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Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift.

Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into....

Y/n's POV

You sat down in front of Kiseok. He was looking down for a moment. He looked like a business man, the type of guy that's a real boss. His arm rested on the arm of the couch, his leg was crossed over the other. His fingers were locked together with his elbow rested on his leg. He had a slight smirk on his face and he looked up at you finally.

"They like you." He said simply.

You sat there without a word. What exactly were you supposed to say to that though? He chuckled lightly.

"Are you upset at me?" He asked.

"Do I even have the right to be upset?" You asked with a little smile forming at your lips.

"I've stripped you of your clothes Y/n not your ability to feel or think for yourself. Speak honestly, are you upset at me?" He said a bit more stern.

You swallowed a bit.

"I wish I would've known rather than be woken up by two strange men touching me and talking as if my boyfriend sold my soul. That's a bit scary to wake up to you understand that don't you?" You answered.

He smiled a bit more and nodded.

"You're mine, you agreed I could do whatever I wanted to you no questions asked. Although, I can see how that can be a bit frightening so I do apologize for springing it on you without warning you about them. I planned on introducing you to them but they took it upon themselves to ignore what I asked."

"I just wish I knew why."

"Do you remember the last time I left you alone Y/n?" He said.

You raised your eyebrows unaware of what he was talking about. He chuckled,

"What, did you really think I wouldn't know about the assault charges?"

"Kiseok!" You said a bit upset.

"Watch your tone." He immediately nipped at you.

You lowered your head and sat back in the seat. He leaned forward so both his elbows rested on his knees.

"Now look at me." He said.

You looked up.

"It's my duty to take care of you, you know that." He said.

"But I was fine, I handled it on my-"

"It doesn't matter. What matters is that someone had the audacity to put their hands on what was mine without my permission. Your hand was forced, I understand you did what you had to do and I'm proud of you for filing assault charges on him but one: hiding something that important from me is a serious violation of what we agreed to and two: you should never be put in a position where you have to protect yourself." He said.

"You can't protect me from everything Kiseok, no matter how many eyes you put on me." You said softly.

"If I would've come back and something happened to you Y/n,"

You looked away.

"Look at me." His voice got strict.

You looked up at him,

"I would kill a man just for leaving a scratch on you. That's how important you are to me." He said.

"What if a day comes where I wanted out of this Kiseok? What would you do then?"

"You'll never have to know because you'll never leave me, will you? This life is comfortable, sex, money, the lap of luxury. I give you whatever you want baby girl. I like to spoil you."

You smiled,

"You're right. The sex is pretty great." You chuckled.

He smiled and used his forefinger to beckon you to him. You got up and walked over to him but sat down on the coffee table.

He cupped your face with both his hands and kissed you lightly, making you want just a bit more. You leaned forward but he pulled away.

"We have to talk about them baby girl." He said.

You nodded.

"The two of them get along well but they both have very different personalities so please don't test them the way you like to test me. Jay is a kinder Master I'll say that but he's strong and not afraid to be firm. He'll be with you mostly in the day I believe that's how they decided to arrange it. Jay is a guardian. He's protective and watchful. He'll keep you close to him; he may even slip his arm around your waist to keep you close. I hear from most of the women he entertains that he's quite excellent in bed. He knows how to work his hips."

"Sounds promising."

"Don't enjoy him too much. You're still mine bugs." He smiled.

"I know." You smiled back.

"Mintaek is much different, he's a disciplinary and he quite enjoys making women submit. He enjoys spanking, hard, most times tying you up in an awkward position and placing a blind fold over you. He tries to take as many senses from you as possible and then tease your sense of touch. It terrifies most girls into tears but they tend to behave well."

"Are you hoping he'll make me behave better for you?"

"You behave well enough but you could be better in some areas. Either way Mintaek may be with you most nights, he likes to mess with girls heads though so be aware of that. I've told him to take it easy on you. Mintaek is rough in bed, far more than me. You'll probably like it but I won't like it if he leaves a mark on you. The safe word you use with me will be the same you use for them. Don't try to take it. If you can't handle it tell him to stop." Kiseok said.

You nodded. So Mintaek was the rough one, you were excited about that. He looked at you for a moment. You were still naked.

Being nude was too natural for you.

You bit your lip, looking at the ground when his hand came to your leg. He pushed it open and got down on his knees. You looked down to see him looking up at you and he opened his mouth to allow his warm wet tongue to lick you from bottom to top. You moaned, gripping onto the table and throwing your head back. You gripped his hair and moved your hips. Your core warmed up and tightened. Your heart raced as his tongue entered you and you cried out in pleasure. His lips closed around your sensitive nub to suck on you. This was why he liked you naked most of the time, you were easy to get to. He gripped your hips hard to keep you from moving. His thumbs pressed hard into your hip bone sure to leave a bruise. It would look good when you looked in the mirror to see the remnants of his rough actions. He became more hungry, he started eating you out with more passion, more like an animal hungry for a meal. He licked you up, his tongue assaulting your heat just to make you scream. Your legs tried to come up and he pushed them down, making you jump. Your thrown back head shot down to look at his eyes staring at you. He looked aggressive and predatory in the eyes. Your mouth was open sucking in air and releasing mewls. Your hand went through your hair and you closed your eyes to focus. Your moans got deeper as the slurps and wet noises met your ear. You could hear animal groans from him that sounded so fucking delicious. He pulled you off the coffee table and slammed you down on the ground. He pinned your hands to the floor; he was breathing hard. You could see your juices lingering on his mouth and he licked his lips. You tried to raise up to get to him and his hand left your wrist and made it to your neck and pushed you back down.

"Don't fucking move." He growled.

This was what you wanted yesterday. He sat up quickly and basically ripped off his shirt. Buttons popped off and rained down on the hard wood floor. His hands slammed down by your head and his lips crashed into yours and moved with heat. Your hands came up to his bare arms and felt the smooth toned surface. He pinned your hands down again.

"If I have to tell you not to fucking move again Y/n I'll fucking torture this body. I'll fuck you hard, but each time you get close I'll make it go away. I'll drive you insane. Do understand?" He said.

"Yes daddy." You mewled.

He came down on your neck, keeping your wrists pinned to the floor. He sucked on the sensitive flesh just below your ear and you squirmed below him whining. Your arms tried to pull up and touch him. He pressed your hands into the floor harder. He bit down on your shoulder hard; your nails desperately wanted to scratch his back and leave marks up and down on him. At this point, he'd probably decide to tie you up. So you pushed him. Your leg raised to rub against his erection. He was already so hard just being this rough with you. He captured both your hands with one and brought his hand back to your neck; he gripped tight to get you light headed quickly. He had them straight up as he watched you look back at him turned on while your legs squirmed a bit, it was hard to breathe and he could tell. He waited for a second before he let go of your neck and cupped your cheek. He slipped his thumb into your mouth, making you suck on it. He dipped his head down to your ear.

"I'm going to punish you baby girl." He said in a low dark tone.

Your insides twisted, what would he do to you. You'd love it either way but the anticipation of what he'd do next grew with each moment you spent licking his thumb like it was your favorite lollipop. He flipped you over quickly and the thumb you spent sucking on went to your ass. He pushed it in and you squeaked in pain. Your body rocked forward. He grabbed you by your hip and kept you still. He leaned down to your ear and said,

"Stop fucking moving or I'll make it hurt more. Or is that what my baby girl wants? Do you want me hurt you?"

"Yes Master."

He smacked your ass hard and you squealed. His thumb still prodded at your ass. You whined while the sting lingered longer than normal. He hit you twice as hard. He pushed you down and spread your legs so you could feel his length come up to your ass and he pushed into you a few inches and you screamed into the room while scratching the floor.

"Oh what's wrong baby girl. I thought you wanted to feel pain. Do you want me to stop?" He teased.

"No." You cried.

"Are you sure baby girl. I'll stop if you ask properly."

"Daddy please Fuck me." You said.

"You think you wouldn't beg for such a thing when you're not going to be allowed to cum. You fucked with me too much Y/n, I like when you play but you're not just going to disobey me especially before I leave baby," he said.

His hands smoothed over your back, it relaxed you a bit, like he was preparing you for a massage. His hands slithered back down to your lower back and to your ass. His hands came to the firm roundness of your gluts and he began to move more. He liked this type of torture for you.

"Damn how am I going live without this tight little ass for a month?" He said through clenched teeth as he thrusted deeper into you.

You popped up a little,

"Oh my god! Fuck- daddy."

He dipped his head down to your earlobe and swiped his tongue across the bottom. He kept moving but the dark little chuckle he made in your ear was what caused the coil in your stomach to tighten.

"Surrender." He commanded.

There was no need for more: surrender to him. That's all he wanted, that's all he needed and you had to give it to him. You still weren't going to be allowed to cum though. Your folds were sleek with wetness, he'd already licked you and you wanted to feel more. He lifted your ass a bit and pulled out. His tongue licked around the rim making you wiggle your butt. He slapped your ass again making you cry out. Your body felt tortured, your ass hurt and your heat was throbbing for his cock.

"Daddy please put it in me." You whined.

You were desperate but doing everything you could not to touch yourself. If you pushed him far enough to toy with your body then he'd lock you up in the room next you feared.

"Do you think your in a position to ask me anything?" He said grabbing you by the hair.

You bit back a laugh that wanted to come out, it was so much fun when he got aggressive like that. You could even hear the smile in his voice.

"No Master."

"Then why the fuck are you asking?"

"I want you so bad Master." You said.

"You won't be allowed to cum." He said

"I won't Master."

"Fine but if you cum you won't eat tonight I'll send you to your room." He said.

He turned you back around and made you hold your legs up. He pushed deep into your core making you scream and your back arch off the floor.

"I'll miss this tight fucking hole too."


He leaned over to get your neck again. He smiled,

"I love this face bugs. You look so perfect. Between pleasure and pain. "

He squeezed tighter.

"Ah. Daddy I'm going to cum."

"No you won't, you'll be punished." He said.

You whined,

"Daddy forgive me please. I want to cum please I'll be a good girl."

"Don't cum baby girl or you regret it." He said in a dark tone.

Kiseok liked nothing more than to torture you. He loved making sure your body was fucked out. He ravished it, he made sure he hit your spot as hard and as fast as he could. You clawed at your own legs and released cries and mewls into the air.

"Please let me cum." You squirmed.

"No." He snapped at you.

Your body was shaking, you weren't going to be able to hold it but he knew it. He knew you would risk it. He knew you'd take the few moments of the high so he stopped. That drove you crazy and you squirmed, your toes curled looking to hold onto it. Your mind went nuts wanting to feel that euphoria so bad.

"Get on your hands and knees. I'm not letting you cum Y/n I meant that." He said.

You switched to all fours and he lifted your chin so you could watch him jerk off. You licked your lips, wanting a taste while your core tightened more. It was throbbing and hot, you wanted him back in you assaulting your insides but it was clear he caught onto your game; he was reestablishing dominance.

"Open your mouth." He said.

You did as you were told. He pushed his meat into your mouth. Your lips caressed it and your tongue greeted his tip friendly and happily. He groaned deeply and moved his hips slowly in and out of your mouth. He kept his hand on your face so it was tilted up. You looked at him with darkened eyes and a fucked out expression. The way he scrunched his nose because it felt so good was too cute. You smiled and he chuckled before going deeper into your mouth.

"You like sucking on me don't you Y/n?" He said

You came up to take a breath an answer him,

"Yes Master."

"Do you like the taste of your Master?" He said.

You covered his heat with your hand to move up and down.

"Yes Master, you taste so good."

"Good girl. That means you can swallow it all." He grinned.

You didn't mind giving a blow but you'd rather his release inside you or even on you body rather than coating you throat. Still, he ate you out how you liked, kissed you after and above all he was your Master, he got whatever he wanted. You put him back in your mouth going all the way down on him. He hit the back of your throat and reveled in the gag sound you made. He pinched your nose while fucking your face until you choked and he released you so you could breathe for a brief moment. He was ravishing the walls of your mouth, taking ownership of it with deep thrusts. An explosion of hot stickiness spilled into your mouth while he cussed through his high. He looked down at your cheeks full of him and he lifted your chin.

"Swallow it baby girl." He cooed.

You took in a breath and swallowed him down.

"Let me see." He said.

You opened your mouth to show you had done as he asked; he dipped down to kiss you. You kept your hands on your knees; he pulled away with a smile.

"You get so defiant when I'm about to go away bugs. If you would just behave I'd fuck you so good."

"I want you." You whined.

"I know but you tried playing your way. You know I give you what I want when I want baby girl. Be more patient, I'm here for another day if you behave I'll make it worth while." He said

You nodded and he took your hands and stood you up. He pressed his forehead to yours and nuzzled his nose against yours. You laughed but your body was frustrated. You were wet and unsatisfied and your nipples were hard, begging for attention. He noticed them and his thumb rolled over the nubs softly making you gasp then whine. You grabbed onto his shoulders and he came and kissed your neck. He was going to play this up all day. He told you he'd torture your body.

"Let's see how long you can last bugs. Take that sexy little ass up stairs and shower until you're nice and clean. Wear that short little skirt you like to tease me with but no panties." He said.

"Kiseok if I bend over-"

"I know. It's your second punishment bugs if you can get through today then tonight I'll give it to you so good,"

He pulled you close so he could let the words fall on your lips. They were so close you expected to get a kiss but he pulled away and smiled leaving your heart racing and your breathing erratic.

"But if you test me again baby girl you'll be locked in the spare bedroom all night and I'll make you write 'I will be good' two hundred times. Now isn't that fair?" He smiled triumphant in the fact that he was dominating you.

You nodded,

"Yes Master."

You did everything he said and he took you out shopping to an erotic shop. He kept dropping things, making you pick them up and then chuckled when you tried to hide your face in his body. At the very least he welcomed you into his arms when you did and he'd let you hide your burning red cheeks from the world. He took you to lunch with Jay and fingered you under the table. Jay knew what was going on and normally you could hide your reactions in public but he had teased you so much that you were too sensitive to hide anything. He even asked Jay if he wanted a taste but he refused claiming he'd have you soon enough. You knew he agreed to this and he knew they were no doubt going to fuck you but you didn't think either of them would be so open about it. You thought Jay would've kept these things to himself or that Kiseok would at least tell him to save it until he was gone but even when saying goodbye Jay kissed you deeply on the lips and Kiseok acted as if everything was normal. He even touched your ass but Kiseok didn't even glare.

Maybe because they were friends.

Or he just wanted you used to him.

The day came when you had to take Kiseok to the airport; Jay and Mintaek both accompanied you to send him off on his flight. He gave you a hug and pulled down his mask to kiss you.

"Why are you kissing me to turn me on Kiseok? So cruel." You whispered.

"You like it when I'm cruel baby girl. Besides if I'm leaving you alone with these vultures for a month I need to give you something to remember me by and I need something to think about while I'm gone."

His hands snuck up your skirt and you clung to him when he kissed your neck. You let out a small moan in his ear.

"Look at you being a naughty little girl for me."

"Master." You'd mewled lightly.

Your heart was racing incredibly fast you didn't want to let go.

"You were so good last night baby, behave while I'm gone and I'll come back and fuck you just right. I'll make you a beautiful mess and have you screaming my name." He whispered in your ear.

"Master I want you now."

He chuckled,

"I know but I have to go."

He pulled your arms from around him and you were pulled back by Jay's hand. Kiseok blew you a kiss and waved goodbye before he walked off. Mintaek scoffed once he was out of ear shot.

"You two acted like he was going away forever. You can last a month without him. Honestly it may do you some good." He said.

Jay just chuckled and grabbed your hand to pull you closer to him. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you along beside him.

"Have you eaten yet Y/n?" He asked.

"No. I don't eat until twelve." You said.

"Ah-Kiseok's even strict with the times you can eat. I bet you used to pig out while he was away." Mintaek joked.

You looked at him with a blank face.


This was actually true. Kiseok had your eating habits so timed that you followed them even while he was gone because it was such a habit. You ate at nine, by twelve you had lunch and you never ate later than nine o'clock. He slipped in snacks whenever he desired but it wasn't often and you didn't complain. Normally when he gave you a snack you weren't really hungry. He had a lot of say in your life; he approved your wardrobe, your diet, he made sure your hair was taken care of, he made sure your make up was taken care of. He gave you a list of very specific things he wanted done around the penthouse. That list was forever etched in your mind. He even took away your porn privileges but that was either for your punishment or because he didn't want you touching yourself. There were days Kiseok would text you to build up the anticipation of what he'd do to you when he got home and he wouldn't allow you to ruin that by cumming on your fingers. To him, that dismissed the whole point of building up the anticipation and your body's want and need to have him in you.

It was obvious Kiseok's dominance reached farther than the bedroom but you didn't mind it. Submitting to him wasn't easy all the time but you liked it. He had been the one to buy you a new phone, an android, which you picked out despite his hour long discussion of getting an IPhone; he bought you a laptop, a car, which he put in your name and a twenty thousand dollar necklace he only wanted you to wear for his special events. All the things he gifted you, you never asked for and you made the mistake of refusing the car and he got upset at you. You were supposed to take whatever he gave you even if you didn't necessarily want or need it. He had sold your cherry red Nissan and bought you an all black BMW. He got you a MacBook, he made it so you were almost dependant on him. No. Not almost... You were dependant on him.

But you were his, it's what you agreed to.

You couldn't believe he knew about the assault charges though. He never said anything when he came back he didn't even hint like he knew. Now you were in the possession of two other men and the Guardian of the two was trying to shake the other away.

"Mintaek you'll have her tonight, we already talked about this." Jay said.

"I know but I want to test her out." Mintaek said.

"She's still a human can you at least talk about her like she is." Jay said with a smile.

Mintaek brushed your hair back lightly as he said,

"Anything for the French fry." He winked before he stuck his tongue down your throat.

You couldn't really be annoyed when the action was rough enough to turn you on. His tongue darted into your mouth and you gripped onto his shirt. You kept yourself from moaning but damn you wanted to. He pulled from your lips and you almost asked him to come back. He chuckled,

"She likes me."

Jay grabbed your arm and pulled you over to him.

"She'll like me more." He smiled.

Jay's smile was beautiful. He pulled you away from Mintaek and shooed him away. Mintaek finally backed down and Jay walked you down the city sidewalk talking about himself. He gave you a few rules to obey when you were with him but otherwise all of Kiseok's rules were still in place and still very much top priority. He got you something to eat when the time came but when he offered you something sweet you declined. Kiseok had a major sweettooth so Jay was surprised to hear that Kiseok didn't let you have many sweets.

"How can a girl like you be okay with all his rules?He's fucking strict." He asked.

"I like him." You said simply.

"You like him or all the pretty things he gets you?"

"Things get old, ware, tare and are other wise replaceable. People aren't, even if he's made you and Mintaek over see me Kiseok's the only thing I want. I've tried refusing the pretty things but he won't let me. He gets upset if I do." You said.

"You seemed to want Mintaek too." He said.

"As long as it's okay with Kiseok I might as well enjoy what he does to me."

"He said you like it rough."

"I like being dominated, I like a man's power over me, I like being told what to do. I like being teased and commanded. It's hot." You said.

Jay laughed, he walked you into his large home, it looked beautiful. Large glass doors led to the pool he had out in the back yard, there were two steps that dipped into the living room where a large black couch wrapped around and in front of it was a glass table and a giant flat screen TV. Beyond the living room was the opening to the kitchen, his hard wood turned into tile for the kitchen and the island sat right on the edge. Bar stools sat in front of it and then a large stainless steel refrigerator sat there by the doors to the patio that was on the other side of the house. His pool was on a hill then the other hall of his home hung off that hill. The stairs led to the beach he had below it was quite beautiful.

He led you into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and poured a little chocolate syrup in it.

"I like to play with sense." He said turning to you.

He placed the bowl down and walked up to you. He looked you deep in the eyes and smirked. He leaned down to come kiss you. His lips touched yours softly. He kissed your lips softly, sweetly.

It was okay.

You weren't really into soft and tender. The back of his hand gently drew across your cheek lightly. He deepened the kiss as his hand traced lightly down your neck. The slight tickle sent a shiver up your spine and you pushed harder into the kiss. He smiled and pulled away to look you in the eyes. You watched his eyes closely, you'd give him credit for one thing he got your heart rate going. His fingers continued traveling down your arm and you shuddered at the tingle. His voice got low into a whisper as he said,

"Just enjoy this Y/n. Relax."

He dipped down a little to pick you up and set you on the counter. He licked your neck and bit your collarbone. You let out a soft moan but nothing like the sounds you made for Kiseok. He ran his hands up and down your perked nipples teasing them and making you bite your lip.

"Are you gonna touch me?" You said in a whisper.

"Don't worry Y/n when you're with me I'll fuck you." He said.

He reached for the bowl on the counter and said,

"Try some."

"Kiseok doesn't-"

"Kiseok isn't here. Try some." He said.

"I can't." You said.

He grabbed your hand and drew out your forefinger. He brought it to his mouth and sucked on the tip of it. He licked it slowly and the sensual coil in your stomach began to rise. He dipped your finger in the chocolate and pushed your finger past your lip to taste it.

"Here's why you'll like me Y/n. You can do mostly whatever you want here but in bed I'm in charge and I love to torture and tease."

"Will you show me?" You asked as he took off his tie.

"I'll show you as I fuck you."

He suddenly gripped your waist and yanked you to the edge; he pulled your shirt up and over your head quickly surprising you because he seemed to get aggressive. He pushed you back on the counter,

"Don't fucking move baby doll." He said in a sweet voice.

You were really going to need him to be more demanding than that. He walked over to the living room. There was a chest in the corner on top of his speakers. He opened it and pulled out a set of hand cuffs. He came back over and grabbed your hand and pulled them above your head. He cuffed them tight and fit them close.

Now you were excited. He tied his tie around your eyes to blind fold you and then...


Did he just leave you there?

Something that felt like a bite met the inside of your thigh and you moaned. A hand smoothed over your stomach before a smack came down to your breast. You gasped at the hit. Then something soft drew up your body, like a feather. It had your stomach sinking in trying to flee from the tickle. You wiggled on the island top but he grabbed you hard by your chin and said,

"Don't move little girl."

Your pants were slowly slipped off by him. Something pushed inside you causing you to moan out, it felt like it was moving. Your leg shook a little, your hips wiggled.

"Oh my god Jay what- what is that? Ooooh my god."

Your breath was short, whatever was in you was causing you to go crazy. Your legs came up but he pinned them down making you whine. Your hands came over your head and gripped the edge of the counter. Something felt cold, he was pouring it over your body. You felt it drip down your folds. Then his tongue met them, you let out a loud moan. He started licking up what he poured on you, the smell of chocolate met your nose accompanied with the scent of sex. You moaned while he moved whatever kind of device he pushed into you. You raised off the counter, your hands shot down to his head to push him in. His head came up and his tongue left you. You felt no touch expect for the device. He grabbed your neck and pushed you down. He came close to your ear, you could feel his breath. His breathing was amazing. Your body was squirming and he kept you down by your neck.

"If you move again, I'll cuff your arms and legs to the bed and leave you there with the toy stuck inside and set on high." You whined.

He moved the device and changed a setting to move it faster. You screamed out pleasure. You cried,

"Oh my god I'm gonna cum!"

"You better not. I'm not done with you." He said.

He licked up your stomach to get the rest of the chocolate but your walls were closing and tightening.

"Jay! I'm gonna cum, please. Please."

"No." He said.

It was so matter of fact, your feet banged into the island because you were moving so much.

"Oh my fucking god!" You screamed.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming." You screamed off quickly.

The device left you quick and you cried.

"No, no, no please. Please I want it. Please just make me cum please." You begged.

"I told you I like to play with the senses. I like to tease my girls. Think of it as an appetizer babydoll because once I'm in you, I'll fuck you so hard you won't remember your own name."

You heard him chuckle. He picked you up over his shoulder and walked away. You were then laid on something soft and fluffy. Your muscles relaxed in the softness; his hands gently traced over your breast. You tried catching your breath.

Kiseok who did you give me too?

Two fingers pushed into you and you whined because your walls were still sensitive. He sucked on your nipples while he fingered you. Kiseok said Mintaek liked to play with sense too. He also said they were different, if this was how Jay played with sense then how did Mintaek play with it? Right now the level of ecstasy you were in couldn't be matched.

"What do you want Y/n?"

"I want- you to- fuck me." You said.

"Show me how much you want it Y/n. Show me how bad you want this dick in you."

He led your hands to his chest. You were able to get your hands around his neck and pull him into a hot heated kiss, the type you liked. Your hips rolled aggressively on his fingers.

"Please put it inside me Jay. I want to feel it, please fuck me."

"Holy shit, no wonder Kiseok likes you so much. Say your mine Y/n. Tell me you're all mine and I'll fuck you. Tell me this little pussy is mine."

"Jay I'm yours just fuck me. I'm yours please, please I need you to fuck me." You begged.

Your head was going crazy, you weren't thinking straight you were just trying to get relief.


I've been a very naughty girl...
I'm posting these because Will you be is taking longer to write. I wanted it to be all fluff and the only time I do all fluff is one shots other wise my stories have Smut so Will you be is a challenge for me because I have to keep it mainly in the fluff category. Sorry about the delay for that story I'll try to move faster.

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I need a bf dammit
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚OMG I can't πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
@BabydollBre this is your fault. I was perfectly fine then I read your story. Damn I'm all up in my emotions right now. πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡
lmfao I'm sorry
OMG!!!!! 😱😱 OMG!!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– WHAT TO DO MY FEELS ARE EVERYWHERE...omg what would he say if he heard me tell Jay I'm his πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ’€πŸ’–πŸ’–
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Oh that's true so I mean he'll probably get his revenge after the month hahaha lol
Jesus Christ!!!
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@BabydollBre πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
please tag me
will do
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