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WHY PARK CHANYEOL?!?!?! WHY~~~ I legit had a headache after seeing the Hong Kong fancams....I mean the whole place was dabbing, milly rocking and all that weird stuff people have been doing lately...like WHAT IN HOLY UNICORNS HAD PARK CHANYEOL DONE!!!

I mean first he made Sehun dab with him in Dancing King...
Now he freaking got Baekhyun to dab, milly rock, and juju on the beat with him...I mean once you get the beagle line to do something its practically game over
Look at this!!!
He even made Nini do it!!! Like why Nini?!?!?!?! Leave my poor baby alone~~~
Can Baekhyun and Chanyeol be anymore disgustingly sweet???
And then to top it off ofcourse the XiuChen couple had to teach EXO-Ls how to dab to Angel (How is that even possible?!?!?! O0O)
Basically the concert was wild cause Park Chanyeol the extraordinaire had gotten the whole venue to follow along with this 'trend' (Excluding Kyungsoo ofcourse (he's a tough cookie that one...))
And its all...
You heard it guys!
no one can stop pcy now
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EXO: Everything is Chanyeol's fault Chanyeol: I am the dabbing king!!! *dabs*
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Chanyeol having a dabbing battle against BTS Jungkook and Got7's very own proclaimed dabbing king BamBam......... Who would win this on going battle?
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such a white dab
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