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Ooookay, back when I used Vingle kind of consistently, I wrote a card titled "A Day in the life of this Average Salesperson" where I explained, in detail, two awkward encounters at work.
Welp, I had another... experience!

First off, let me say that I get the worst luck with flirty female customers

So, yesterday, I clock into work and then immediately see the top of a hat and maybe half a head that's hidden under it on the other side of the store. I assume it's an older lady since they're usually the fashionable ones, so I walk over and greet her nicely, but when she turns around, it's actually an early-mid 20's looking young lady. Veeery attractive. Very cute outfit. Gym/active clothing, but not the slutty kind, slightly conservative even, but it's easy to see she takes care of herself. Nice body, dark brown eyes, light make-up, about 4 inches shorter than me, clear skin, cute smile and did I mention the sparkle in her eyes? Oh gods. They sparkled. So basically, she's my idea of perfect right?

She tells me a bit about her activity level and says that she wants a protein. Which is easy. We're talking, flirting, giggling and laughing at everything the other says. We're connecting. Eye contact, blushing, fidgeting, twirling hair, the "I'm cute and shy" under the brow/ through the eye lashes look is being given. The whole package. She's funny, witty and veerry charming. I catch her checking me out as I guide her to another part of the store, she notices my eyes roaming a bit and puffs out her chest a little bit. My two coworkers are watching and whispering to each other; my male coworker is giving me thumbs up and teasing our coworker about me giving another girl attention, who looks slightly upset and jealous but is trying to play it off. (LONG story.)

Anywho, this girl and I finally make it to the register and she tells me about her hiking and the trials that she loves. I tell her about two different ones and she says,"Oh, that sounds so amazing! We should totally go hiking sometime!!"

A minute later, I ask her,"Are you a loyalty member with us?"
She replies with,"No, I'm not." *pause* "Do you have to be 18 to sign up?"

My heart DROPS. What the f**k did she just say?
Me: Uhh, no you don't! Why? You're not of age?
She gets shy and red and then quietly says,"No, I'm not... I'm only 17."
So, I deliver one last parting line before being professional: "Oh... I guess I can't flirt with you anymore!" because what else do you say? and proceed to ring her out.
We finish the transaction and she stalls out leaving, staring at me, waiting for me to ask her for her number, I think. I tell her bye and stuff and she leaves. Buuut, she "forgets" her phone on the counter.
By this point, I have an audience of a regular couple that jokes around with us, my male co-worker who beside himself with glee and a "I'm not jealous" girl who is pointedly ignoring me all staring at me. My manager looks at me and says,"Go after her, man. I'll give you half an hour of free time."
She had mentioned that she worked at *insert company name*, so I go upstairs and ask around, but they don't know her. I end up finding out that she works at the location up the street. Then I get a call from my store, telling me that she went back. (My coworker told me after that he told her that I went out looking for her and she replied by blushing and saying,"Awww! Oh my god, that's so sweet!")
She sees me coming down the escalator and runs out to meet me at the front of the store aaaaand, grabs her phone from me and stalks off. I think she was actually mad at me and a bit hurt?
Sooo, should I add her on Facebook and apologize? I mean, "I'm sorry. There's a special place in prison for people who are over 18 years old who hit on people under 18 years old, so if you want, let's wait until you're 18 in a few months" Doesn't sound right, but it's so true lol Should I of asked for her number?
I just feel badly. (.-. )
I don't really know how I should feel about this. On one hand: We instantly connected. Obvious attraction, both physical and mental.
On the other hand: SHE'S A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL! Nothing else matters besides that!
Next time I talk to an attractive girl, I'm going to ask to see her Drivers license first lol
I'm so curious of a couple things: 1. If anybody actually finishes reading this lol 2. What their advice/views of this is and 3. if anybody else goes through stuff like this!
Thank you to anybody who makes it this far!

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Yeah, I went through something similar to this. Except it was online, so slight difference, but same feeling. Um, so, what happened in my situation (after I told her I wasn't comfortable with her age) is she unfriended me and blocked me and wasn't online again for like a year. ... so... for me, that worked out for the better, because at the time I needed to focus on school. But in your case, I'd suggest chatting with her. Get her number, and chat in a friendly (non-sexual) way. Get to know her a bit, and then once she is 18, ask her on a date.
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Ah... Okay. If she deletes from her life because you don't want to potentially risk breaking the law, then it may have been for the best? I mean, it's such a huge deal. Especially when in legal matters, it leans towards giving women the upper hand regardless. It just takes her going crazy for a minute and saying,"He touched me" to somebody for it to turn into a prison sentence. And my manager just called her from the store 😯 Hid it behind him checking up on "customer service of his employees" and told her that I work all Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 12-8:30 if she had any questions for me 😂😶