teeth, he pulled my panties down in one spell while we locked eyes with each other. Using his tongue he licks all the way up my leg. Damn the amount of electricity pulsating through me right now is out of this world. He licked all around my entrance and then I felt it. His wet tongue licking my juices. Long sweet tantalizing strokes he used with his tongue. Making every part of it count. Every stroke was driving me insane, making me moan all over the place and squirm. He used his hands to keep my legs down while he played with my sentence then moving to my clit. That little nub.. Fuck. Thus asshole... Using his tongue he played with it til it was hard and so sensitive that I was moaning louder. Even call in his name. "Don't you dare come on me. I'm not done with you yet." "Stop fucking around and just do it." "Oooh my my... Someone's getting impatient." He kissed up my abdomen and met my lips allowing me to taste myself. I wrapped one leg around his waist and my arms around his neck. He unbuckled his pants exposing his rock hard cock. He was big and thick. I could feel him at my entrance toying with me. Pushing my hips into him begging him to go inside of me. Oh and he did. With his finger. Making sure to rub my clit with his thumb as his finger went inside me. In and out I could feel very motion. My breath hiccuping and chest rising and falling heavily. Then he added another finger and then another until I had three inside of me. Twisting and turning inside of me slowly and hard all at the same time. He pulled his fingers and licked my juices that were dripping from off of them and then giving me his fingers to lick as well. Wrapping the other leg around him I took matters into my own hands and pushed him into his back. "My turn!" I said. He couldn't hide the fact that he likes that idea. Kissing him and moving down to his neck, my hand slowly and gently caressed his cock. He was trying so hard to restrain from moaning but he couldn't. He let it escape. Moving my hand a little faster and pulling just a little hard for extra pain and sensation I went to town. Kissing down that rock hard ab of his and landing right where I wanted to be. Looking at him while he watched me suck on his cock was so intense. I could see all the pleasure flowing to his face. Taking all of him in my mouth I moved slowly up and down. Torturing him the same way he did me. I would come off his cock and kiss the head every time I came down to the tip. I could see his chest rising and falling faster. Taking him in again I took my teeth and gently dragged them down his cock. His hands come to my head and he starts caressing my head gently moving my head. Doing that and I sucked his cock harder and harder each time, while feeling him throbbing and pulsating. Feeling like a piston that has been cocked and its getting ready to fire. Moving faster and faster I got him to his peak but never let him cum. Licking him right back up to his mouth son he could taste himself I sat myself on his hard cock and rode him. Between his throbbing cock and my swollen walls and clit the sensation was amazing. It was euphoric. Moving my hips up and down he guided me with his hands while I steadied myself by placing my hands on his pecks. Throwing my head back and letting him take me higher than ever before. My breasts bouncing up and down. We were almost you our climax I could feel it and I knew he could. He pushed me back and took control. Ramming his cock into my pussy, I arched my back high. Fuck this man was a beast in bed. Every hit, every time he came in it was hard and slow like he wanted to savour the moment. My nails faintly digging into his chiseled back and seeing sweat beads forming on his forearms. He lifted one of legs higher so he could go deeper. And deeper he did. He my spot and the heat in the pit of my stomach intensified and burned hotter like no other. He moved faster and faster thrusting even harder and then finally we both came letting out the biggest moans filling up the whole house with our sounds. We were both breathing so fast. We rode out the climax and then just laid there. He laid his head on my bare chest as I ran my fingers through his hair. "Fuck Rae... I have never.. That was fucking intense." "Fuck yea it was.. I'm not gonna be able to walk for at least a good week!" We both started laughing and from there our relationship began. Flash Forward I only knew and saw the sweet side of him when we were by ourselves. But out in the world, he was the biggest fucking asshole. We loved hard and I would have given him the world. Sighing deeply as I hold my cup thinking about everything that we were. We were that couple that no one fucked with. I had his back and he had mine until that bitch came galloping into our lives. I don't know what it was about her that enticed him. But he couldn't resist. He had an appetite for women, but when we were together I was the only one. And then that night happened. Four shots ringing out and I at the bottom of a ditch. The only reason I survived was because someone happens to walk by early that morning and saw me. No one has ever been there since it was so abandoned. But by some miracle this stranger saw me and helped me to get better. He had even talked me out of getting revenge on Simon and at one point I had agreed. But when reports of a dead girl's body appearing close up by where Simon conducts business I couldn't stand by. My friend and only family I had that had saved me, ended up passing away. Leaving me feeling alone again. The only thing I knew that would keep me going was to see Simon, Alexis and Jay burn for what they did. Although Jay was more like collateral damage. I needed to do this for me. I didn't care about what happened to me but I needed them to be gone. Taking a deep breath, I put the glass in the sink and walk back to my room watching him sleep. I wish I would have listened to Moon back then, maybe I would have never ended up at the bottom of a ditch or back here in this exact same situation. It's too late now to back out. It's time to finish what I started. "Rae" I turn to look to see Simon mumbling in his sleep. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." In all the times that I have been with Simon as MJ, not once has he ever mentioned my name in the past. Maybe something triggered it. "She reminds me so much of you." Who does? Alexis? I sat thinking to myself. "MJ

Well everyone I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I know it's really long. But I hope you really did like it. Thank you for your continuous support of this story.

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