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Have you ever watched a Hollywood blockbuster and thought to yourself, "Yessss, *insert K-pop idol here* could totally pull off this part!" There's no denying that Jaejoong has a certain vampirish look with his pale skin and intense glare or that T.O.P looks like an assassin or a spy who could make women swoon while wearing a suit. Even if Jaejoong were baring scary, pointy vampire teeth at you or T.O.P were pointing a gun at you, you'd probably just kind of stand there in awe. Maybe even drooling a bit. That's okay! So with this mind, check out the ten Korean male idol stars we thought could pull off some of the best known roles in Hollywood! 1. Jaejoong as Edward Cullen (Twilight Saga) As I said, Jaejoong has a vampirish look. His skin is pale as if he rarely sees the sun and his eyes (especially heavily lined in eyeliner) look like they could easily suck your soul out. In the above picture, Jaejoong even looks like he is about to nip his finger. What a vampire tease. There is definitely a similarity in intensity between these two actors. 2. Jo Kwon as Mr. Chow (Hangover Trilogy) They're both funny guys. No one else could be as entertaining and ridiculous as Jo Kwon in the role of the infamous Mr. Chow. It would be quite hilarious! 3. Key as the Joker (The Dark Knight) Key could play the complicated and trouble making character of the Joker very well. Key is quite mischievous in real life, isn't he? And he's already so into the role as obvious from his Halloween costume. 4. Donghae as Tony Stark/Iron Man (Iron Man Series) Donghae looks pretty convincing in that Iron Man costume, although, obviously, the costume isn't quite of the exact same caliber as in the real movies. However, with the fake beard-stache going on, Donghae looks quite convincingly like Robert Downey Jr. for the role of Tony Stark. He has the look down, but can he be as sassy and endearingly annoying as the character warrants? Perhaps. 5. Heechul as Loki (Thor movies) Heechul has the looks down, as well. He just needs to slick back his hair and bring out his intense yet slightly loony gaze and he'll be perfect. I can imagine him smirking like Loki when he finally pulls one over on the Avengers. Heechul can also pull off the humorous parts without a doubt. Read more: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/10/male-idols-best-fit-for-certain-roles-in-hollywood#ixzz2iRtcAl46 Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook
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the vampires look of jae joong make him sexy