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hello to all, so I thought I would do something really nice for you guys..... for those who know I love Love Live. I watch youtubers play and scout.... even some make a new account and give them away!!!

I have one already made and is working on trying to make the best team for that one special person...
I can also start taking in request for those who want me to make one!!!

each account will be different so if you want a Pokemon theme name in it I will do so

any theme name you want can be done

this event hasn't started yet since I need to come up with the rules.
I am making the Google play one since I use Google Play

hopefully all will be excited to play along!!!

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I'm interested but I'm not really sure what it is?
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I started playing it but do I have to keep and collect all the normal characters or can I use them for practice to make the Rares level up?