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He takes my breath away every time whenever I see him doing this (Sigh!)

If you have seen most of his drama, then you must know...his audacity for doing this is a beautiful thing.
City Hunter, to be honest when I first started watching it, I found it too boring ( action isn't my thing but I know Lee Minho love action over romance :-D) but soon when (Lee Yun-seong,) grows up as a handsome man (Played by ofcourse Lee Minho) , I felt for him and with that there was me watching 'City Hunter' continuously before and after my work LOL. I heard, City Hunter 2 is one of the upcoming drama this year, eagerly waiting for it.

You guys better add this drama in your to-watch-list.
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literally my favorite drama ever
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@Froforprince Lee Min-ho was my first k-celebrity and has remained my favorite to this day. City Hunter was my first drama; I've seen it three times.