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She pulled herself up to her window and gazed at the night sky. She knew he would be calling soon but left her phone on silent. She wondered if he's going to fess up to it. She growled, then threw herself back against her pillows. Her earlier from buzz had worn off, leaving her feeling drained.

There was a knock.

She ignored it.

The knocking persisted until she finally got up and swung the door open. Ready to ask why he didn't use his key. Her face questioned the presence of this man standing at her door. Even as he invited himself in, walking past her, she didn't smile at him or greet him.

As politely as possible, she asked, “what are you doing here?”

The manager looked around her little living space, breathed in deep, “It kinda smells like him.” He looked at the little closet, noticing familiar shirts, “ah… I wondered where that shirt went.”

She rushed over and closed the closet door. She kept her gaze to the floor, to that little area right in front of his feet.

“Why have you come here?” She asked again.

He took a deep breath. “I'm going to be straight forward… Your presence is a problem. I told him to end it with you but from what I'm seeing, he's still coming here.”

“So what do you want from me?” she asked knowing the answer to her own question.

“Stop seeing him.”

She bit her lips, slowly she lifted her gaze to meet his, “I can't do that.”

He glared at her, taking a step towards her, expecting her to back away from him but she seemed unafraid. “Yes, you will… Even if I have to physically remove you from his sight.”

“I can't and I won't… unless he tells me himself.” She straightened her back, her height reaching just below his nose, looking sternly into his face, “I belong to him. Only he can throw me away, not some threat. Even if you ‘physically remove’ me, I will always go back to him.”

He looked down her, his hands making fists at his sides, “Is that so? Then be ready to pack your bags.” He turned and walked out of her apartment.

The door slammed hard, making her jump a little. Slowly, nervousness crept up on her. She's dealt with people like this, it wasn't surprising but it made her wonder what tricks he was going to try. She sat back on her bed. She wanted to call him but there was a text message from her friend with a link. She clicked it, it opened to a page full of photos. She glared at the door and then laughed.

“Damn, that was fast”

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