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Happy Sunday everyone! Tomorrow is the big day( in the U.S)! The comeback is literally right here at our front door and I can not contain my excitement! I am literally already dead already lol. Anyway let's get into the challenge!
Day 3 : What member would you ne for one day and why?
I'd be Mark for the day, I can't really give a specific reason why I would want to be him for the day. I just think it would be so much fun and exciting about being him for a day.

Day 2: Debut GOT7 or Present GOT7?
I'd have to say present GOT7 , they have gone through so much and had ups and downs but they have grown and shown us so much of them. We have gotten to know them so much better now and I'm so grateful for that. They have come such a long way.

Day 1: What would you say to GOT7 if you have the chance?
If I had the chance Id tell them thank you. Im sure they hear it all the time but Im so grateful that they all made the choice to be idols. I know that it isn't easy and that there are so many times that you put yourselves and your health on hold for us. You always do your best to make us proud and we are grateful to be a part of that and your journey. With that being said please take care of yourselves we love you guys so much and it worries us to no end when you guys don't take care of yourself. You guys are idols , yes,but you are people and your health comes first. We want you guys to be happy and healthy always. Also you always make us proud no matter what. It is GOT7 and IGOT7s for life. I love you guys so and I'll stand with you all no matter what.
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