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The very first kpop group that got me into kpop was SS501 which is composed of 5 members.
Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyung Jun
Heo Young Saeng
Park Jung Min
Kim Kyu Jong

After his discharge from military duty on February 11, Kim Hyun Joong announced his gratitude towards all the fans who have stuck by his side and given him so much support. He also announced a fan meeting he will hold for his fans.
Not only that, but he also opened an instagram account today!
Above is his first post!
He was the only member left to open an ig account and now that he did, I'm soo happy. I'm looking forward to his upcoming projects and this will allow his fans to keep up with him. Please show support and I'm thankful for those of you who have been supporting him through out these 2 years and even despite the scandal going on with him.