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Day 1 What would you say to Got7 of you have the Chance?

I was lucky enough to actually say something to got7 at the hi-touch after the fly atlanta concert July 2016
to jackson I said stay healthy and your handsome and safe travels

though if I get another chance I would say this to jackson
you are a wonderful human being. thank you for existing and thank you for leading me to your awesome group. stay strong and healthy and always smile because the world is better with you in it.
to Youngjae I said You have a great smile you little sunshine and feel better soon (because he was just recovering from being ill)

but if I get another chance i would also tell him
your voice is lovely. stay healthy, keep smiling, and your laughter is the best.
to Yugyeom I said like can you chill. keep dancing and stop being a wrecker. (he kind of gave my hand a hug and his hands were cold and mine where really warm) you are way too handsome and tall

if I get another chance i would tell him
please teach me how to dance. stop giving my bias jinyoung a hard time but on the lowkey don't stop. stay healthy and keep being you.
to bambam I said you are my son's bias he dabs everyday like you and he thinks your the coolest even better than GDragon

if I ever get the chance i would tell him
I admire you enthusiasm, stay healthy, you always make me laugh and smile but boy please eat more and gain a little wait. lol

To Mark I said. Have safe travels and have fun with your family. Wow you are mote gorgeous in person

To Jaebum I said Your English was a gift tonight that I appreciated and enjoy but I love seeing you smile. You are a great leader
He was the first in line so I didn't get to gather my courage and my mind was blank in front of him so I didn't get to say anything not even a hi because my brain didn't want to cooperate.

I swear if I got another chance i would tell jinyoung

you are so talented that I can't but help be a fan. stay healthy, happy, and beautiful. sarranghae. and now I must go die

I probably would say it like that and then run away lol
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