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So I'm mad! There are some Igot7s that don't like the new song, and I totally respect that(Even if I don't understand why! Never ever is amazing!) BUT one "IGOT7" dared to call the song 'GARBAGE'.... It's ok to have an opinion and all, but if you don't like the song(Thanks for the view btw, we really need to make it to 5m~) then just move on! Got7 works hard on a daily basis and They worked hard on this new song as well! (Jackson even fainted recently!! My munchkin T^T)NO NEED to leave a negative opinion in the comment section. Igot7s and Got7 themselves don't need that negativity. Please Respect Groups!! And kindly keep your rude opinions to yourself, Thanks.Let's do our best IGOT7 for our Got7! HWAITING!!~

*snaps in 7 formation* I agree with you completely. I loved their new MV. I swear, People these days do not know how to keep their rude and disrespectful comments to their selves. I will always be a proud, supportive IGOT7 though.โœŠ๏ธโค
@Taymax Ikr? Lets keep doing our best lol, Igot7 hwaiting! Got7 fighting~
@MischiefK1ng Saaaammmeee. GOT7 FIGHTING~
@Taymax Fighting!~
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