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Why do I love BTS?... Like is that even a question?!

Okay let me start from the beginning of my kpop fetus days....

I had probably been into kpop for a couple months... and let me just say... exo was my kpop drug at the time. Until I saw BTS' mv for NO.... and let me just say...."ohhhh crapppp" I think that was the turning point of me being an exo-l into an ARMY... and me lowkey becoming kpop trash.
I feel like through BTS I was able to discover other kpop band I hadn't heard of b4. So I feel like BTS was one of the reasons I am now so big into kpop.

And besides all that ☝...

Those boys have worked so hard to be at where they are now. They have amazing talent, and that is something I really respect.... how hardworking they are and even with all their fame they are still so modest and loving towards us fans.


Why do I want to win this album?... To me winning this album would be like physical proof of my support for them... *idk that kinda sounds weird but...* yeah.... lol
Make sure you check out and enter @amberg171997's card here ⤵⤵

Amber this ⤵ is for you!! ;)

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

Good Luck!
Girl why you gotta kill me with that last gif??!! 😵😱 Thanks for entering! Good luck!😊