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A/N: Hey guys! First off I wanna say sorry for taking so long to post these chapters. I've been a bit busy, distracted, writers block and a lot of things haha. But I'll try to get the rest of the story posted close together. For those who are still reading, thanks for hanging in there! Now let's get on with the story!

Chapter 4
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Warning: The subject matter of this story can be considered sensitive to some. Please be advised.

When you woke up the next morning you couldn’t help but cringe and whine slightly at the pain at the base of your head. You went to rub the back of your neck near where the pain radiated but even the slightest touch hurt. “Mari,” you called loudly as you kept your eyes closed from the pain. Mari came bursting into the room with small panic on her voice, “Yes, young miss? Are you okay?”

“Do we have migraine medicine?”

“I believe so. Do you have a migraine?”

“Yeah, my head's killing me. Could you bring me some?”

“Of course. Give me a moment.”

You listened as Mari rushed out of the room. ‘This can’t be happening today. I have my date with Henry today,’ you thought as you whimpered quietly to yourself. Mari returned with medication and water. As she helped you to sit up you let out a small pained noise. Any kind of moment sent sharp pains from your head down through your spine. “Young miss are you okay,” Mari asked concerned. “Yeah, I’m okay. I just have a headache. I forced myself to sleep last night so that’s probably why,” You answered back. Mari helped you take the medicine and laid you back on the bed. “Get more rest. I’ll check on you in a couple of hours,” Mari said, her voice sounding like a mother’s. “What time is it now Mari,” you asked weakly.

“It’s a little after 7. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you have time to get ready for your date.”

“I didn’t tell you I had a date.”

“Young miss, anyone would know you have a date today with Mr. Lau. Though if you are too unhealthy you will need to reschedule. Now, get some more rest.”

You hadn’t opened your eyes due to the pain you felt. If anything, you only squeezed your eyes closed tighter. ‘Pain pain go away. I can’t have you ruining my day,’ you thought before sleep took you over once more.

Mari woke you up lightly by brushing the hair from your face. Your eyes fluttered open but strangely you saw nothing. Usually you would see some color but there was nothing. “How are you feeling young miss,” Mari asked kindly as she continued to smooth back your hair. “Yeah, my head doesn’t hurt as much. Thanks Mari,” you said quietly as you rubbed your eyes.

“That’s good to hear young miss. Now let’s get you some breakfast.”

Mari helped you sit up and you couldn’t help but notice the pain that shot through your body again as you moved. You winced slightly but Mari didn’t notice. ‘I must have slept weird. Get up and moving around will probably help,’ you thought as Mari helped you stand. You moved your head slowly as your eyes scanned the room. The room looked dull and grey and you couldn’t help but notice something different with your vision. There were spots of emptiness. It was as if there were black holes within your vision, areas were the color had been removed and replaced with a black spots. ‘It must be from the migraine. That’s why my vision is weird,’ you thought as Mari helped you across the room. “Mari, when will I be able to take more of that medicine? I want to make sure that I am able to keep my headache away.”

“You can have more in about another hour. You can take it every 4 to 6 hours.”

“Okay thanks. I’ll be sure to pack some with me as well when I’m out with Henry.”

“I’ll be sure to put some in your coat pocket before you leave young miss.”

Getting ready for your date was exciting but also exhausting. Mari helped pick out a warm outfit which she said was adorable. You had to trust Mari and her opinions since you were unable to see yourself and well, you had never known what you wore. Mari always picked out your outfits since you could remember. “Young miss, I have a question,” Mari said suddenly. With a confused expression you asked her what her question was. “Well, would you like me to put makeup on you. I’ve never put it on you before but because this is your first date, I thought maybe you would want to wear a little something,” Mari answered back sounding a little excited at the idea. You hesitated at the idea but you didn’t think Mari would make you look ridiculous. “I will only use a little bit and I promise it will only make Henry fall for you more.” With a heavy sigh you agreed to let Mari moreorless treat you like a doll and do whatever she wanted.

You sat with your eyes closed trying not to think as your headache didn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Mari brushed different things against your face and it almost felt as if she was painting you. The sudden sound of the doorbelling ringing sent you into a panic. “Mari, what time is it,” you asked nervously. “It’s a little bit before one. Don’t worry young miss. You are almost finished. One of the other workers will let him in and he will wait in the main room,” Mari answer back as she continued to put makeup on your face. What felt like an eternity, but was actually a couple of minutes, Mari finished her work. She helped you stand and walked you to the main room to greet Henry.

“Mr. Lau, thank you for waiting,” Mari said kindly as you shyly kept your face to the ground. “Young miss don’t stare at the ground.”

“Ah, it’s fine Ms. Mari. Can I take her from here,” Henry asked as he stepped toward you.

“Of course.”

The feeling of Henry’s hand grasping yours caused you to look up at him. Seeing his usual colors created a beautiful toothy smile you couldn’t control. “Are you ready to go [Y/N],” Henry asked You nodded then Henry helped you walk to the door. Mari followed behind you but made no movement to take over for Henry. Henry grabbed a pair of shoes and helped to slide your feet into them. “I could have put my own shoes on you know,” you quietly joked with Henry. His small laugh was music to your ears. He helped you stand up and put your coat on. “All ready to go! Shall we,” Henry asked as he caressed your hand. “Mmm! Mari, we’re off,” you called with excitement. “You kids have fun. Henry you have my phone number if you have any issues,” Mari kindly spoke, “Oh and young miss. The medicine is in your right coat pocket. Henry, please be sure she takes it around 3.”

“Uh, y-yeah sure thing.” Henry placed his arm on the small of your back and guided you out of the door.

Cold winter air blew against you as Henry walked beside you. “Sorry it is a bit windy today,” Henry said, “Good thing we won’t be outside too much today.” “What plans have you made for today,” you asked eagerly wanting to hear his answer.

“A few different things,” Henry said as he opened a car door, “Here I’ll help you in.” Henry did his best to assist you in getting into his car. Unfortunately, your head collided with the door frame sending pain through your already hurting body. “[Y/N]! Are you alright,” Henry asked worriedly. “Mmm, I’m fine,” you answered back quietly as you placed your hand on your head. Henry let out a worried sigh as he helped you into the car.

You laid your head against the seat taking in a deep breath to help rid yourself of some of the pain you felt. “Are you sure you are alright,” Henry asked again as he joined you in the car.“I promise I’m fine,” you said again as you released your breath. You reached over for your seat belt only to be stopped by Henry’s hand. You couldn’t help but smile at the feeling of his touch. “Allow me,” he said. He reached over you to buckle you in but the sudden touch of his hand against your forehead made you flinch. “Are you sure you are okay? You hit your head pretty hard,” Henry said, his breath brushing against your skin. You lightly grabbed his hand from your head and smiled, “I promise I’m okay. It’s not the first time I’ve hit my head.” Henry let out a laughing breath, “Alright if you say so.” He finished buckling you in then started the car.

“So what are the plans for today,” you asked with a small smile. “Well it is obviously a surprise,” Henry started, “But we do have a little bit of a drive before we get to our first stop of the day.”

“Oh? Are we leaving the city?”

“Somewhat. We will be on the outskirts.”

“Oh okay. I haven’t been anywhere other than the university and home.”

“Really? Well that makes this a little bit more exciting.”

“It does.”

The drive was filled with small talk between you and Henry. The radio played quietly in the background as Henry carefully drove to your destination. You kept your eyes closed to help keep the outside brightness from hurting your head. It wasn’t exactly a sunny day, but it was bright enough to still irritate your already throbbing headache. After about 25 minutes Henry announced that you had arrived as he slowly pulled into a gravel parking lot. Once parked, Henry rushed out and around the car to help you out. He kept ahold of your hand has he lead you forward. “Now be careful, there are about five steps up into the building,” Henry said to you. You nodded in response as you held onto him for assistance. “Hey Henry! You finally arrived,” someone called making you look toward their voice. When you looked at this stranger you didn’t see colors around them like you did with Henry. If anything he blended in with the scenery. “Kyunhyun!”

Henry’s loud voice startled you when he yelled out the name of the stranger. The two boys laughed together and small talk began. You tightly gripped Henry’s coat as you listened in on their conversation. “Oh right,” Henry started, “Kyunhyun, this is [Y/N].” “Ah, [Y/N]! It’s a pleasure to meet you. Both of you, please come inside,” Kyunhyun said with a warm and welcoming voice. Henry helped guide you into the building and helped take your coat once you were in. The warm air from the heater helped to get rid of the chill from the cold winter air. A small shiver shook your body as you adjusted to the new warm temperature. “You okay,” Henry asked. You nodded with a smile and turned your attention to Kyunhyun who started talking. “If you guys will follow me this way I’ll take you to the place we talked about Henry.”

After a small amount of walking, Henry stopped. “This is the gallery we talked about. It’s an interactive art gallery so please feel free to touch any of the pieces. Some make noise so try not to be too startled. If you need anything from me just yell. I’ll be over there,” Kyunhyun called. You listened as his footsteps started to walk away. “An interactive gallery,” you asked Henry.

“Yeah. I thought it would be neat to try. There are new pieces by local artists and also molds from classic sculptures. We can touch everything. I thought maybe you would like something like this.”

You could feel your heart race with excitement as you started to walk away from Henry, your hands in front of you. “I’ll take you to the different pieces,” Henry laughed as he caught up with you. Touching and playing with each piece was more fun than you were expecting it to be. Both you and Henry were laughing until your stomachs hurt. “If you guys are hungry, the cafe is ready for you,” Kyunhyun called startling you. “Right, we will be right there,” Henry said through his laughter, “Come on, let’s go eat.” Henry grabbed your shoulders from behind and gave them a light squeeze before letting his hand slip down to yours. The chills that went through your body because of his actions startled you. Henry pulled you next him guiding you to the cafe.

The food smelled amazing and you could feel your stomach growling. You couldn’t tell what it was you smelled but it didn’t matter, you were hungry. Henry helped you to your seat then moved to his own. “Today’s menu is Galbi Jjim and a variety of side dishes. If you need anything refilled please let me know,” a man’s voice said. Once the food was in front of you, the smell of the beef short ribs rushed to your nose as the bowl was placed in front of you. “The food smells so amazing,” you said while trying not to drool. “It really does. Let’s eat up,” Henry replied. During the meal both you and Henry talked about the interactive gallery and how much fun it was. You explained to Henry that you had never been to an art gallery before. “Wait, so you are an artists who has never been to a gallery,” Henry asked surprised.

“Yup. I mean it’s not like I could have seen the artworks anyway. I didn’t even know interactive galleries existed! I was really enjoying myself.”

You listened closely to the breath from Henry’s smile. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was really nervous about it.”

“Actually I do have a question.”

“What’s that?”

“Doesn’t it seem a little quiet here?”

“Ah… well. Technically the gallery is closed today but I convinced Kyunhyun to open it for us. His family owns the gallery. It’s not very big but it’s one of the best galleries around.”

“Wow… I don’t know what to say other than thank you.”

“Of course.”

Once you finished your meals both you and Henry said your goodbyes to Kyunhyun and headed toward your next destination. On your way to Henry’s next stop you could feel your head pain getting worse. You reached into your pocket for the pill Mari had placed for you but it wasn’t there. ‘Crap! Where is it,’ you thought as you started to dig around in all of your pockets. “You okay over there,” Henry asked. “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you answered back. ‘Dear headache, please go away.’ You closed your eyes and laid your head back against the seat hoping to block out everything around you in order to help your headache. Henry put classical music on the radio and you began to feel yourself relax. “Who is this,” you asked quietly as you felt yourself being lulled to sleep. “Chopin,” Henry responded with a smile on his breath.

“I like it.”

You adjusted yourself in your seat to make yourself more comfortable. Listening to the soothing piano music helped you forget any kind of pain that you were in. ‘I could easily fall asleep to this every night,’ you thought as you felt yourself drifting to sleep.

“[Y/N]. [Y/N]~ wake up,” Henry said in a sing song voice. Your eyes fluttered open slowly. Henry’s face was so close to yours that when you looked at him you swore you could see him clearly for the first time. ‘I must still be dreaming,’ you thought as you stared at Henry’s eyes in amazement. Blinking your eyes a few times you continued to look at him, letting your eyes wander all of his face. “What is it,” Henry asked with a laugh, “You’re making me a little nervous.” Without saying a word, you brought one of your hands up to his face and began to slowly brush his skin with your fingers. When your fingers found his lips you pushed yourself up from your seat and connected your lips with his. The kiss was soft and sweet only lasting a brief moment. Pulling away slowly, you placed your fingers where your lips once were. Henry suddenly grasped you in a hug as he let out an embarrassed sigh. You couldn’t help but laugh at his actions as you returned his embrace. “Come on, we should go inside,” Henry said as he pulled away from you then started to help you out of the car. “And where is inside,” you asked as stood up.

“I thought we could use some shaved ice.” You’re face lit up with excitement at Henry’s words. You held onto Henry as you started to make your way into the cafe but with your first step you fell to the ground. The pain that shot through you took your breath away and you weren’t quite sure you could get back up. “[Y/N]! Are you okay?” Your face was scrunched and your arms held onto Henry as tight as they could manage. Henry tried to help you up but standing was incredibly difficult. “[Y/N], what’s going on,” Henry asked again holding onto you tightly so you didn’t fall. “Ah, my legs must have fallen asleep or something.” You tried to laugh it off but you weren’t so great at acting.

“Did you take the medicine Mari put in your pocket? I completely forgot about asking you if you took it or not earlier.”

“Y-yeah, I did. Really, it’s because my legs fell asleep. Come on, let’s get some shaved ice.”

As much as you wanted to let go of Henry and walk on your own you knew you couldn’t. “Well here let me,” Henry started as he readjusted your arms to give you better support. Both of you walked slowly into the cafe and he found you a nearby seat so you didn’t have to walk very far. Henry asked what flavor you wanted and you flashed him a fake smile while saying, “Surprise me.” Henry lightly squeezed your shoulder before walking away. You laid your head down on the table as you wanted to cry. ‘Something isn’t right,’ you thought as you released a heavy breath. ‘Something is really really wrong.’ “I’m back,” Henry announced making you lift your head from the table. “What flavor did we get,” you asked with a small smile. “I went ahead and went with melon. That okay?” You nodded and Henry handed you a spoon so you could start digging in.

While you snacked on the shaved ice you didn’t talk as much as you listened to Henry. Henry spoke about his music career and you loved watching him talk about music. When he spoke about music it was as if he shined brighter. You couldn’t help but smile the entire time and it was a great distraction from the pain you were feeling. “I’m sorry, but we will be closing in 30 minutes,” a staff member of the cafe politely said to you and Henry. “Oh, thank you,” Henry answered back then turned his attention to you, “We should probably head out huh?”

Henry’s chair made a loud sound as it scooted against the wood floors of the empty cafe. You went to stand but noticed again that your legs were not going to work well for you. ‘Okay [Y/N], you can do this. We can’t let Henry know that something is wrong. You got this,’ you thought before placing your hand on the table. “I’m going to use the restroom real quick. I’ll be right back,” Henry said before rushing off. Using your hands to help brace yourself you push yourself up from your chair. Your body shook and it felt as if you could collapse at any moment. Even though you couldn’t see much other than the smear colors of the cafe you noticed black spots start to take over your vision. “Ma’am, are you okay,” a staff worker asked. “Ah, y-yes. I’m fine thank you,” you stuttered. “Back,” Henry announced as he ran over to you, “Whoa, are you alright? You’re face is all pale and you’re shaking [Y/N].”

“I’m fine. I just stood up too quickly and got light headed.”

“Well here, hold onto me and I’ll help you to the car.”

With a quick movement you clung to Henry’s coat tightly. “[Y/N]?” You let out a small awkward laugh trying to play off your movements. “Our date is almost up, I just wanted to be close to you,” You said as you tried to adjust yourself for support. Henry pulled you close and gave you the extra support you were needing. “Alright then. Let’s get you home though. It’s getting pretty late,” Henry said. You could hear a small trace of worry on his voice as he spoke. As you walked out of the building Henry was taking extra care to move slowly. You tried to keep your heavy breaths quiet by breathing through your nose but with the quiet night you swore they echoed. Henry was careful to put you into the car and made sure you buckle you in. ‘He knows something is wrong,’ you thought as he closed your door. You couldn’t help the tears that built up in your eyes from falling. Henry got into the car and instantly started to drive off. “Feel free to fall asleep. We have about a thirty minute drive to your place since there is some traffic,” Henry said as his hand took yours and he squeezed it lightly. You nodded and hummed in response.

“Are you cold or anything? I can turn the heat up higher.”

“No I’m okay. Though can I listen to that piano music again?”

“You got it.” Henry turned on Chopin and soon you were lulled to sleep once again.

When you woke up you heard a conversation going on between two people.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice sooner.”

“It’s okay Mr. Lau. She will be fine. It’s probably a cold. Thank you for taking such good care of her.”

‘Ah,’ you thought, ‘It must be Mari and Henry talking.’

“I should have brought her home sooner. I’m sorry.”

“Mr. Lau she would have insisted on staying out. She’s very stubborn. Please don’t worry about it. I’ll most likely take her to the doctor on Monday so she won’t be at school. Feel free to call me anytime to check in on her. I’ll be sure to pass the phone to [Y/N] as well. Now if you'll excuse me. Don’t stay in her room too long. She needs her rest.”

You could feel Henry sit on your bed next to you. He brushed the hair out of your face then kissed your forehead. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were sick sooner,” he whispered, “I’ll contact you tomorrow.” You tried to open your eyes but couldn’t. Your body was too exhausted and it hurt worse than before. “I love you [Y/N].” With another soft kiss, this time on your cheek, Henry got up and left.

‘I love you too Henry.’

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