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Last Chapter of Fantasy. Oh this was a short story lol, (Okay more like 22 pages long on word but felt shorter lol). I'm happy with this chapter, its so smutty.
Warning for smut

It’s been a month now since he first started teaching me. Namjoon was telling me how well my pronunciation was, I was happy that I could be able to actually say the words correctly. It was actually funny, after the first week it hadn’t really felt like he was tutoring me, but more like we were just hanging out.

“I always blame my genetics, Irish blood, my mother and grandmother could never pronounce words correctly, even english words which, well was my grandmother's second language, it’s my mother first and my first language. “ I rambled.
“That’s why you have that accent. Did you live in Ireland?” Namjoon asked intrigued.
“Until I was ten, than we moved to the states following my father.” I chuckled. “After a few years my mother wanted to travel, she took me along 6 months out of the year. I fell in love with Seoul when we visited and a month just wasn’t long enough, so I came back” I told him my history.
“Does this mean you know other languages?” he asked.
“Hmm, I know some Russian, some german, and french” I listed off.
“German?” he chuckled, “you can speak german but you can’t speak korean?” he laughed at that.
“Don’t judge. German was hard, but my teacher there was strict as fuck. If I so much as spoke english in class she would either tell me to leave class or she would embarrass me in front of the class” I winced remembering how she would make me write the sentence’s out on the board and than read it until I said it correctly, all on my own. After a few times my classmates took pity on me and would continually tease me but help me with it.
“So I’m not strict than?” he questioned.
“No, but I like you . . . teaching me” I sighed. Namjoon chuckled.

We continued to talk. I was so caught up in talking that when my mind started adding words into the conversation it blended in seamlessly and than my imagination took over all of a sudden.

He slide my panties down my legs and kneeled in front of me as he slowly rubbed his thumb against my clit sending tingles through my body. Shifting one of his hands slid up my body and cupped my breast, squeezing and kneading until a moan came out of me.
“Namjoon” I moaned his name, he looked up at me and smirked than stood up. He pulled his shirt off. Licking my lips I started, imagining what his bare chest looked like. I did add a six pack in there, making him buffer in my imagination. He approached me but I stopped him.
As I made small circles against my nipples he was sliding his nails along my sides, the feeling of him raking his nails against my skin made me wiggle. He told me to keep my hands were they were as he stood up and undid his pants, pulling himself out.
“Get on all fours” he ordered as he stood up. With a pulsing clit I moved to the floor and got on my knees, my hands let go of my breasts so I could brace myself, his hands were on my butt and he was lifting my ass into the air, my back arched as his fingers pressed against my clit.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard” he groaned as I felt his tip of his cock slide inbetween my butt cheeks, he slide against my clit over and over.
My breath came heavier.

“U/N” Namjoon groaned. “U/N, you there?” Namjoon was waving his hand infront of my face. I blinked slowly than slowly turned to look at him.
“Yes” I said.
“Really?” he questioned concerned.
“Yes” I said shaking my head, I stood up.
“U/N” Namjoon said. “You started speaking in a different language.” Namjoon pointed out.
“Uh French” my eyes widened and than i chuckled. “Sorry started speaking French since it was on my mind” I was such a liar!
“Well I didn’t understand a word of it” he was shaking his head. “You're very talented, but if you traveled all over how did you come to dance?” he questioned.

I stared confused. That was so far from what was on my mind, what had we been talking about? . . . Oh language traveling that's right.

“You dance, its been on my mind how you started to dance” he said.
“Oh, I like ballet’s, and I like the theater. My mom would take me to the theater and everywhere we went the dancing was different, it was so beautiful and told such lovely stories. I wanted to learn to tell a story with my body too” I shrugged. “Plus, if I can’t communicate with words, dance is the next best thing in my mind” I added.
Namjoon agreed about that.

I was done with this, I needed to stop. Taking a deep breath I turned to him. It was now or never that I said this outloud.

“Namjoon” I said his name.
“What?” He said. I breathed in and out.
“Namjoon, I like you” I stated.
“I like you too U/N” he grinned happily.
“I mean I like you, more than friends. I picture you fucking me and-” I stopped because his facial expression showed shock. I slapped a hand over my mouth keeping the rest of that sentence in. That was not how I was going to confess to him. Embarrassed I got off the couch and walked the few steps to the kitchen, giving him space.

Namjoon stayed silent for so long, I finally turned away from him and refilled my glass with water and took several sips. The silence in the room was deafening to me. Yup, I was going to get rejected.
“Namjoon I’m sorry. You don’t have to continue teaching me, or even-”
“Shut up U/N” Namjoon growled.

He had his elbows resting on his knees, his head down but when he spoke his head lifted and he looked at me. That dark look of his made me afraid, a flutter happened in my stomach. He stood up and walked over to me, pressed my back against the counter and his lips were on mine, his hands wrapped around my back, lifting me until I was sitting on the counter.
I pulled away and stared.

“You don’t want this?” he growled.
“Is ... is this real?” I questioned tentatively touching his face, he was there, this was real.
“U/N you want me to fuck you, I will” He said before he started pulling my shirt off.
“I’ve wanted to touch you every time you touched me, run my fingers along your breasts” He mumbled as he pressed his lips along my collarbone.
He kept mumbling things as he pressed his mouth against my nipples, his hand dipping into my pants and his fingers creating tingles run up my body.
“Namjoon” I sighed as I slid my fingers into his hair and pulled his head up to look at me.
“Does this mean you like me too?” I asked.
“Fuck U/N I’ve been dreaming about you for weeks now” he growled.

I licked my lips and than his were pressed to mine, he was kissing me as he started to insert his fingers into me and started to thrust. I moaned into his mouth and he swallowed my cries as he sped up until I coated his fingers. Lifting me off the counter I pulled my pants and panties down as he pulled his down than he lifted me back up on the counter, it was at the perfect level for him to ram his cock into me and start thrusting, his hands held onto my hips, holding me still.
“Ah Joonie, you feel so fucking good” I moaned as I pressed my nails into his shoulders. I wanted to pull myself off the counter and ride him.
“U/N” he groaned.
I lifted myself off the counter, Namjoon stumbled surprised by the action but he moved swiftly turning to have his back pressed against the counter to support the weight. I slide myself up and down on his cock, my nails digging into his shoulders, his nails digging into my hips.
“Ah Fuck” Namjoon growled as his head rested on my shoulder, I felt his tongue dab at my skin and than his teeth grazed my skin as he moved his lips to my breast and bit down on my nipple just as his nails dug into my ass. A moan came out of me and my breathing grew faster as he turned around and set me on the counter again.

“I’m coming” Namjoon groaned. He lifted me up off himself and came in between our bodies. My clit was already spasming. I slide his cock against my slit milking out my orgasm until it was finally over.

Namjoon walked us over to the couch and took a seat with me sitting in his lap now.
“Do you know how long i have been waiting” Namjoon chuckled.
“How long?” I asked resting my chin on his shoulder as I looked at his face.
“Since the beginning of the semester. I felt like the luckiest man alive when you asked me to teach you” He said making me smile. I giggled a little.
“Namjoon. Since the first time you came to my house I started to like you” I told him.
“Well, that good, because I really want this to happen again” he grinned..
“And again and again and again” I repeated several times as I laughed. “You are an amazing person, I hope you know the more I got to know you the more i liked you, and not just because the fantasies I’ve had about you were really hot” I blabbed on and blushed at what I was saying.
“Well, I’m glad it’s not because of those hot fantasies” His eyes shifted. “Sometime you’ll have to tell me about those” he added making me laugh again. I pressed my lips to his in a light kiss and pulled away.
“Hmm, I may just show you sometime instead” I teased.

Namjoon story is over! Confession scene for an ending lol.
So my next story that will be coming soon is for Jiminie Called 'The Arrangement' It'll be a smutty story, so look forward to his story coming soon!


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