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He thought he was waiting patiently but as she takes her final bite, he grabs her dish and puts in on the coffee table.
She looks over with curiosity, still holding her fork. “Are we in hurry for something?”
“I decided I can’t wait til morning, come on.” He reaches for her hands and pulls her up and off the couch.
“Ah,” she says as she pats his face with a smile, “and here I thought I was the impatient one.”
“You ARE but mine is beginning to waver. You make it hard but the best things are worth waiting for.” He leans over and steals a kiss.
“Ooooh, that was goooood. You are working hard for it, I’ll give you that.” She grins and turns away to get her shoes on.
“You don’t need your shoes.”
She straightens up with a raised eyebrow, “You just said….”
He laughs, bops her nose and grabs her hand, “Well, it is in the bedroom … but get your dirty little mind out of the gutter.”
“Dirty little? Hunh!”
“Close your eyes, come with me,” he whispers .
She closes her eyes but peeks one open a little, “You aren’t helping yourself.”
He gives a saucy grin, leans in closer and whispers against her ear, “Trust me.”
“AHHHH….” She cries as goose bumps rise on her arms. He merely, puts one hand over her eyes and guides her with his other into the guest bedroom.
Walking her over to the walk in closet, he stops. “Keep your eyes shut. Stay.”
She pants at him which gets her nose flicked. She whimpers as she rubs it and mumbles, “Rude”.
“Okay, open your eyes.”
She opens her eyes and stares at the closet, then states the obvious. “It’s a closet.”
“Yes it is…. And?”
“It has a lot of clothes in it.”
“Your clothes.”
Her eyes blink a few times and turns to face him. “Excuse me?”
He leans back against the door frame and begins. “We can go about this a couple of ways. One..I’ve already admitted I love and I like doing things for you,” he waves his arm at the closet. “That includes dressing up that gorgeous little body.” As she begins to protest he puts his finger on her lips, “Alright.. second. I courted you for 4 months before you agreed to date me, so technically we’ve already passed our 100 day anniversary.”
She shakes her head, “Nope, too much, I’ll take one.”
“You can take them all.”
“No, I really can’t."
As he starts to protest she puts her hand up to his mouth, "My turn. One… I feel bad, I didn’t get you anything, I didn’t even know when to start counting so it’s not fair. Two… I will never in my whole LIFE wear that many clothes so there isn’t a need for them. Last…” she turns away and kind of mumbles, “I don’t know how to put any of them together, I’ll do it wrong.”
“Hey,” he turns her back around, lifting her chin so he can look into her eyes. “You are now the woman of the king of fashion, don’t you know that?"
“That’s the problem. You’re always so put together,” she waves at the closet, “I’m obviously an embarrassment to you, you keep buying me clothes.”
He stops her but getting on her level and pointing his finger at her.
“NO. Don’t ever think I’m ashamed of you. I thought I’d proven that to you by practically shouting to the world on the street when you said yes and actually telling the world the next day. Do you seriously think that? That I'm ashamed to be seen with you in your own clothes?”
She shrugs and looks away.
He tugs on her arm, “Talk to me.”
“I grew up with brothers and guy cousins. I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. My mom and my best friend try but I just don’t have a natural sense of how to ‘girl’. If you leave it up to me to pick what to wear from in there, I’ll end up starting a new scary clothes trend.”
He laughs gently and kisses her forehead. He wraps her in a hug and then pulls her into the closet with him.
He sits her on the floor and turns to the clothes.
"Lets see what I can do to help fix that."
They spend the next 20 minutes, with him pulling out two different items, showing them to her for approval, than hooking them together and hanging them back up. By the time they are done there are 10 complete outfits hanging in the closet; ready to grab and wear.
He pulls her back up and against him, “Better?”
She nods but still protests, “It’s still too many. People will think I’m with you just to have you buy me things.”
“Since when do I care what people think? Plus, I know better than that.” He watches her bite her bottom lip for a minute than adds; “I tell you what; wear each outfit at least ONCE, than we’ll return the ones you don’t like. Deal?”
He puts their foreheads together, “Promise.”

He pulls her out and back into the living room. Wiggling his eyebrows at her he pulls her down to the couch.
“Let’s watch something. I needed to get you out of the bedroom before I got ideas but I’m realizing I gey those ideas anywhere, when I'm with you.”
“Hmm…” she purrs as he starts kissing her neck. “You wanted to watch something?”
“Not really, no.”
He gives her a toe curling kiss, than sits back with a grunt.
“Anime or a movie?”
He hands her the remote, tucks her under his arm and grabs the blanket from the side.

I wanted to be a ninja turtle too 😂 Jak is the best
Yay! I love him wanting to spoil her, she deserves it! And she needs to get used to it with him around. 💗
Awww Jak! now she knows he's not! so sweet!
GIRL I BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS ALL WEEK!!!! YAASSSSSSSSSSS MAMA! Let me stop cooking and read this right now.