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I wanted to post this yesterday but Vingle Kept having I and I couldn't..

GOT7 will come back with their new album FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL on 13th.

Jackson was unable to attend the last part of the 1-day fan meeting due to health problems. Jackson, who is ahead of the comeback, is said to have suffered from a condition of hunger at a domestic fan meeting held on November 11. Taiwan ET Today said that there was a fan who witnessed Jackson coughing frequently on stage, pale complexion, and vomiting after the stage. In the end, fans of the high-touch meeting in the last order he was not able to attend, but a member of Jackson's agency JYP said on the TV report on December 12, "The 11th,JYP said, "Right now, GOT7 Jackson is in the middle of recovery, taking a break for health." [Official position] Enter Article 2017.03.12 at 2:50 pm 288 | A

AND THEN I found more News ABOUT him..

And more

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I really do hope he gets well and feels better soon! I bet with all the traveling and between Korea and China that he’s done and with preparing for a comeback and with the mix of the wacky weather (unless it's just up and down where I am) that it's all just hit him at once. He’s always so busy. I really do hope he has a speedy recovery and that he gets the sleep he needs. ♡
Yes..Agree..We all hope so..😆
I hope he gets better soon and rests as much as he needs to! 💕
Poor Jackson 😞 I hope he gets better soon.
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