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Wow, these past few months have not been easy for the members of Oh My Girl.

First, one of their members was taken to counseling and rehab because of her long struggle with anorexia. I think it was a really respectable move by their company, who could have easily kept her promoting and working as usually, considering how so many idols have some form of eating disorder :(

Here's their statement:
We would like to announce that Oh My Girl member JinE will not be participating in the group’s upcoming album which will be released in April. JinE temporarily suspended all promotions in August 2016. We have been constantly worrying about her health and have spent many hours discussing the situation with her. We also consider our artists’ health the number one priority so she will be sitting out the upcoming promotions and resting instead. As a result, there will be no change in schedules for the other 7 members without JinE. During her break, we will continue to provide as much support as needed for JinE’s recovery. We would like to ask everyone to continue supporting Oh My Girl. Thank you.

Jin-E was supposed to be coming back after rehab, but she will continue her treatment while the other 7 members promote without her. I hope that she recovers soon and comes back to us!

As if that wasn't enough, Oh My Girl's music video set exploded while they were filming (no injuries though!!!)

Thanks to a mix of an electric short-circut on set, some of the lighting equipment exploded and large flames erupted during filming.
The members were shocked but fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

They will be coming back in April and I hope that we can all show them the love they deserve!

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I hope they are okay