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Produce 101 Season 2 hasn't even started yet, and there are already scandals.

Han Jong Yeon has been publically accused by a male classmate of forcing him to perform sexual acts upon himself in front of others :(

This is a UNCONFIRMED rumor. We have only heard one side of the story with not a whole lot of evidence. If it is true this is horrific, but I don't want anyone to jump to conclusions.

First off, here's his intro video for Produce 101:

Now here's what happened after this was posted:

A former classmate of Jong Yeon's came out on Facebook to share his bullying experience. Thsi is really rare for people accusing idols or future idols: usually the accuser stays anonymous. For this boy, Kangto, to come out publically is a big deal.

Here's a photo of Kangto (far right) and Jong Yeon together:

When Jong Yeon was announced to be on Produce 101 Season2, Kangto posted this public post on Facebook (translation below)

link here.
“I heard you’re appearing on TV. I still wake up crying whenever you appear in my dreams. I still want to die whenever I hear your name or see your face. I worry that once I upload this, you and your friends will harm me and my acquaintances. But come to think of it, I am no longer a young, fearful child who used to have no friends. Produce 101…I hope you rank high. I’ll pull you back to the ground. All the times in elementary school when you made me masturbate in front of the other kids, when you made me get into fights with other kids calling it Pokemon, when you shoved me into the broom closet not letting me eat lunch, etc., I still can’t forget about them. But do you even remember me? It’s not only one or two kids who were victimized by you. Because of you, I went back and forth between life and death all throughout elementary and middle school. I’ll give back all the scars that you had given me. Oh, and if anyone has something to say related to this, please Facebook message me. I will take legal action against any threats.”

He then posted screenshots of text messages from Jong Yeon's little brother (translated version below)

There haven't been any more people to come forward, though keep in mind, boys that were bullied aren't likely to come out publically - they could be seen as weak for not just "taking it like men" or whatever ridiculous standard we set for boys :(

All we've seen is this convo with an old classmate of Kangto:

I don't know what to think, but if this is confirmed I hope people won't say "oh he's ~changed~" as easily as they did with NCT's Taeyong. This level of bullying is much more than just calling someone names :/
this is some next level of bullying that I am surprised of and already I don't like the new season because of having a group like Nu'est with the rookies and now this
also the weird irony of him eating peppers in his intro when in korea its slang to call a penis a "pepper"...probably just a coincidence but WEIRD
I don't think you should compare what this boy allegedly did to what Taeyong did. these two cases (if true) are totally different. sexual harassment shouldn't be tolerated in any circumstance and if it's true , he should be punished as severe as possible.
Yes that's what I meant in the last bit - that in Taeyong's case its 100% logical and believable that he could grow out of that behavior, but sexual assault is not something you grow out of >:(
I hope it's not true. I can't stand any person to treat someone like this. Even if it's in the past. I'm not saying he hasn't changed since then or that it is even him. All I am saying regardless of age or place this type of treatment of another person is wrong. It really messes with a persons mindset which can lead to depression or worse. I hope it's false.
I don't know if he did it or not. I just feel that victims are often blamed for not speaking up right away with society not caring about how the victim feels and their emotional state as to why they don't or delay speaking out. I don't know if the person who is making the accusation is telling the truth or not. But on behalf of all victims that have been abused I believe all claims should be thoroughly investigated and justice served on either party.
One little input on the last paragraph I want to say is that, people understood what happened with Taeyong was wrong, and he's shown countless times that he's remorseful. But what's being accused here with Han Jong Yeon is a more serious and pressing matter mainly because it deals with sexual assult. If this is true, then serious action need to be taken to get him out of the public's eye. Yes this is a horrible situation, tensions are high, but the key facts we need to remember are; people have always came out with false, damaging rumors mainly because they(the ones who are saying the accusations) are wanting attention. Most times the rumors are dismissed because the idol in question has already made the statement, with their agency, that this person was falsifying facts of what happened. Some rumors are even ploys to get people to look into the group before debut (I can't remember the name of the artist but she is an example of this fact. her agency wanted to get her name out there so they hired someone people to post that she was a huge bully in middle school. oh look looks, another bully scandal.) Sadly this isn't the first time we've seen things like this, and it won't be the last. All we can do is keep our heads up. Like the card said, we only have one side of the story, we should sit tight and keep an open mind.
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@IWuvKpop I haven't heard any news about them being in this situation though
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