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@QueenPandaBunny Here's the guide I promised for 707's route. This was just the logs from me playing naturally without knowing where the story was headed, so some alternate selections might be better, but this should finally get you to that good ending!

Day 5

00:18 - Strange alarm
1. Heya Yoosung... I did see some weird messages!
2. I'll leave him a word for you ^^
3. Yoosung, turn off that computer and go to bed.

1:48 - Messenger bug!
1. Jaehee, didn't you see any weird messages in the chatroom?
2. I hope it's not anything serious...
3. You mean about the cat business?
4. Seven!! Run for your life!!
5. It seems he cannot speak human.
6. God Seven, where are you? Please save the world from all the bugs!!
7. Everyone, move over!!
8. Hacker?? But you're the hacker.
9. Don't tell me... that alarm and messages were sent by a hacker?
10. Don't tell me someone's reading all our messages T_T
11. It's because of a hacker that I joined this group;;; I'm getting nervous;
12. Yup. Let's not be depressed and try to have a positive outlook on solving this.
13. I thought she's a maid?
14. I think I'm the one in most danger right now...
15. Yay!!! God Seven!!
16. That's not enough.
17. I'll be waiting for you☆
18. I'm a bit doubtful myself T_T I guess she's not just any other maid.
19. Good bye.

8:40 - What you two have in...
1. Did you both have breakfast?
2. God Seven...! I miss him... I his he's busy with work right? >.<
3. No way...
4. I'm not fine;; I hope this gets taken care of asap.
5. Ms. Vanderwood.... I wonder who she is.
6. I guess Seven's not very social?
7. I hate womanizers ^0^
8. Please send over God Seven to me.
9. They seem nice. Since everyone has headaches!
10. Have some mercy on Zen ^^;; Good bye~
11. I'd like to protect you T_T
12. Perhaps because your looks are timeless?

10:20 - 2.35 seconds
1. Did you get to the office fine?
2. You did that on purpose...;;;
3. 8h;aw4ietej
4. I guess you're still caught up with the agency T_T Cheer up!
5. I knew it! I felt as if you were looking at me every 2.35 seconds!!!
6. It'd be so great if you could come!
7. Aren't you ignoring what hake said?;;
8. OMG~! SO KEWT~!!
9. Spitting fireballs of love... Cupid's fire!!!
10. God Seven, you're way cuter ^^
11. Yes mte
12. Then just take a walk~! You should clear your head.
13. I'll be waiting for you! Cheer up!
14. He should be tracing the hacker if he has time for that;;
15. I will! You be careful too, Jaehee!

12:30 - Men with black suits
1. Yoosung~ Did my ickle Yoosung baby have his lunch~?
2. That's quite scary!
3. Yoosung... Your last name is Kim? I never knew lol
4. So jealous... No one can come to me because of security reasons... T_T... I wish at least Seven could come.
5. People will think you're a movie star or something +_+
6. I would want one if only it didn't spit fire lolol Seven is so cute!
7. He'd work so well if only I could go to his house!!
8. Enjoy it while you can lololol

14:21 - Distract your attention
1. So the meeting went well? Congratulations!
2. I'll prices are affecting the currency too... The global economy is always hard to figure out.
3. Oil Prince.
4. Mr. Luciel is always open to financial cooperation.
5. There's not much time left!!
6. Hurry and write that email.
7. Jaehee is very smart... No, perhaps she is just desperate to live a proper life.
8. You're leaving tomorrow, right? Hope you get ready without much trouble!

16:41 - Jumin....!!
1. Zen~ Is the bodyguard with you?
2. Did something happen?
3. Wow! They look so reliable!
4. You can't joke about things like that T_T
5. Oh, right! Did the meeting go well?
6. Sounds fantastic!
7. Maybe there's a tripter bot that spreads your photos nonstop? lol
8. Try thinking it out while jogging. Bye.

18:11 - It's been bugging me
1. How was school?
2. I think Jumin did that on purpose. Lolol He's actually pretty funny.
3. It's okay... haha.  But what were you talking about?
4. Then come see me~!
5. To be honest... I want one ^^
6. What matters is the intention~! I would love for you to give it to me.
7. Seven... You don't...!?
8. I think taking action is more important than listening to a boy who's never dated girls before. I'm ready!
9. Creating itself with the blessing of God Seven... This is almost a myth.
10. Romantic... That sounds nice! I want to experience what that's like~☆
11. Don't!! Someday you'll use it for something!!
12. The Tripter bot??
13. That's nice of you... but you did get his permission, right?
14. Like••• the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!
15. Right you are~!
16. Seven....
17. I feel like he's trying to avoid talking about his feelings.
18. I hope that's the case, haha.
19. Aren't you gaming too much..?

19:50 - Seven's true feelings
1. Hey Jaehee~ Did you get off work?
2. Hi!
3. Didn't he go over the line doing something like that without your permission?...
4. I think he said something similar yesterday.
5. I think Seven is being a bit odd.
6. But Seven denied that he has feelings for me...
7. Maybe he needs time?
8. Go and rest~! It must have been a rough day.
9. But you were busy!
10. Don't work too hard and rest up~

21:20 - Bus driver, Yoosung
1. Did you get a job as a bus driver?
2. It's a game, but I suppose it's a proper society of its own.
3. What do you think Seven is doing right now?
4. He said something similar yesterday, and I could understand it... if you consider Seven's career.
5. I feel bad that Seven's job has so many restrictions...
6. Sounds like a normal day of a high school freshman.
7. What's up with you, haha?
8. Maybe he wants to do something for you?
9. But shouldn't your still try to maintain a regular lifestyle?
10. Don't game too much though ^^

23:47 - Perhaps my head is broken
1. God Seven!! How's work going!?
2. Don't feel too much pressure. You can always do it tomorrow!
3. How is he different?
4. Did you run away from home?
5. Why~? I want to know more about you, Seven.
6. Hmm...
7. Why are you being so sad...? Seven, you can have anything you want!
8. Just let everything go... Be yourself.
9. Let's go to the moon towner someday, haha.
10. Yeah, you should really pull yourself together.
11. Yeah! I guess you'll feel better if they come?
12. Thank you... I can feel God Seven's good graces protecting me ^^
13. If it gets too tough, just think of me and feel better!

Day 6

1:33 - Mysterious email
1. Did you find the Tripter bot that Seven made?
2. Is something up?
3. I don't feel good about it...
4. Yes... I don't feel good about it. You should as Seven.
5. I'm kind of worried about Seven. He doesn't seem very well.
6. I'll try talking to him...
7. If you have any good photos, share them with me! Good night!

3:17 - I got it too!?
1. Hello, Zen... What about the email?
2. I think Seven would say it's just a spam message.
3. I'm quite worried...
4. I think so too...
5. I wish something like that never happens to Seven.
6. I do think that none of us know much about Seven... I want to know more about him.
7. Just thinking about it makes me sad...
8. Why are suddenly talking about relationship? haha
9. Time for some night time snacks!
10. I want to dream about Seven.

8:35 - I'm recovered!
1. Are you feeling better now?^^
2. No need to be sorry...
3. Ooh!! Seven you look so handsome!
4. Next-to-be Chairman's Gap Moe has increased by 2.
5. Wow! I'm amazed at your knowledge!
6. Seven, are you gap moe?
7. I didn't receive it.
8. But... Seven, don't you have enough work already?
9. Good thinking ^^
10. T_T... You just said you're ready to sacrifice yourself... You're not coming to save me?
11. Alright... go.
12. Yes, I'm glad he seems to have cheered up.
13. Good! Oil is an important energy source!
14. You really do understand cats!
15. You're right. I think Yoosung also needs some help from his family...
16. Be careful~! Have a good flight.

10:22 - Spotlighted life isn't bad at all
1. Yo yo, wassup!! LOLOL warrior!
2. I always starve.
3. So jealous~ You must feel like a celebrity, haha.
4. Aren't you spending too much time gaming? I'm a bit worried.
5. Maybe he's calling the game addiction prevention center?
6. Oh, right. Yoosung, you didn't receive any strange emails?
7. Yoosung, you're so cute. lolol
8. Let's do that!
9. It's not good to be so obsessed with games...

13:01 - Jaehee enjoying freedom
1. Heya Zen.
2. lolololololol Congratulations, Jaehee.
3. Didn't you say you saw Zen's DVD again last night? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
4. It feels more suspicious since that whole hacker thing happened a couple days ago...
5. I miss Seven... I wanna joke around.
6. You must still have a lot of work, but I'm happy you seem more relaxed today. Good luck!
7. I think it's a bit serious... Don’t you think he needs help?
8. I pay my respects to your diligence, Zen.
9. Okay... God bye.

14:39 - JUMIN!!!!!T_T
1. What's going on?
2. What did Jumin tell your mom?
3. Oh! They seem like a nice group. Can we invite them to the party?
4. I don't think Jumin will listen. He's in a plane. ^^
5. lolol Finally you're cleaning your room.
6. Bye~!

16:04 - The sender of the email
1. Heya God Seven
2. Jumin... What in the world did he do?;;
3. He was simply worried. Yoosung did have a horrible lifestyle these days.
4. Let's not be too harsh on him haha
5. Wow you managed to find it so fast! Your such a genius God Seven!
6. So you mean the hacker sent us that email!?
7. Please let us know what you know, Seven.
8. Seven, aren't you without a bodyguard too? Are you okay?
9. Let's go out for some fresh air together once this ends ^^
10. Won't it be too dangerous?
11. I'll go with you!! You can't go there alone!
12. Don't strain yourself, Seven... Bye.
13. I think so too. Everything will work out if we work together...
14. I wish he'd just tell me everything... I'm worried about him too.

17:55 - Unexpected fact
1. I think this is good for him. lol
2. Probably exactly what's going on? haha
3. Yup. You have to keep your job, haha.
4. I'm more worried about Seven. I think he wants to take care of everythingby himself...
5. Yes, please let Jumin know of the gravity of the situation.

19:19 - Family reunion
1. Don't cry, my baby...
2. I'm sure Jumin had good intentions.
3. Bu-but think of it positively... You get to live a better lifestyle now.
4. Wouldn't it be bee for me to go...? It could be dangerous.
5. She'll just stay for a couple of days ^^;; Moms carry around a lot of stuff.
6. Cinederalla Yoosung lolol
7. ...Just do your best studying.

21:00 - It was for Yoosung
1. I'm not worried.... What happened with you calling Mrs. Kim?
2. I don't think it's the time for you to talk about that right now, Jumin.
3. Why the hell did you call Yoosung's mom?
4. Hmm... I think Jumin is right. Independence and parents... it makes sense!
5. I admit that your intentions are good, Jumin!
6. I can almost hear Jaehee yelling at us to change the subject.
7. I think you should talk to Yoosung son, Jumin~
8. Jumin, do you know anything about that?
9. If it's the same group... then they really are after the information.
10. It really is. He has to know about this asap...
11. He hurt his eyes?
12. Then why don't we invite him to the party?
13. Are you there for work or for pleasure?
14. Yup, a bit;;
15. Hurry and check, haha. Don't worry too much though. I'm sure they are all nice photos.

22:59 - Actually I...
1. Yes! Seven, I was waiting for you~
2. I'm fine. I'm sure you have no choice. Did you talk to V yet...?
3. You're trying this hard. There's no way that the members will be harmed. Don't worry.
4. I trust nothing bad will happen... but I want to know what you do.
5. That's... that's so sad. We can even be friends?
6. Seven, think about yourself too, not just me. The more dangerous things are let's stop being so sad.
7. I don't regret getting to know you, Seven! Even if you do dangerous things!
8. Seven... you're talking about the agency, right? Are you really okay... working there?
9. Okay, don't worry. I'll be fine.
10. Don't feel so much pressure, and just take care of everything one by one! Be careful, Seven. Thank you for protecting me.

Day 7

1:10 - Seven is depressed...?
1. Hello, Jaehee.
2. Yes... I feel really sad.
3. If that's really the case, shouldn't we go rescue him?
4. Perhaps that's why he was so crestfallen and described it that way.
5. Why don't we bring him Honey Buddha Chips?
6. Oh...
7. He should be worried;; I'm in danger right now;;
8. What do you think he meant by that?
9. You're not playing games right now, right? lolol Good boy.
10. You could try to stop yourselfwhen your mother's there with you;;
11. Just sleep tight like a good boy~
12. He seems to have lost his confidence. I hope he gets it back soon.
13. If he has a dangerous job, I'd like to stop him....
14. You're right! You should go to bed.

2:30 - Tripter Bot
1. Zen, what were you doing so late at night? ^^
2. No, the photo is dazzling.
3. Did you find it?
4. Yeah, good job ^^ Our proud God Seven!
5. He's a genius. What can he do? lol
6. Give something back if you're so thankful lolol
7. Good idea!
8. I agree with that.
9. Yeah... I want Seven to just honestly express his feelings for me...!
10. Haha....
11. No smoking! It's bad for your skin and lungs.
12. Right now.

9:32 - Sentimental morning
1. Hello, Seven... Are you okay?
2. Jumin! How's the middle east?
3. Seven... is everything you said last night true?
4. Something bad? Tell us.
5. Oh! I know what that is lol
6. ...I want Seven to live a long life.
7. Ya. Gimme gimme.
8. So pretty...
9. Yes... Let's make a spaceship so that we can go to the moon some day.
10. Let's go somewhere together, Seven ^^
11. I think you have too much work, Seven. Is there any way we can help you?
12. Why is V so hard to reach?
13. HB Chips are good but it'll ruin your health~!
14. Who in the world us keeping you from focusing ? T_T
15. Jumin, you're the man.
16. Good! Let's invite him.
17. Take care~
18. Is it because your room is dirty?;;
19. Huh? You can't be here if she's with you?

10:40 - We are moving!
1. How are you doing with your mom?
2. Jaehee, how is work going?
3. I am nervous, but there's nothing I can do.
4. You didn't play games all night, did you? lolol
5. I agree with Jaehee...
6. Hello, my rainbow unicorn.
7. I agree.
8. You can't move because of Jumin? Are you cursed or something...?
9. I'm disappointed that my unicorn smokes cigarettes.
10. I mean, it's Seven's maid. Of course she's strange too.
11. To be honest, I don't like that he told Seven to just get rid of his emotions.
12. I can't get rid of my emotions.
13. Yeah, it's a good cause! Let's invite them.
14. Okay, don't worry. Hope the meeting goes well.
15. He might have a problem controlling his emotions. But isn't the fact that he's in a difficult situation what's really getting to him?
16. It would have been his if you slept early lolol
17. Don't fall asleep.
18. Yes, I think Seven did a very good job.
19. I think that's likely lol
20. Good bye... Good luck! ^^

12:27 - New business idea
1. Not yet.
2. In the desert? ;;;
3. You want to build golf courses on desert too?
4. Good! Let's invite them.
5. Win the game ^^

13:36 - Do not move
1. Yes? Why? Is something wrong?
2. What???
3. You're coming here?
4. Seven, wait!

14:58 - Unbelievable!
1. I don't know... It sounds really urgent...
2. I'm not sure, but I can tell that he's super conscious of Ms. Vanderwood being there.
3. Seven! What were you taking about just before? Please explain.
4. I'm getting nervous...
5. I think he doesn't haveany other choice right now. I should just listen to him and wait.
6. Is he famous? Can I have his contact information?
7. I'm fine. Hurry, Yoosung!

16:12 - What is the special security system?
1. Seven! Are you on your way?
2. No... I'm fine ^^
3. What the hell is the special security system!?
4. This is really nerve-racking... but I'm a bit happy that he's coming to protect me.
5. I do feel that too... but I hope he doesn't get hurt trying to hurry.
6. Okay, please let him know what's going on, Jaehee!

17:06 - What Yoosung and Jumin...
1. Yoosung, do you think Seven is safe right now? I'm worried.
2. Jumin! The special security system... did you get the chance to talk to V about it?
3. Hmm... V is so irresponsible.
4. Wouldn't it probably be a system that protects the apartment?
5. then someone must have hacked in to take our guest information...
6. Oh my god... But nothing says that I'll be safe when Seven gets here;;
7. I feel bad that your schedule's messed up now... Anyways, be careful...
8. Wasn't it Jumin who called your mother~?
9. Have fun peeling onions.... Adios.

1. (Looks at where the announcement is coming from.)
2. The hacker...!?
3. What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere!
4. I'm not going anywhere!! Seven!! Help me!!
5. Seven!!!! Save me!!!!
6. Seven! What's going on? Tell me!
7. Let me go!!
8. (Bite the man's arm)
9. Seven... are you okay?
10. That man... how do you know him?
11. Alright. I'll trust you, Seven.

20:58 - The system is back on
1. Seven, I've been dying to know what you've been doing. Tell me~~
2. Seven, but what about your work for the agency? Can you be here?
3. I'm fine, thanks to Seven.
4. Seven, how long do you plan to stay here?
5. I think it was one person who did everything...
6. ...Yes, I can't talk about it now, but I think it's someone else.
7. I don't think that's a good idea...
8. I trust Seven ^^ He'll protect me.
9. Thank you for everything, Seven ^^
10. >_< Now you noticed?
11. Nothing like that will happen ^^;;; I trust Seven.
12. Haha, nothing will happen, so don't worry and go.

1. I'm not uncomfortable at all. Just make yourself at home.
2. Still, you're more reliable than a CCTV.
3. The agency... are you really okay with them? Are you being chased?
4. But... you'll be comfortable in that corner.
5. Don't you have anything you want to tell me... about your brother?
6. Seven... you're not like how you are in the chatroom.

22:24 - The only hope
1. Yes... I'm safe thanks to Seven.
2. I do feel safe with Seven here.
3. No need to worry ^^ I feel safe with seven here too.
4. You know what to do...
5. Thanks for worrying Jaehee. You cheer up too.

Day 8

1:05 - What is V doing?
1. Don't worry ^^;; Seven's on our side.
2. Well... anyways, thanks for the advice lol
3. Food Jumin turn safely?
4. I think Jumin would still care...
5. We would have been in big trouble if it weren't for Seven.
6. Let's wait a bit for him to reach us.
7. Jaehee, it's late so please be careful and good luck!
8. I'm sure that if V knew what was happening, he would have taken care of it.
9. He seems a bit busy, but he's nice.
10. I'll be careful. Thanks for worrying, Zen.

3:12 - Jumin's suggestion
1. Hello.
2. I think we should discuss that issue with Seven.
3. But first, aren't you tired from the trip?
4. But why don't you see any women, Jumin?
5. Poor Yoosung...
6. Right now. After talking with you, I feel like I'll finally be about to sleep ^^
7. I'm of age.

8:00 - Good time with mom
1. God... He really doesn't understand how you feel T_T
2. To make Kimchi?
3. Hello, Zen~
4. lololol Don't worry. I'm doing fine with Seven.
5. Good luck... T_T
6. Still Yoosung, you have a better daily routine now ^^;
7. I agree with Zen. lol
8. Hmm... Seven is very busy with work, and I have to keep the secrecy.
9. Trust me~
10. Yoosung... it'll all be over soon. Have hope!!!
11. He pretends he hates it, but it's nice to see him go along with it.
12. Maybe there's an alarm and the police will come?
13. I'm just going to read so that I don't bother Seven.

9:55 - The truth of the special security system
1. What is?
2. Oh! Can we invite that association to our party.
3. Seven, how is work going?
4. What do you think, Seven?
5. I'll believe in you, Seven.
6. Me in danger because of you...? Don't even say that.
7. I don't know... Can you reveal the secret?
8. ...
9. ...I trust Seven will find a way to solve all this.
10. I think I have to go. Let me talk over this with Seven.

1. How do you think your brother broke through the glass?
2. I'm not scared at all with you here!
3. If it weren't for you, I would have been kidnapped then. But thanks to you, I'm fine.
4. Seven, why the headphones? Are you avoiding me?

11:48 - I cannot believe Rika did that
1. ? Yoosung, is something happening?
2. I never thought Rika would be someone to request a bomb....
3. There must be a reason...?
4. I don't know about that... But Seven will let us know what we need to know.
5. Cheer up, Yoosung. You won't get lucky with a sad face!

13:27 - Two different reaction
1. I guess he doesn't know you're calling since he's so focused with work;; That boy. I'll tell him that you called.
2. Are you talking about Yoosung?
3. Did he bring his girlfriend?
4. Jaehee! Hello...
5. It is quite... unrealistic.
6. That won't happen since Seven's here.
7. I'm sure they had their own reasons...
8. Then what about the party?
9. I thought so too, since Seven is very thoughtful.
10. I wouldn't have been fine if Seven weren't here. At least that's good.
11. Zen... Be careful.
12. I can't stop thinking that RFA is hiding something more than the bomb.
13. Yes, I want to trust Seven.
14. Yes?
15. Thank you for all your efforts...

15:04 - What I can do
1. I came here because I wanted to talk to you in the messenger. How is work going?
2. Yes.
3. I'm fine. I'm sure is harder for you since everything's on your shoulders.
4. I don't know very well... but I'm sure Rika didn't have bad intentions.
5. You're with me.
6. This isn't your fault. No one knew this was going to happen.
7. Seven, are you really okay... after all that's happened? You don't have anything you want to say to me?
8. Will you take me there?
9. ...About the hacker?
10. I'm really fine, Seven.
11. You did nothing wrong, Seven. You just kept the secret as V told you and did your best...
12. I'm sure RFA isn't disappointed with you. Everyone is just worried.
13. Okay, go ahead ^^

17:31 - The secrets that Seven has
1. I don't think this situation is Seven's fault.
2. Zen, do you feel better?
3. That's a good idea. Did you read what Seven said?
4. Seven didn't put me in danger on purpose... So I'd like to be understanding.
5. I wish there weren't any secrets from the first place...
6. I feel how sincere Seven is in trying to help me, so I want to trust him rather than get angry
7. Seven doesn't seem to be complaining against V... Why do you think that is?
8. I'm sure that Seven is feeling a lot of pressure even if he pretends not to be.
9. It must have been tough for your mom...
10. Okay~ Take good care of her~
11. It's nice to see him like that.
12. Alright, I will ^^
13. I think he'll open his heart someday ^^
14. Bye, Zen ^^

1. Seven~ Are you really okay not eating anything?
2. (Reaches hand to look at the book Seven brought.)
3. Huh? What is this...? Do I put it in the computer...?
4. I just want to get close to you... Is that wrong?
5. You're not even giving me a chance to become close to you...? I feel hurt...

19:29 - Inefficient ways
1. Seven is working hard as usual.
2. Do you think so?
3. Do you think he'll come back before the party...?
4. It means that he trusts you, so be positive ^^; Of course I'm sure is tough...
5. Should we invite them to the party?
6. Hang in there ^^;; Accio phone call!

21:13 - I miss my mom
1. I know... Did your mother go back home?
2. I guess you already miss your mom...
3. Your mom must think about you alot.
4. You can be a better soon from now on~
5. Oh, that's nice~ Let's invite them.
6. Haha, okay. Yoosung, you're so cute.
7. Thank you. Bye, Yoosung.

23:30 - Is that what you have to say?
1. V! What's going on!? Why are you coming so late?
2. Seven! V's finally here.
3. Did you hear about the special security system.
4. So the phone was bugged?
5. ...What do you think Seven?
6. Are you doubting Seven?
7. V, I think you made a mistake talking about the letters.
8. V... You're being suspicious.  Are you nervous that Seven is here?
9. V, you really don't know about Saeran?
10. ...Do you think he really list service?
11. Seven... are you okay?

1. That robot... you made it then.
2. Meowy, let's stay quiet for now~
3. Things didn't seem to go well with V... Are you okay?
4. I don't really know about V but I trust him~ Can’t we all just be friends?
5. Seven... is there really nothing I can do to help?
6. I can't help but think that there's something in there about Saeran.
7. Why are you deciding my future..?
8. You're being too one sided. Then what do I do about my feelings for you?
9. It's scary when you yell...

Day 9

1:12 - Shaking faith
1. I think this is really difficult for him.
2. Yoosung, did you read what Seven said about not rusting V anymore?
3. I'm sure there's a secret he wants to keep hidden. Don't you think he should open the drawer?
4. Still, we didn't hear his explanation yet, so we shouldn't just assume that he did all bad...
5. Calm down. It might be difficult to be objective here because you have personal feeling towards him, Yoosung.
6. ...I'm sure Seven doesn't want RFA to split up.
7. Try to rest and calm down a bit for now, Yoosung.
8. But... what gets me more is that V was really flustered to hear the name Saeran.
9. It's late, so go and get some rest.

2:46 - Confession
1. I was thinking about what you said to me earlier..
2. Shouldn't you explain to the RFA members about Saeran now?
3. So V was your savior at the time.
4. I remember... how you looked when you found out about it.
5. Now I can understand why you can't trust V.
6. I'm sure that Saeran is first now...
7. Okay, I think that is the best option for you.
8. I will. Don't work too hard and please take a break.

7:55 - Brother of Seven?
1. Zen... I'm sure the last conversation is difficult to take in;;
2. I'm sure you're shocked at Seven's story too...
3. What do you think his family history is to have parted with his twin brother?
4. Yeah... I would feel so betrayed.
5. I think we'll solve this issue by researching about the hacker's organization rather than family.
6. ...Excuse me?;;
7. You're right, but still;;;;
8. Do you think that'll mean anything to RFA now?
9. ;;;;;
10. True, but I can't imagine a Jumin who talks nicely haha
11. Go and calm yourself down again ^^;;
12. Be careful~

10:01 - It has nothing to do with you
1. Hi... How's work going?
2. Yoosung, you understand how Seven feels, right?
3. Still, don't you think there will be something he can help with?
4. I don't think that's a good idea...
5. Seven, are you serious?
6. Why did you suddenly decide that...?
7. That's too harsh...
8. Wow... Seven, you're so cold.
9. Yoosung...
10. Yoosung... are you okay?

1. You broke it! Why did you do it... Can we fix it...?
2. Why are you protecting me if you're just going to leave soon...? You can just leave right now.
3. Then if I keep being in danger, will you stay with me?
4. I just want to be with you, because I like you!
5. Then please let me understand the person in front of me...!
6. I like the Seven that's in front of my eyes. Regardless of how complicated your life is, I want to know.
7. There is no reason. I just like you. That's how I feel...!
8. I'm okay with that... I don't regret my feelings towards you.
9. There's no way I'll regret being with the person I like.
10. First, take some time and think about accepting me.
11. Then I'll wait.

11:33 - He did not mean that
1. I feel bad that Seven and Yoosung fought.
2. That's true... but I think things are very complicated for Seven right now.
3. I can't say that's a lie, but I also think that the cheerful Seven we knew is real too.
4. He worked harder than any of us for the RFA...
5. I'll try my best...
6. It's okay. My feelings towards Seven are strong.
7. You seem quite attached to Seven, Jaehee.
8. My way as always...
9. Cheer up, Jaehee.
10. Calm down, Zen. Why don't you try reading your script?

13:28 - Keep it cool
1. I'm worried about Yoosung.
2. That's true... but I'm sure it is difficult for Seven to control his emotions in that situation.
3. Well... Okay, tell him to send me an email.
4. Thank you for everything. Please take good care of the party, Jumin.

15:27 - Jaehee's consolation
1. He just keeps on working. He's not saying anything but I think he's sorting out his emotions.
2. Even if we do have the party, Seven won't be there, right?
3. You know that it's not your fault that Seven is acting that way.
4. I'm sure he will appreciate you feeling that way.
5. Okay! Seven will change. I'll do my best.

1. Seven, what are you doing right now?
2. What are you thinking?
3. I was just being honest because I like you, Seven.
4. I genuinely like you, Seven. I don't say this to others.
5. Then... tell me about the hacker, your brother...
6. You two look so similar.
7. How did you learn hacking when you grew up like that?
8. I feel so bad that you had to go through all that...
9. They say that talking about things make you feel better. Thanks for taking to me.
10. Of course.

17:45 - Sorry, Yoosung
1. That's a very sudden change ^^;
2. Am apology?
3. Yoosung;; Nice timing!
4. Yoosung, how are you feelings?
5. Yup. Yoosung's completely right.
6. Do you miss your mom?
7. Weer should do a campaign on "thinking before talking."
8. I won't stop you... but will it work out?
9. I'm so glad you feel that way~!
10. Seven, please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
11. I'm really glad that you two made up.
12. Kimchi and ramen?

19:19 - What a relief
1. It's really nice, isn't it Zen?
2. You gave Seven advice earlier. lol
3. Wow ^^
4. I wish anyone would suggest some guests~~
5. That sounds like a nice organization! Tell them to reach me~
6. I think Jumin's a very strange person. lolol
7. It's very hard becoming an adult. Did you go through something difficult, Zen?
8. You be careful too!

1. Do I need to be ready...?
2. The logo... from that email...
3. Rika and V... Do you think both of them were involved?
4. Should I go too?

21:16 - Mint Eye and Rika
1. Oh! Then can I say something embarrassing here? lolol
2. Jaehee, hello~ ^^
3. You're going to mention what you discovered earlier, right?
4. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it.
5. We don't know... We can only assume that Rika had a secret.
6. I will.
7. Seven's already thought enough about this. Please today him when he says it's time to act.
8. I'm glad to hear you say that, Seven.
9. Alright. Jaehee, I'll get going too~

23:34 - I can't sleep
1. The materials in Rika's drawer... It's very shocking isn't it?
2. I'm shocked to. It must be more so for you.
3. But... it was Rika who requested for the bomb, and the materials were found in her apartment...
4. I don't know... but even so, it looks as if she was a crucial part in building that organization.
5. Calm yourself down first... we don't know what went on yet.
6. Yes, that'll be better than this. Go ahead.
7. You don't think Rika betrayed the RFA, do you?
8. Feel better, Jumin.

Day 10

1:45 - Everything I believed
1. Zen, you can't sleep either, right?
2. I honestly don't know about Rika, but I'm worried about Yoosung. He seems really shocked.
3. I don't think Seven will be able to sleep tonight either.
4. I will. Don't worry too much and try to get some rest.

4:14 - Betrayal
1. Yoosung... You can't sleep, right?
2. I don't know a lot about her.. but I think that's possible.
3. Yes... He's checking every corner.
4. I couldn't fall asleep either thinking about what was in Rika's drawer.
5. ME.... Mint Eye?
6. Then... Mint Eye may have been exploiting Saeran too...
7. I'll be with you until the truth is revealed, Seven.
8. When will we leave for Mount Eye?
9. Please take good care of the party even if we're not there, Yoosung.
10. I'll trust your decision, Seven.
11. I'll start getting ready too.
12. Thank you. I'll go get ready now. ^^

1. I can go anywhere if tie there with me. That won't change.
2. Wow! The robot cat! You... fixed it?
3. Yes, let's go find the truth and come back safe.
4. Yes, let's go together!

8:18 - We miss you guys
1. Yes, we're on our way.
2. Jumin, you didn't sleep very well last night?
3. Jaehee, did you watch Zen's DVD last night because you couldn't sleep?
4. •••
5. I'm not, since I'm with someone I trust.
6. Jumin, why are you so obsessed with the party?
7. Good luck, Jaehee.
8. I'll just think about taking care if this and coming back safe.
9. Okay, thank you. Good luck!
10. Do you want to me, is that it? ^^
11. What is it?
12. I'll let him know.
13. Okay, good bye.

10:22 - I can't get over this
1. Not yet. I'm worried he's speeding right now.
2. ...Is this the time for jokes?
3. Yes, you must still be in shock. Rest up.
4. I'm sorry I can't go. Please take care of the party for me. ^^
5. That day will come... Trust us.
6. Call you mother. You might feel better once you talk to her.
7. Cheer up~!
8. Lead the way and have everyone cheer up Zen!
9. Alright Zen, good luck.

1. I'm fine. Are we here?
2. I won't...! Let's do this and go back home!

12:07 - Please remember
1. Yeah, I guess everyone's busy because of the party.
2. I hope this isn't our last photo.
3. It might all be game over if we meet Saeran or run into security...
4. Don't think that. Well come back safe!
5. Is there a reason you want to tell me here?
6. Then tell me.
7. Of course.

1. Do you think Saeran hacked into our system here?
2. First... is Saeran really used this computer, we'd better start transferring the materials.
3. Seven, are you transferring the information already? You're so fast.
4. Saeran...?
5. What are you going to do with us!?
6. Saeran... still please listen. Nothing will change just by you listening.
7. Saeran, I'm sure there's a misunderstanding. Please listen to what Seven has to say.
8. And last time when he saw you... that's when he realized that V didn't keep his promise.
9. Saeran, what really happened?
10. Savior?
11. (Inserts floppy disc into the computer.)
12. Seven... should we run after him?

13:41 - Calm down
1. Did he take it ?
2. Cars?
3. Jumin... Seven and I are locked in right now.
4. Please explain the situation to Jumin.
5. We will! Don't lose faith.
6. Won't sometime else come attack us?
7. You can do it, Seven..!
8. Everything will be fine, Jumin. I'll get going too.

15:38 - We are on our way
1. Yes... we had a moment to spare.
2. We're safe. We are still locked in...
3. Seven will be here soon.
4. It's me important to get out of here first.
5. We can't leave until we find Saeran and the truth.
6. We'll be in touch again!

17:53 - Don't with about the party
1. No. Seven just stopped for a moment to find the way out so I came in here.
2. Did you guys hear from V yet?
3. I should go back to Seven now. Cheer up, both of you!

1. I think we missed Saeran...
2. Someone must have driven off quickly... It's not Saeran's car, is it..?
3. Saeran...?
4. What is that about?
5. Can we believe him?
6. How the hell does the agency operate?

21:34 - Disappointment
1. Yes, but first, did you read what V said?
2. He met us. We didn't even tell him the address but he showed up.
3. Jaehee... We met V here. I'm so shocked.
4. I suppose he has to many secrets to do that.
5. Jumin...
6. Maybe he was too shocked and just left;;
7. Although we don't know the truth yet.
8. That's a good idea. You guys can comfort each other.
9. Don't worry about us and Yoosung! Hurry to Zen's house.
10. I'm just worried that Seven seems really hurt.
11. I should get going too. I should at least try to comfort Seven.

23:41 - Our plan
1. Seven, aren't you tired driving?
2. It's fine.
3. Yes, I think my heart is still racing.
4. You were working in your computer earlier. What were you doing?
5. What do you think Vanderwood plans to do with Saeran?
6. I'll be with you until the end.
7. ...Is it....
8. Yes... I won't be able to attend, but I hope it goes well.
9. I'll be hoping for everything to work out.
And that oughta do it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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