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Cross-Genre Fusion: Lethyst!
So, I got the idea to do a cross-genre fusion due to some flagging issues. I kept on putting SU cards in the anime community, so I thought, "why not both?" and viola!! This was born! A mix between one of my favorite anime characters and one of my favorite cartoon characters.

Genres: Anime and Cartoon
Characters: L from DeathNote and Amethyst from Steven Universe
Personally, I thought she came out quite nice. What do you all think? Comment below if you have critiques, and give me a heart if you like her!

Before you ask: yes, I DID draw her, please don't steal!

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Interesting cross over 🤔
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@Hatake26 :3 Arigato
8 months ago
I think it's drawn really well, looks a tiny bit creepy, no offense but if it don't look a bit creepy than it wouldn't be a true fusion of them
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Deciding what the color tone of the character (and the creepy factor from that) was certainly one of the more difficult things to do.
8 months ago
looks like a crack addict, since no one else was gonna say it
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Haha, I didn't even look at it like that! whoops!
8 months ago