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I'm sorry for the wait everyone! It's been an extremely hectic week for me, but here is part five. I hope it doesn't seem rushed, I'm also working on part six now, so I'll try to have that out as soon as I can!
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Part 5/?
Word Count: 1656

You try to push open the door and it won’t budge.

“Let me out! I will call the police.” you yell.

“Oh darling, like I said, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

“What do you wa-want from me?” you try to stay strong, but your voice starts to quiver.

“Let’s just say..we’ll make a little bit of money tonight, and by we, I mean me.” he says with a laugh.

You sit there, the situation finally sinking in. “What...why...why me?”

“You’re beautiful. Men would pay hundreds for a couple minutes with you.”

“You can’t do this...” you say shaking at the thought.

You get a text from Elaine. You’re too terrified to open it. The man hasn’t asked for your phone yet, and you’re scared if he sees you use it he’ll take it away from you, so you stuff it in your dress.

“Well, I guess you decided to go with the hard way.”

You see a dark figure come to your side of the door and open it. The driver gets out and comes to his side to drag you out of the car. You slide to the other side of the car and try to push the door open. Frustrated you bang on the windows and scream with all your might. The two men pull you to their side of the car and grab both your arms. You see the driver take out a syringe and you scream even louder.

“Get away from me! Stop! I’ll come quietly. Please just put that away.” you beg.

“You missed that chance babe.” he says with a wicked smile.

He comes closer to you with the needle and injects you. “There you go...you’ll be quiet in no time.”

“No...what did you...do to me?”

“Just something to make you a little more agreeable, that’s all. You’ll be fine.”

You still try to pull away from them, but your arms start to feel limp.

“My ar-arms. Th-they...I can’t move them.”

“It means it’s working. Let’s grab her now.”

They both pick you up by your arms and drag you out of the car. Your legs feel numb, and you can’t keep your body up on your own anymore. “Please...pl-please just let me go.”

They lead you into the building you saw with the long line and you start to feel really tired. You try to keep your eyes open, but it’s getting so hard. You are running out of energy and you can’t move your arms and legs at all anymore. All you remember before blacking out is being put into a dimly lit room.

You open your eyes and look around. You are lying on the floor in your dress and you feel sore. You get up and feel a pain in your head, stomach and legs. You can’t remember what happened after being put into this room. You pull up your dress to look at your legs and they’re bruised all over. You try to stand up and collapse, grabbing onto the bed before you fall completely to the ground. “What happened to me, and how long have I been here?” you say to yourself. You look around for your phone, but it’s nowhere in sight. You start to panic because you don’t know what to do. You need to get out of here, but you don’t know where to go.

You hear the doorknob rattle, and you hear a familiar voice...the driver who kidnapped you and put you in here. Anger starts to build up in your chest, but you get down on the floor again and stay as silent as you can.

“This one here is a fighter, so we had to show her a couple lessons. She has bruises all over, but she is still a beauty to look at. She can be all yours for 30 minutes for $500.”

How are they even getting away with this? You need to find a way out of here before they beat you to death.

You hear the man grunt in agreement. You can hear him stumble over to you and stand over your body.

“Well lo-look what we go-got here.”

He turns you over easily and he smiles at you. You can smell the alcohol in his breath. If you play this smart, maybe you can escape somehow.

“You are bea-beautiful. Just li-like he said.”

“Th-thanks.” you stutter.

You need to act strong, even though you feel like crying inside.

“So honey. Wh-what you wanna dooo?”

You gather all the courage you have left in you. “Well, you know, I’m feeling a little stuffy in here. Do you think we can get a little fresh air? And maybe get to know each other some?” you say slowly approaching him.

“Noo, I want you all to myself. I don’t want anyone else to see you.” he says pulling you close.

You groan in pain. You are in pain all over your body. Even if you managed to get out of here, how were you even suppose to run? You can’t even walk without limping.

“Please? I promise you can have me all to yourself for the rest of the night.” you say getting desperate.

“Come giv-give me a kiss first.”

You freeze. The last man you kissed was Jimin. Even in a time like this he somehow manages to sneak into your thoughts. The thought of even kissing someone other than him makes you feel sick. You know he hurt you, and you should hate him, but you can’t. No matter what, you just can’t.

You pull away from each other completely out of breath.

“These lips are the property of Park Jimin.” he whispers as he sneaks in little kisses.

“How about they’re my property?” you say jokingly.

“No...property of Jimin sounds a lot better.” he says smiling and coming in closer.

“I said come here!”

You jump at the sound of the yelling and your memories fade around you.

“Do you not hear me?” he says sounding completely sober all of the sudden.

He is now standing in front of you and he towers over you. He grabs you by your shoulders and throws you on the bed. Your head smashes against the wooden bed frame and you wince in pain.

“Now do you want to listen to me?” he says crawling on the bed towards you.

You grab the nearest thing and throw it at him. It bounces off of him and he is completely unaffected by it.

“Get away from me!” you scream.

“I paid for you. So you have to do what I say...or I will get angry, and trust me, you won’t like that.”

You pick up the lamp from the side table and lunge at him with it. You smash it against his head and the glass shatters everywhere. He falls down in front of you and you’re scared you might have killed him. You come closer to him and see that he’s still breathing so you scramble around the room looking for your phone.

“Please, please, please be somewhere around here.” you mumble as you run around the room.

You look under the bed and see your phone glowing with a notification.

“Oh my god, thank you, thank you!” You grab it and slowly open the door. There are men all down the hallway and you’re not sure how you’re suppose to get out of here. You close the door and try to think of a plan on how you’re going to get out of here.

You desperately look in the dressers and closet for anything to wear to disguise yourself. There is nothing in there, so you keep looking around and look at the man lying on the bed. He’s wearing a long trench coat and his hat is on the floor. You run over to him and try to get the jacket off of him as fast as you can. You can see him regaining consciousness so you pull his last arm out the sleeve and put the coat and jacket on as quick as you can. You stuff all of your hair in the hat, and pull up your dress so that no one can see what you’re wearing. You look around for your shoes and only see one. You grab it and run out the door.

In the hallway, you keep your head down and walk slowly around everyone. You hope no one notices that you’re barefoot and tries to stop you. You hear someone from behind you yell,

“Sir! Sir!” Are you okay?! What happened in here?”

It was the cab driver. Your heart starts to race, and out of instinct, you start to run.

“Find the girl now!”

You keep turning corners not really sure where the exit could be. You were just desperate to get out of there. You see a door labeled emergency exit and you push it open as hard as you can. You hear an alarm blare through the building as soon as you opened the door. You needed to get as far away from the building as possible before they find you. You keep running, your bare feet starting to hurt from running on the gravel. You duck behind a corner and take deep breaths. Every part of your body was telling you to stop, but you had to keep going.

“She’s somewhere out here! Everyone split up. We need to catch her, or she will go to the police about us!”

You hear footsteps coming from every direction and are too scared to move. You look around the corner and see them coming towards you, so you run as fast as your body will let you. You don’t stop even when you feel a piercing pain in your foot, you just have to keep going. You have to survive.

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