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due to language, and sensual content
Reader & Jay Park

When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...

~(Y/N Pov)~

I gave myself the day off from AOMG so I could report to CJ E&M my weekly status. Work was getting way too easy for me lately. I hadn't had much to do and my actual boss was starting to notice it as well. I sat in his office waiting for him to say something as he review my report on AOMG's finanical status. "Well it seems their stable once again."

I nodded my head and held back a sigh. I wish there was a challenge for me there but their wasn't much to do. "Might just have you come back and promote you at this rate." I gave a soft laugh as I did my best to stay focus at the task at hand. "You know, even my own boss has been looking at your track record with us. Keep this up he might promote you above me."

He sounded like he was joking but even I knew that was it was possible with my knowledge and skill level. I always follow the rules and get work done so far in advance it would be no surprised. He dismissed me, and I just simply went to explore the area. If I was to get promoted that high up, it would mean more of a challenge, as well as more freedom to do certain things. Like possibly dating and having time to hangout with my new friends.

I was smiling at the idea and enjoying the beautiful warm day we were having. I ended up coming across Dudart Cafe, and decided to go inside to get something to eat. It was own by AOMG so the staff knew me very well, since I came here a lot. I didn't even have to say my order anymore, cause I just kept getting the same thing over and over again. The only thing I did different was I asked them to double my order.

This way I had something to eat when I was home later tonight. Plus their food was always huge. I spilt the first one into half and save the second one for tomorrow. They were sweethearts towards me and always gave me a discount. This time they didn't even charge me for the twin part of my order.

I ate my meal as I walked to my apartment, when I noticed a familiar Bently parked outside my apartment complex. "Nah it couldn't be." I shook my head, reassuring myself that it wasn't Jay's. Oh was I so wrong though, because when I got to my apartment floor, there he was sitting outside my door, while sound asleep. I put my food back in the bag, before making my way over to the hooded man.

I lightly kicked his foot, making him wake up. He yawn before looking up at me, with a warm smile. "Hey, you're home." I nodded my head, before offering a hand to help him get up. "What's up, did something happen at AOMG?"

He took my hand, and shook his head after getting up. "Nah, I just wanted to see you. We rarely ever get you to hang out with us unless its work related, or a meal. You should come drink with us sometime." I looked Jay over while he spoke, so I could see if he was setting me up to cave in towards him.

"Mianhae, I would go honestly, but I won't be much fun. I'm a worse light weight than Loco oppa, and I tend to be a wall flower." Jay nodded as he pointed to the bags of food that were on the other side of him. "Well than how about I make you a meal tonight. Eating nothing but take out isn't always good for you."

I chuckled as I show him the logo on the bag. "Are you saying your cafe is junk food." Jay's jaw drop open as he noticed it was from his own cafe. "But you know what, for now I will humor you." I winked at him before going pass him to open the door.

We both walked inside of my apartment as I help him bring in the food. "So Jay what you planning on making me?" I smiled as I turn towards him. He chuckled before petting my head lightly. "I'm going to try to make you a pasta dish."

I raised an eyebrow when he said the word try. Even I did my homework on everyone from AOMG. I knew very well Jay wasn't that good of a cook. But I also knew the person had to be very special to him to make him cook for them. This was truly miss leading though, because I really did doubt I was his type of woman.

I help Jay get the supplies he needed and watch him cook, while I sat on the counter. Well at least the one behind him, in fear he might start a fire. Which I was right about, cause he almost burn the pasta dish. I booty bumped him out of the way, so I could save the dish from him. Jay sighed heavily as he sulked a bit.

"I'm sorry, Y/N. This was meant to impress you."

I looked over at him and saw he was sincerely upset that he wasn't able to make this dish for me. "It's okay Jay oppa." He looked up at me a bit surprised I said oppa towards him for the first time. I had been purposely calling everyone but him oppa to mess with him. "But why do you want to impress me so much?"

Jay seem happier as he took my hand in his own. "You know that the first time I have ever heard you call me oppa." I sighed heavily and shook my head before taking my hand back. I got us plates, before serving the pasta I saved. He snaked his arms around my waist, whilst resting his chin on my shoulder.

"Because... I like you Y/N. You aren't like most woman I have ever met before."

I looked at him from the corner of my eye, a bit taken back. "That's cause their amazingly beautiful and actually you're type." He smirked and chuckle before tapping my behind once. "Really cause to be my type you need to have an ass... I know full well you got that."

I yelp when he gripped my ass, making lightly elbow him, as Jay let go of me. "Yah, I never gave you permission to touch my ass like that." He held up his hands in defense, while I sighed and hung my head. "I like you too Jay. I just don't want to lose what I've worked so hard for, let alone get hurt by the king player."

I looked up into Jay's eyes, to see them sad again. "Y/N I would not ever ask you to give it all up for me, and you would beat me before I could hurt you. You've already started haha." He gave a half hearted smiled, before pulling me into his arms.

"Can we just spend time together than? I doubt you like being alone so much. I know I don't like it." Jay lift my head up by my chin to get my attention. "No labels need, and if someone askes just say no."

Jay was swaying me, and it scared me. "How many times have you used that line on someone." He looked me in the eyes to only blind. "Wow! You really don't believe me." I simply pushed Jay away and grabbed my plate. "You're an international celebraty Jay. You can have any girl you want in the world. Why do you want me?"

I turn to face him, as he made me put down my plate. He spun me around so that he could make me sit on the island with the sink. He held my waist, and got between my legs to be as close to me as possible. "Yes I know I can have any girl I want. But their no girl out there like you."

I just cross my arms against my chest, and looked away. If I looked into his eyes, I knew I was done for. "Yah! Y/N look at me please." One of Jay's hands, left my waist to touch my cheek, and make me look at him. "I'm trying to express my feelings for you here. I'm trying to make you understand why I keep coming back to you."

Jay was being serious, but I honestly couldn't handle any of this at all. I was scared, I didn't want to open up to him. I knew all to damn well a man of his status and his track record. He would never change to be the man I desire him to be.

"You're so smart, I honestly don't know how the fuck you don't own you're own business yet. You're beauty is so out of this world, super models should be jealous, espeically since you don't even put effort into it. You never wear make up ever around us too. You treat me like a person not some famous guy, and its refreshing. You ground me when I need it most, and support me when I struggle. Damn Y/N, I swear if you don't be my world, I might fall apart."

I looked at Jay a bit stun by his words. He looked puzzled as if he was trying to read my expression. "Y/N please...say something." I looked down and sighed heavily. "I can't lie to you Jay. I am a fan of yours, and meeting you finally was amazing. After working with you for a while now too... I've noticed I'm being sway by you."

Jay was smiling so sweetly when I looked up at him. "But I doubt you'll give up your playboy ways to be mine and only mine. Its why I'm not saying yes to you, well other than the fact that I am not ready to give up." Jay slowly pulled away from me, and hung his head.

"Can you drop all the thots in your DMs? Can you not touch another woman, and only touch me?"

Jay's head shot up at me, whilst I got down, before going back to the food. "See I'm asking you to give up something I don't honestly want you to give up. I want you to keep being you. Just understand that us... it could not ever happen." I handed him his plate of pasta before going over to sit on my living room couch.

"Spending time together I don't mind. Its nice to have company, but friends is all we can be Jay. Remember that." I place my food on the coffee table before searching my tv for something good to watch. Jay came up behind me, and took the remote out of my hand.

I went to turn around and look at him, but he came at me from the other side, and his lips attacked my neck. I froze, whilst his hands slowly wrapped around my shoulders. his lips slowly started to travel up the nape of my neck towards my ear. A soft small moan escape my lips. "Now how sure are you that we can't be?"

He was whispering into my ear, giving me chills. I gulped to fight the urges he was creating. Jay knew I was holding back though, as his hands explored my bare waist, under my shirt. "You're body knows what it wants, so what's making it fight me so much." I turn to face him this time, making full eye contact.

"Jay you really don't get it do you?" The lust that was haunting his eyes dimissous as he looked more confused now. "I already told you I like you, but you play to much. You haven't given me one damn good fucking reason why I should be with you." Jay moved to sit beside me, and pulled me closer.

"That's what I am trying to do..." I rest my head on his chest and refuse to say another word. He just held me in his embrass before petting my head. "Y/N?" I shook my head, refusing to move or speak. "Okay, I won't push you anymore for to night. Mainly cause I like that you're snuggling up to me."

I simply giggled, as he kissed the top head.

Jay was more dangerous now

especially since we both knew how we felt for each other

question was, did we have a chance of being together, or would one of us lose everything?

all comments welcomed...
Helps me know if this is boring you or not...

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