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Wassup guys??? Kim here bringing you another installment of Love is not over. I do apologize that this chapter is alittle on the short side. I hope to get the next chapter a little longer!!!! Anyhoo, enjoy!!!!

You hear your alarm go off and you rolled over to shut it off. You groaned as you realized what day it was. Jesus pray for me that I make it through today without going to jail, you silently thought to yourself. You screamed as you pulled the covers over your head. OK y/n. Get it together. Your just going to the studio, your gonna hear his samples and you'll discuss with him which direction you are going to go. You can do this.

After getting dressed, you headed to your job to see if your boss is coming or ditching you completely. Once you get there, you see the enemy talking to one of the interns. Typical, I guess old habits don't die. You tried to sneak past him but Jay looks up and smiles at you while the intern gives you a dirty look. Jay then try to stop you, but you kept on walking. "So I guess your not speaking to me right now," said Jay. Without skipping a beat, you turned around and winked at him with a smirk. Maybe later I might hold a conversation with you, but right now, your on conversation punishment, you said.

Jay cliched his heart and said, "Ouch, that hurts." He then hops in the elevator with you as door opens. "Please y/n, I want to talk to you," Jay pleaded. You then cocked your head to the side and waited to hear what he had to say. "I was hoping that you would be in a better mood today than you were yesterday. But all jokes aside, I wanted to apologize for my actions yesterday. I was getting way ahead of myself and I just want to keep peace with you and I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I hope you can accept this small peace treaty."

You eyed him up and down and shrugged your shoulders. "Y/N, please don't be that way. I'm just trying to make this easier for the both of us. I don't want things to be awkward everytime we see each other. So what do you say", he asked as he stuck his hand out. You looked at his outstretched hand. You were debating on whether to call it a truce or not. You knew one thing though. You were tired of holding a grudge against him. You looked him squared in the eyes and took his hand to shake it.

The elevator doors then opened and you walked out. You then turned around and said I'll keep my end up only if you keep your end of the bargain. See you tonight. You looked at him with a small smile as you turned into your office. This should be interesting tonight, you thought. Hopefully now we can get through this without a hitch. I hope he's ready cause mama will have her claws come out. He better bring it too!!!!!

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Oh shes letting her guard down. 😲
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