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the last meme though 馃槷鈥ike What!!?
Still bad about that girl group getting plastic surgery just for a comeback, that's ridiculous. I didn't know Moonbok was V's friend, I remember seeing another meme where he was standing next to Moonbok and their backs were towards the camera and people thought he was with a girl and then the "girl" turns around and it's Moonbok. That iphone 7 thing is mean. Can Jaden just be in Produce 101, I want him to be a kpop star and also what was he doing with Sehun? How does someone make a melody from the wind? The wind cannot make me so immotional. The last one Istg...
BM is so freakin cute!!! I love how he replied to a fan in Spanish. Kard really cares about the international fans :D
the one for Yeol's "3" arms (I'm ignoring some of these cause I'll either be dying of laughter or going on a tangent) they do realize that his arm is bent right? he does have elbows
@Roxy1903 I'm kinda confused on the tweet about the tickets
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@SimplyAwkward no problem! 馃槉
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