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i am done with armys, the whole bra thingy was overrated and they acted as if bts has never seen a bra before, besides that, it was just a cultural difference. I read some posts of armys telling chile's armys to go and die and that is just the nastiest thing this fandom has done.
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the "bra" was a hat honey
BM is so freakin cute!!! I love how he replied to a fan in Spanish. Kard really cares about the international fans :D
@Roxy1903 I'm kinda confused on the tweet about the tickets
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@SimplyAwkward no problem! 馃槉
Still bad about that girl group getting plastic surgery just for a comeback, that's ridiculous. I didn't know Moonbok was V's friend, I remember seeing another meme where he was standing next to Moonbok and their backs were towards the camera and people thought he was with a girl and then the "girl" turns around and it's Moonbok. That iphone 7 thing is mean. Can Jaden just be in Produce 101, I want him to be a kpop star and also what was he doing with Sehun? How does someone make a melody from the wind? The wind cannot make me so immotional. The last one Istg...
the one for Yeol's "3" arms (I'm ignoring some of these cause I'll either be dying of laughter or going on a tangent) they do realize that his arm is bent right? he does have elbows