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BTS "YNWA" giveaway entry ❤❤❤

The reasons I love bts is an endless, it's a combination of every personality they posses individually as well as togthere. They are beautiful people inside and out who strive and work so hard all day and night, always hustling. They're always so positive and kind to us army's but they're truthful with us. They make that division, the gap between idols and fans thinner by always being true with us and doing stuff for us, all the v lives that put a smile on my face the instant I see a notification, the excitement of a comback, their beautiful heart wrenching lyrics that relate to so many of us. to put it shorty I love bts, bang tang scouts, Namjoon, Sekojin, Hoeska, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jung kook. They cheer me up when I'm sad, de stress me when I'm angry, calm me down when I'm anxious, and bring light and happiness into my life, I've been a fan since I need u era and although I'm sad I didn't know them before that I cherish the time I have the experiences they gave me and feelings we shared because it doesn't matter that we haven't met they've still given me that. ugh lol I feel like I got way off track with this, but hey the heart pours out its undying love at anytime right, right?

Okay now here comes what ya'll really want to see, dun da da daaaaaa

none of these pictures or gifs are mine all credit to originals, great work
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