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This episode was really good I like it, but really like it haha. I also love that song 'Casting Love' so addicting just letting you all know right now. Man I would have never thought that Kim Shin could be the one dreaming about the kiss either! I can't wait for the next episode, I'm so happy that Yonghwa got to have his moments but now it seems as if it's going to be ruin. So much for changing fate! What were you thoughts on this episode? Peace :)
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I wish I could, but I'm getting ready to go to school right now. When I get out I will. I get out really early today. Thank you though. :)
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oh.. ok.. and if you want to.. i'll send you the raw vid link and recap tomorrow morning .. my time...^^ take care and have fun going to school... :)
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Awe thank you! <3 haha. Thank you you too take care. :)
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^^... thanks..
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