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So this past week was a little hectic for me and with all the updates and fixes Vingle was going through over the weekend I just couldn't really post like I wanted to. But it is a new day and a new week and I'm going to post this in case you missed out on some really great songs last week.

DAY6 -How Can I Say (5th)


Dilli Jinn -Break

Stella Jang -Colors

Soyon -Rain Drop

Del.Mo -Gak


B.A.P -Wake Me Up

LambC -Love Like That

Brave Girls -Rollin'

Yang Ha Yong -For The Scheduled Time (7th)

G2 x Kim Na Yong -Angel's Letter

ROMEO -Without U

Jung Key x Whee In -Anymore

This is my song. This song cuts but I love it.

Cherry Coke -Like I Do

LIVE -Please

Lee Narae -Mellow Song

Lee Narae -I've Been This Way (miss you)

NY.LA -Can't Find No Reason

Skull x Koonta -Still


Choi Baek Ho -End of the Sea

Choyoung -Lonely

The Birthday -Temple Warehouse No. 6

JOE -Dear Wife

JUAE -Whale

May J. -Yeah Yeah Yeah (9th)

Ashmute -Scenery


Kim Chang Hoon & Blackstones -Monologue

Hyungdon x Daejune -Rap Impossible

HEYDAY -My Earth

Eric Nam x Somi -You, Who?

V-Hawk -BLOW

Hwaseong City Children's Choir -KangKangSullae

Bubble Sisters -Hello Spring (10th)

Bubble Sisters -I Loved You So Much And Laughed So Much

iamSUM&TORA -Sag Night

This is hands down the cringiest song I have ever listened to.

Pork Maiden -Full Bokko

Three Zushi Brothers -Brothers Fight

MAYDONI -Don't Say It

Justin Oh -Jekyll & Hyde

Korean and English Versions

Lee Hyun Kyung -Her

So Ji Sub -Are You With Me?

Who else loves So Ji Sub as a singer/rapper?

Tagging all the homies (let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged)

yes I love some of these songs others are not my thing but that's ok